Hercule Poirot Investigates Pistorius

PRETORIA - South Africa - The indomitable French detective, Hercule Poirot has flown to the African country to try and solve the rather sticky Pistorius case on everyone's lips at the moment.

“Mes amis, we have a rather delicate problem here. We must first find the motive, then we can find the conclusion to the ruse and games being played here. It may look like a situation with a jilted lover who has had one steroid too many and done the dirty deed on his poor girlfriend but let us not pass judgement too easily. Conversely, it could be that our legless friend is one hundred percent innocent and genuinely thought that an intruder had somehow alighted in the ensuite bathroom and locked themselves in there to steal a few bars of soap. Whichever way you choose to look at this, the answer is already a known fact, we are the ones who have to discover it and bring upon justice,” monsieur Poirot said, shortly after arriving at the scene of the murder yesterday.

The case is ongoing.