A-Clockwork-Orange-Corbyn Stasi Broadband
Clockwork Orange - Stanley Kubrick - Polaris Productions

The dystopian future gallops forward each day with huge strides, and at the forefront of this Venezuelan socialist hell is Jeremy Corbyn’s insane ideas to nationalise all internet services in the UK, to present a free communist internet service for all called the British Stasi Broadband Service.

Costing in excess of £100 billion to set up, not including the compensation payments to existing large broadband providers, and the legal court case costs, as well as major infrastructure costs, the deluded Labour hierarchy are adamant that their plan is a viable one.

Let us not forget that Labour’s open door immigration policy will mean that every year 800,000 new users will be added to the Stasi broadband scheme adding further costs to the impossible project.

In addition to the vast costs of initially implementing the internet program, Corbyn and his Marxist Chancellor of the Stasi Exchequer want to tax the internet tech monopolies to run the program. Well, good luck with that one, because it is not in Google, Facebook, Amazon’s remit to pay tax. Blood from a stone is an easier option. These internet giants will simply bypass the UK, and save their billions, because for them, Britain is a small crumb in the big pie.

Another further point about Corbyn’s Stasi broadband program is — could you trust it?

Labour’s central Stasi office will be filling their databases with your personal information to use as they wish. Day and night, the population of Britain will be tracked, monitored and their habits archived for eternity. Say a word against Corbyn, and you could be visited in the middle of the night by Labour Stasi agents, dragged into an unmarked van and never seen again.

Britain will be like communist North Korea or China, where certain news stories will only be allowed to be shown, and heavy state censorship would prevail. If Corbyn wants, he could introduce a great British Stasi Broadband firewall, cutting the UK internet from the rest of the world.

You will be forced to be connected and watch Labour’s British Stasi Broadband Service at all times of the day and night or imprisoned.

This Orwellian nightmare is almost upon us, because there will be the unintelligent Labour voters who are so indoctrinated by communist mantras they will agree to anything that Corbyn and his evil team ask them to do.

See the warnings in history, if Corbyn is ever elected, leave Britain and never look back. From that point on, Britain will have ceased to exist anyway.