Scandal: Food Found at London Fashion Week Causes Panic

LONDON - England - Britain is bracing itself for another food scandal that could knock the hinges off the all encompassing horse meat food scandal and vomit into a filthy already overflowing bucket of food shame.

During a preliminary rehearsal yesterday evening, a London Fashion Week official discovered some crumbs of food behind the model cat walk stage and in a corridor there were bits of food wrapping found.

“We found a pile of crumbs behind the stage at London Fashion Week. This means that a model may have eaten something,” Jennifer Abergavenny, a fashion house leader told the Guardian newspaper.

The scandal has rocked the fashion world and may threaten the rest of London Fashion Week.

“I just heard the awful news, a model who has participated in London Fashion Week may have eaten some food. Quel scandale? We need to find her and root her out of the business,” KiKi Labroutenne, a fashionista from Paris told the Fashion Times.

Is Britain ready for this latest food scandal to hit our food scandal hit shores?

  • Ewa

    How stupid is that, scandal because some human being dare to eat? Just look at this models on the pictures, bones and skin!!! Girls look at them and want to look like that and then dying from starving with fridge full of food in the next room. Thank you Fashion World for creating this stupid look and contribute to young peoples deaths. I ask my male friends if they want them wife’s to look like a models on the pictures, none of them said yes, the most common answers was ” I love to have something to grab on to, I wouldn’t touch bones, they look as if they are already dead, I would actually worry if my wife looked like that and seek help for her”.