Nancy Pelosi Stocking Up on Bug Spray

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi wants to fumigate the White House. Maybe she needs to also look closer to home.

nancy pelosi fumigate herself bug spray
Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi fumigates.

Over here in rainy Blighty, we’re stocking up on baked beans, whereas in America, they seem to be stocking up on bug spray. The idea that Nancy Pelosi, the honourable Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, wants to fumigate Trump out of the White House, is rather amusing, yet before looking at others, she should look at her own party first, which it seems is infested with communist cockroaches.

Communism once upon a time in America was punishable with a swift arrest and beating in jail, but these days is the key ideology of the Democrat party. The move to the extremities of the left by the once middle-of-the-road Democrats is a worrying trend in American politics.

Why have the formerly liberal American Democrats moved to embrace the political ideology of communism?

“The Democrat party is now an intolerant, extremist, far-left, communist haven simply because of Donald Trump. They just wanted to move as far away from Donald Trump as possible, and they succeeded in going so far left that Lenin, and Josef Stalin would be proud. They are now the party of cancel culture, Marxist riots, and extreme Pravda-esque censorship,” one former Democrat voter revealed.

The reason Trump will most probably lose the November election is that he never cleaned out the swamp of Washington, and it is coming back to haunt him. Meanwhile, Pelosi is making damn sure that he realises the error of his ways, even rubbing his nose in it.

The Americanised internet is now solidly behind the communist Democrats, and the social media firms are even censoring the president’s own communications. That is a clear sign of failure right there.

Trump promised to rein in the ‘Big Tech’ conglomerates that encompass every thought process that goes on, and have no compunction in mass deletion efforts of whole swathes of users simply for exercising their former right to free speech. Suffice to say, Trump failed there as well — spectacularly.

With the coronavirus raging across American states, Trump’s apathetic pseudo macho attitude to a virus that is devastating whole communities has been lacklustre to say the least.

The only way Trump will win this thing over is to have a war with someone sharpish. Americans need a common enemy, and to either have an internal war, or external bad guy war would be the clincher. Not only would it feed the economy, with war effort, but the silent majority would be empowered once again.

Until something happens fast, the silent American majority will stay silent.

Who knows, they may even vote for Kanye? Will Pelosi fumigate the White House then? That is before her fucking face falls off onto the floor.