Whilst America Distracted Iran Nuclear Program Racing Ahead

BUSHEHR - Iran - Whilst Americans are distracted with menial domestic problems, the Iranian nuclear program is going from strength to strength.

Iranian missile launches from its underground silo launch facili

It doesn’t get better than this for the Iranians, because Americans have got their heads up their asses with useless distractions, whilst the Iranians are racing ahead with their nuclear missile program.

Enriching the highest grade uranium is not an easy task, but those centrifuges are working overtime.

The task of course for the Iranians is to build nuclear missiles right under the noses of the American ‘Shaytan’ and the Israelis.

Coronavirus may be decimating large swathes of Iranian civilians and workers, however this is a small price to pay by the Mullahs for the grandest prize of all, a fully functioning nuclear missile with a solid range that can hit Tel Aviv.

The Americans do have their patrol ships near the Strait of Hormuz, but one day the sailors may all be on deck sunbathing and see a few rockets being launched from the Iranian mainland, oh shit, what then?

Time waits for no one, and every minute counts as the Iranian nuclear missile program continues on delightfully and the global policemen sleep, distracted by their impossible dreams of finally fixing racial inequality etc…etc..