Netanyahu Talks About Daily Squib at UN

NEW YORK - USA - Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu brought out a prop at the UN to illustrate what he thought of the Daily Squib newspaper.

In a highly unusual move, the Israeli Prime Minister brought out the prop and started talking about his favourite stories on the Daily Squib.

“I’m drawing this red line here to demonstrate my level of humour, when it comes to the Squib I laugh because it is all so preposterous. It is almost as preposterous and nonsensical as the idea of Israel attacking Iran, I mean who could think of doing something so crazy. Me, start World War III? Naaah!” Netanyahu said to applause from the assembled UN dignitaries.

The Israeli PM then went on to talk about his favourite stories on the Daily Squib and how he was on the phone to Henry Kissinger the other day and they both had a good chuckle about it all.

He was later ushered off the stage by a man wearing an Acme Corporation uniform.