BLM Doing to White People What the Nazis Did to Jews – Dehumanizing Them

LOS ANGELES - USA - BLM, are utilising the same techniques on white people that the Nazis used on dehumanizing Jews in WW2.

BLM Nazis

During the reign of the Nazi party in Germany, propaganda created by Goebbels made the Jews out to be an inferior race, the National Socialist regime effectively dehumanized Jewish people, instead of a hard-working, enterprising, resilient, and creative people, they were portrayed as inferior to the Aryan (pure) Germanic race.

The same thing is happening in many Western countries now, this time the BLM, are dehumanizing and humiliating white people, portraying them as inherently inferior and evil, just as the Nazis did to the Jews in WW2.

One must always remember, the fascist political ideology utilised by the Nazis was a form of leftist socialism, seeing as the Nazi movement was called National Socialism. Also take into account that the techniques used by the Marxist communists and fascists are very similar, as one extremity borrows from the other. This is what BLM and ANTIFA, today have adopted is a form of reverse-racism, which actually is overt racism, but lauded as ‘anti-racism’ by the controlling media who support these evil groups populated by useful idiots and the ideologically entrenched.

The Jews were blamed for every ill of the Germanic people by the Nazis, BLM are doing the same by blaming every white person for the ills of black people.

To see white Americans socially forced to kneel today in reverence of Black Lives Matter and whites demonized as an evil, inferior race is the exact technique the Nazis utilised in Germany against the Jews.


White people in America are effectively being dehumanized, and many of the socialist leaning amongst them are actually believing the propaganda that is being pumped out by the BLM controllers. Many are now ashamed of being who they are, and apologise profusely for the crime of having white skin, they are now part of the BLM machinery of racial hatred.

Adolf Hitler once said:

Through clever and constant application of propaganda, people can be made to see paradise as hell, and also the other way round, to consider the most wretched sort of life as paradise.

Through the technique of repetition utilising certain symbolic images, the BLM movement is doing the same thing about white people, and this is the crux of the matter, the BLM are using Nazi propaganda techniques on a supposed anti-racist program, by actually being racist towards white people. The Nazi National Socialist techniques of dehumanization are thus being utilised by BLM adjutants and their officers on white people to denigrate them to a status well below the level of black people.

Dehumanization (Twitter)

The looting and rioting of white businesses and shops by BLM and ANTIFA thugs was a replication of the Nazi SA paramilitary forces destruction of Jewish businesses on Kristallnacht (The night of broken glass) where the German authorities looked on without intervening, just as the American police were told to stand down during the Minneapolis and Los Angeles riots recently.

The only difference between the Nazis and BLM/ANTIFA is that the Nazis were at the time in charge of the government of Germany, and the early years of the regime were a precursor for the Final Solution on the Jews. Although it may seem that BLM/ANTIFA are in charge at the moment, they are still not part of the government and do not have powers to take things further on white people. The worrying thing is, at the November 2020 elections, if Trump loses, and the Democrats win, then groups like BLM will effectively be in power, and will have carte blanche to move a step closer to the mass murder or genocide of white Americans. Such is BLM’s ultimate goal it seems, the eventual eradication of white Americans, it is no secret that groups like ANTIFA who are now officially registered as domestic terrorists, are training their ranks for a takeover, and extermination of the majority of the white population.

History repeats itself sometimes in sinister ways.

If Fascism Ever Comes to America, It Will Come in the Name of Liberalism

Ronald Reagan, 1975