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Woman Arrested For Racist Rants on Underground

LONDON - England - An unnamed woman who suddenly burst into fits of colourful racist language on an underground train yesterday has claimed she was simply reading a newspaper out aloud.

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The woman who attended Snaresbrook crown court today has refuted calls of racism because she was simply reading out excerpts from a daily newspaper which is readily available on news stands the length and breadth of Britain.

According to reports, the woman was seated in one of the underground carriages passing through Finsbury Park on the Victoria line when she flew into a rage and started calling people p@kis, ni@@ers and Muslims and other racist words before telling everyone in the carriage to go back home.

“After we arrested the woman and took her to the station, she simply took out a copy of the Daily Mail newspaper and continued to read it out aloud. We then warned the defendant that anything she said could be used against her in a court of law and after hearing her reciting even more racist language from the newspaper we arrested her for a second time. The woman kept on reading the offensive material until we took the copy of the Daily Mail away from her and passed it around all the officers inside the police station,” PC Bill Plebb, told the Daily Mail newspaper.

The case is currently ongoing.

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