Corbyn supporters

Labour electoral tacticians are advising their core voters to vote Conservative.

Tactical voting is a phenomenon that has bedevelled recent elections causing interesting to say the least results, but the latest advice from Labour central office certainly has raised eyebrows.

Gordon McManus, a Labour election expert explained the reasoning behind the latest tactical voting communiqué.

“Contrary to indoctrinated voters who have always voted Labour, we are advising them to not vote Labour in the 2019 election. They should instead vote Conservative, because tactically their vote will mean that the Conservatives will be elected into office and Jeremy Corbyn will not. For the good of Britain for fucks sake, if you vote for Corbyn it will not only be a wasted vote, but there could be a slim chance that he could be elected. Do you fucking understand what this could do for Britain? We would be taken back to the stone age within a few years, the destruction to our economy would be so horrible that if you vote for him, you might as well go and shoot yourself in the head, that is how bad it will be. If you want to keep your jobs, your homes, your gardens, your bank accounts and anything you fucking own, or ever aspire to own, or do in life, do not vote Labour, instead vote Conservative.”