Scandal: Food Found at London Fashion Week Causes Panic

LONDON - England - Britain is bracing itself for another food scandal that could knock the hinges off the all encompassing horse meat food scandal and vomit into a filthy already overflowing bucket of food shame.

During a preliminary rehearsal yesterday evening, a London Fashion Week official discovered some crumbs of food behind the model cat walk stage and in a corridor there were bits of food wrapping found.

“We found a pile of crumbs behind the stage at London Fashion Week. This means that a model may have eaten something,” Jennifer Abergavenny, a fashion house leader told the Guardian newspaper.

The scandal has rocked the fashion world and may threaten the rest of London Fashion Week.

“I just heard the awful news, a model who has participated in London Fashion Week may have eaten some food. Quel scandale? We need to find her and root her out of the business,” KiKi Labroutenne, a fashionista from Paris told the Fashion Times.

Is Britain ready for this latest food scandal to hit our food scandal hit shores?