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David Beckham to Have Kidneys and Liver Tattooed

LOS ANGELES - USA - David Beckham is going to have a pioneering tattoo technique completed on some of his internal organs, his agent has disclosed to Hello magazine.

The heavily tattooed football star says that he wants to have the words Burberry and Gucci tattooed in Cantonese on both his kidneys and liver.

“It’s going to be a statement innit. Everyone’s going to want to do it. I’m a pioneer, it’s money I got to spend, innit,” Mr Beckham told the Sun newspaper.

The pioneering laser tattoo operation will take four hours to complete and will cost Beckham $450,000.

“We’re getting more and more celebrities asking for this internal tattooing. It’s the ultimate in status symbols, and you can only see them if the celebrity gets a probe or surgeons operate,” Thomas Densillion, a celebrity expert for the DSX Entertainment Agency in Los Angeles told Media Week.

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