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How an Exclusively Democrat Jury Convicted Roger Stone

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - Surprise, surprise, a corrupt Democrat jury convicts Roger Stone, in a state that voted 90.9% for the Democrats in 2016.


When it comes to sham trials, and partisan stitch-ups, the fake trial of Roger Stone has to really stand out. Orchestrated by Democrats and Hillary Clinton cronies from the get-go, this trial was set in Washington D.C., a place which voted 90.9% Democrat in the last election.

Did Bill Clinton go to prison for twenty years for lying to the American people when he famously uttered the words: “I did not have sexual relations with that woman!” No, of course not, he was a liberal socialist American, and they can get away with murder — literally.

When it comes to Republicans in America, the hammer comes down hard, and these double standards have never been so accentuated by the Roger Stone trial.

As far as many fair-minded Americans, he was simply doing his job, and he didn’t throw his boss Trump under the bus like all the others either.

corruptio optimi pessima

This sort of kangaroo court justice is now all too prevalent in America, and is a sickening detriment to democracy.

You see democracy depends on one side admitting they lost, and capitulating to the winners, but the Democrats have still not admitted they lost the 2016 election to Donald J. Trump. It is the same in Britain where the Remoaners have still not admitted that they lost the EU Referendum to leave the EU in 2016 and are still to this day trying to stifle and ruin democracy in Britain by stopping Brexit.

If you’re in politics and you don’t stretch the truth a lil here or there…you fuckin’ get eaten alive, they trample you, you get fucked, and then you will see yourself out of politics in a nanosecond. No honest man ever made it in the political world throughout history, and the one’s who thought they could were shot.

Politicians have to lie to the people every day, because if they do not, the people would find out the truth, and there would be non-stop riots in the streets.

The squeaky clean Democrats of course never lie to get what they want.

Get with the fucking program, but that’s socialism for you, one rule for them, another rule for others.

Let’s hope Roger does not get Epsteined in jail. The corruption is so endemic in the United States these days that even China must be taking notes on this one. There are other options, flee..go to a place where there are no U.S. extradition laws.

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