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Rowan Atkinson Wrote Off My Car As Well

GRANTCHESTER - England - A 76-year-old man is claiming that Rowan Atkinson wrote his Ford Fiesta off and wants it repaired for £780,000 by his insurance.

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“If Rowan can get his car fixed for £950,000 I can’t see why I can’t get mine done as well. I’ve only got a £250 excess on it,” Malcom Brundlewaites, told the Daily Mail.

Mr Brundlewaites, 76, is a retired postman from the quiet village where the Mr Bean and Blackadder actor lives.

“I was coming out of the local Tesco with my supply of 100% beef burgers and who should appear in the car park but Edmund Blackadder himself. I was absolutely flabbergasted, especially when he said he wanted to take my Ford Fiesta for a donut session around the car park. Well, that didn’t go down well, he smacked the back on a bollard and wrote it off. Then the cheeky bugger scarpered back to his own super car without so much as a sorry or thank you and sped off. I’m claiming that it will cost me £780,000 to get this fixed and I’m waiting for his insurance company to get back to me, innit.”

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