Corbyn 2.0 Comrade Keir Starmer to Continue Soviet Putsch For Labour

LONDON - England - Comrade Keir Starmer, is tipped to be the next Soviet leader of the Labour Party after the disastrous reign of Comrade Corbyn.

comrade keir starmer soviet labour
Comrade Keir Starmer, Labour anti-democratic Remainer Marxist Soviet EU Adjutant

After Comrade Corbyn and his extreme Soviet policies were served up as stuffing up the Parson’s Nose this Christmas, Labour has been looking for something to feel positive about, despite the horror election results.

Who will take over the reins from the anti-Semitic Comrade Corbyn, the former Soviet spy who sold British secrets to Russia during the Cold War, and who sided with terror groups like Hezbollah, Hamas and the IRA?

Even when removed from the Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn’s mark is still all over the place like an exploded nappy, the shit is all pervasive and the new leader, Keir Starmer, will no doubt carry on the Soviet hammer and sickle forwards.

For the Tories, the Labour Party is the gift that keeps giving and this is why Comrade Starmer will be another reason to never vote Labour again for the majority of the electorate for many years to come.

Tony Blair, was the only Labour leader to bring Labour electoral success, simply because he adapted his Marxist views into a form of pseudo-conservative manifesto that met voters somewhere in the middle of the spectrum. In fact, the socialism displayed by Tory PM David Cameron was indistinguishable from the Blairite chameleon political ideology.

Comrade Starmer, or Dolph, as he is known in some circles, will not be able to change Labour’s ingrained Corbynist leanings and if he tried, the party would be left with no supporters, such is the communist programming dealt year in year out by the Labour Commissars. He calmly tolerated every Corbyn policy and was his right-hand man during the disastrous Corbynist reign.

It may take many generations to purge the Labour Party of its extreme leftist communist doctrine now so ingrained that in many democratic countries, Labour would be viewed as a terrorist cult, but because Britain has so many extreme leftists now, it is seen as nothing special, even though it is thoroughly dangerous.

Corbyn 2.0 Comrade Starmer may even lead the party further left, much to the enjoyment of the ruling Tory party ensuring Labour will never be voted in again.