Police Fury Over New Children’s Show PC Pleb

LONDON - England - Metropolitan police officers were furious today after a new children's TV show depicting policemen as mindless plebs was aired on the BBC.

The new show on the CBeebies channel depicts all policemen as automatons, brainwashed plebs and ‘little Hitler’ jobsworths, who go around punishing citizens who commit minor crimes whilst leaving large crimes, committed by career criminals, to go unpunished.

“PC Pleb generally stays in the office doing paperwork, takes huge amounts of overtime and enjoys useless all-expenses-paid training initiatives, but when he is rarely out on the street, he would rather arrest someone for riding their bike on the pavement or make a big stink for some minor traffic infraction than catch a real criminal,” series producer, Ellen Aldridge, told BBC news.

In one episode entitled ’60k Pension at 45′, PC Pleb goes on two years paid leave whilst nursing an injured finger, and when he comes back from his paid holiday, is awarded a large pension for his bravery during his employment on the force and is retired from service.

“Kids love this show, it’s nothing like Cops and Robbers, just a bunch of plebs swimming around in the same old corrupt soup and protecting their lucrative salaries and pensions. Remember, if there was no crime, these cops would be out of a job, it is in their interest to keep things spicy. Look what they did with the riots in 2011,” a BBC controller revealed yesterday.