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Britain Set to Be Hit With More Snow Headlines

LONDON - England - As if the first round of snow headlines was not bad enough, now the whole country is to be blanketed with even more snow headlines.

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“The snow headlines just keep coming and coming. You’ve got the Daily Mail, the Sun, The Times and the Telegraph. You’re sure to get a flurry of snow pics on the BBC and a big f*cking snowball of a headline on the Daily Express,” a disheartened reader revealed today.

By Monday there will be a carpet of snow headlines across the UK and it will be so deep that you won’t have the will to sift through it all.

There is one thing you can do though and that’s buy a plane ticket to fly off to some far flung hot country somewhere and escape the gratuitous snow headlines in Blighty for a few weeks.

Oh nevermind, the airports are all snowed in, better luck next time eh.

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