Empty Chair Person Could Win US Election

WASHINGTON DC - USA - An invisible anonymous candidate could be the next President of the United States, Capitol Hill sources have revealed.

Forget about Obama and Romney, a new wild card electoral candidate entered the race for the White House today.

‘Vote Empty Chair Person‘ a billboard outside Capitol Hill says. There is real mystery to this new candidate, who are they, where did they come from?

“I don’t even know if they are male or female or what political ideology they go by? All we see is an empty chair, and sometimes it moves around a bit,” a threatened Obama campaigner told CBS news.

The invisible candidate likes to sometimes rock the chair back and forth and witnesses at a recent campaign event say that they heard the chair’s occupant fall over because there was a big thud noise and an ‘ouch’ sound.

“They must’ve leaned back too far and fallen off the chair. That’ll learn ’em. We had enough dumbass presidents and we don’t need another one, let alone an invisible one,” an undecided voter said at a recent rally in Chicago.

The empty chair candidate has already raised $134 million in its first week and now it has its own tour bus on the Invisible Tour.

“America now has a third choice. Instead of voting for the two losers, you can vote for the invisible chair president. Now that’s a choice you can’t give up, so get on down to your voting booths on the day and vote for the right candidate,” Corby Nash, a neutral electoral official revealed on CNN’s Politics Day show.

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