British Celebrity Paedophiles Only Caught After Death

LEEDS - England - Sir Jimmy Savile OBE raped hundreds of Britain's children over forty years as a powerful BBC celebrity and was only revealed to be a predatory paedophile after his death in 2011. Is this a disturbing pattern in the British Isles?

“We only catch ’em after their dead, we then put handcuffs on them in their graves and say they’ve been very naughty boys, innit,” PC Bobby Pleb, told the BBC’s Newsnight.

Institutional paedophilia is part of British culture, and as Sir Jimmy Savile was swanning around with the likes of Prince Charles and Maggie Thatcher, he was even given the keys to hospitals and mental wards where he was like a kid in a candy store.

“Under the pretence of charity work, Savile raped and molested mentally retarded and vulnerable children and then was given medals for it. He was a pioneer at the BBC and was a major force in Top of the Pops and used this as a cover to rape as many underage kids as possible. In any other culture, he would have probably been caught, but unfortunately us Brits are too polite for our own good. That’s why we’ve never had a revolution or rioted here. Jimmy Savile raped half of bloody England’s kids yet no one said a bleeding word when he was alive. It boggles the mind. I mean after 450 odd rapes of children, there was not one single word. The cops kept it quiet, but Savile groomed them as well, with brown envelopes stashed with cash. As for the producers and directors of the BBC, they looked the other way, but they knew very well what he was doing. It’s all about money innit? Didn’t want to rock the boat either. Your daughter’s gone to see such and such band at Top of the Pops and she’s only 14. I’ll turn a blind eye if she tells me she was raped by Jimmy Savile. No way! You mean the DJ on Top of the Pops and Jim’ll Fix It? He didn’t do that to my daughter, I don’t believe a word,” Reggie Tribleswaite, 67, a retired butcher from Colchester told the BBC.

Does this say something about British culture? Is this a part of the ‘stiff upper lip’ brigade, who even as they are raped as children keep quiet until the bastard who raped them is dead? Maybe, the final revelation that Jimmy Savile was a monster of unspeakable proportions revealed only after his death, is simply another part of the polite British sensibility and the wish not to offend at all costs. 

“We didn’t want to offend anyone so we kept quiet until he was dead, even though he raped us as children,” another Jimmy Savile victim revealed.