UK Public Insult Law is Frankly Insulting

LONDON - England - A ridiculously insulting law which forbade anyone to insult anyone in public has been deemed insulting to people with common sense, a law court heard today.

British law, which forbade citizens to insult anything or anyone in public, was deemed an insult to common sense and intelligence today.

“After thousands of arrests over the years for stupid words said by people in public, we have finally come to the conclusion that we, the ones who prosecute people for free speech in public are the ones who are actually insulting to society as a whole and we are deeply ashamed to have even gone down this Soviet Stalinist route in the first bloody place,” Crown Prosecution Service head, Robert Eidjit, told the Daily Telegraph.

As of midnight tomorrow, the ridiculous and insulting insult law will be scratched from public insult history.

“You will be able to call police horses ‘gay’ in front of policemen and say ‘woof’ to police dogs in front of the police again. Millions of pounds in useless insult court cases will save the taxpayer some serious wonga,” Gerald Bloomfeld, a common sense activist told the BBC.