U.S. Petrol Prices Slowly Reaching U.K. 1980s Prices

DELAWARE - USA - The whining sound of Americans groaning over their cheap petrol (gas) prices sometimes reaches across the great pond and lands with a resounding thud in the UK.

“All I see on the net are Americans moaning about their gasoline prices. I worked it out, what they’re paying is what the UK motorist was paying in 1986. Why don’t you Yanks come over here and see what we have to pay?” a bankrupted British motorist told the BBC.

If any Americans had to pay what the UK motorist has to pay every day there would be riots in the streets. Try justifying 92% of the price going to fuel tax in the UK and you will see what we are dealing with here.

“Y’all Limeys need to stop driving because if that was me I would not be goddamn driving. Are you guys crazy? My 3 MPG SUV would be left in my drive,” an American motorist from Detroit told ABC news.

Moral of the story is, stop your whining and think for a second what the Brits are paying for their petrol.