War is Only Way Trump Can Win Election

GETTYSBURG - USA - Trump's chances of getting another four years as president in November's election are declining each day...unless..

civil war - election
"The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants."

With the Trump base crumbling, and ‘sleepy Joe’ suppressed by search engines, along with the virus fiasco, and poor handling of BLM riots, it seems Trump is fucked in the upcoming election, especially as the Dems are planning a massive voter mail-in scam to cheat with.

The country is deeply divided, and to unite everyone, it will need a threat that will put the fear up everyone’s arse. Something like 911, but maybe even more nasty. Blowing up a Democrat run city for example will not shed many tears across America, but it may still bolster some support for a war with someone.

To really get things going, everyone has to be affected, and the fear levels must be stoked by the media in unison, just as was done during the 911 event, that led to the Iraq invasion.

Nukes on a city are a good bet, but radiation is bit of a suck, and could cause problems in the future.

As the polarised United States is quite close to civil war already with militant Marxists on one side, and American patriots on the other, embracing a civil war could ensure Trump’s re-election, or he could even do a Putin, and become president for life, if it really kicks off.

It’s not only the people who are severely polarised, but the military as well, there are some serious Trump haters there too, so if there was a bona fide civil war, the army brass could be split as well. This split in the military would be a perfect conduit for two sides to meet in the battlefield of the American cities and prairies.

Trump could even go the China route, but this would have to involve the communists making the first aggressive move to justify a war, which of course could go nuclear, which no one wants, but absorbing a Chinese strike on a few American cities might just do the trick.

We also have Iran, and Trump’s Russian friends, as well as North Korea, but at the moment these avenues seem distant.

Okay, it’s settled, a civil war between the Marxists and American patriots, will hopefully materialise between now and November, when Trump can call off the election completely and declare himself absolute ruler of the American realm once the civil war ends, and his faction are the victors.