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Man Arrested For Defending Family From Burglars

MELTON MOWBRAY - England - A man and his wife were today arrested for defending themselves from four burglars, the police have disclosed.

“We have arrested the man who was defending his wife and property from aggressive burglars. The burglars have been set free but the man and his wife were arrested because they tried to protect themselves,” a policeman at the scene told Human Rights lawyers.

The husband and wife were said to have disturbed the burglars during the break-in and the man shot the criminals with a shotgun injuring two.

“This will not do. The burglars could have been severely injured. We must have the Health and Safety inspectorate on site as well as the Crown Prosecution Service immediately. Protecting one’s family and property is a highly illegal practice in the United Kingdom and must be stamped out with extreme prejudice. Despicable behaviour, and these two miscreants will be tried to the full extent of British law,” QC Lloyd Davidson, told the Daily Mirror.

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  1. The fact that two of the scumbags were only injured and not offed hints that the defender wasn't attempting anything more than essential defense. Who said burglary was a safe form of employment anyway?

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