If you ever wondered how brainwashed and dumb most people are, just read the mainstream papers in the last few days. Surrounded by a nanny state, the masses are clueless sheeple with no form of individual thought between them.

It’s as if people need to be told how to do everything, where to go, how to walk, how to act, how to go to work, how not to go to work, and how to get some fucking common sense.

“This is what happens when the socialist nanny state has run rampant for the past few decades. The sheeple are so brainwashed they need the fucking government to tell them how to wash their socks, or pick their noses. If there is not a daily directive on the best way to wipe your arse, the sheeple wait with delirious delight, their ears pricked high for the announcement to come through the air ways,” one commentator revealed.

This reliance on the government to dictate everything to the masses, must hopefully one day be quashed, so that people can one day think for themselves.

Instead of the hive mind, how about a bit of individual thought?

Instead of all coming out of your doors clapping inanely like penguins when you are told to, how about refusing for one day, and sit on your sofa, say thank you quietly under your breath to the dancing NHS nurses and doctors, then get on with reading your book.

The level of brainwashing in the country can be seen every day, lemmings and their stupid questions to Ministers who hold their hand at every point.

It’s a fucking pandemic, get it? If you make yourself available to any sort of crowd you are in danger of catching the COVID-19 virus, and passing it on and on to the next person. That’s all you need to fucking know, not stupid things.

You should have been set up with your own proper mask in January. In Britain, people are thinking of getting them now in May.

Stop this nanny state shit, and people should be allowed to do what they can to survive. Leave the Ministers and PM alone for a second, they have enough on their plate anyway. Just leave them the fuck alone.

Grow up!

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