Thousands Afghans Surge to Join Afghan Army to Shoot Americans

KABUL - Afghanistan - NATO has noted a huge surge in numbers of Afghans who want to enlist in the Coalition controlled Afghan army.

“They train us to shoot, then they pay us, and then the icing on the cake, wait for it, we get to shoot them,” a joyous Afghan army recruit said whilst waiting in line for his NATO machinegun at Kabul’s main army recruitment centre.

The Americans have noticed a massive surge in interest to join the Afghan army by the locals.

“It’s like a dream come true for them folk. We give them guns, pay them, and then they get to bag a few of us when we’re not looking. It’s like the highest honour for these Afghans to go out in a blaze of glory killing five or six US servicemen each time. They are heroes in the villages and surrounding towns,” Special Sergeant, Lewis Kowlowski, for the US Marines told CNN before being fatally shot by an Afghan recruit later on in the day.

Every day there are reports of Americans being shot to death by Afghan army recruits, and the shootings will probably increase exponentially as Afghans keep deluging the Afghan army as recruits.

“I’ve never seen anything like it. We’re getting thousands Afghans wanting to join each day. You ask ’em why they want to join the Afghan army. Some of them ain’t too clever because they will blurt out to shoot Americans, so we let them go quick, but they just come back next day and change the line to shoot Taliban,” Afghan army recruiter, Al Hertyu, told CNN.

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