Living in some sort of Remainer parliamentary cocoon, a Remain MP was today surprised that millions of people are very angry about having their Brexit vote dishonoured.

“As a socialist Remainer it is okay for me to use foul nasty language at others, but when it is directed at me, I immediately cry to the papers, and to the Speaker of the House. Socialist Remainer double standards of speech are a prerequisite, and I can call a Brexiteer a ‘Nazi Tory Scum’ but if they say anything back to me it is not okay. That’s when I start talking about censoring speech, and shutting down free speech for them, but not us,” the Remainer MP sobbed.

Receiving nasty phone calls from the angry public, who are truly fed up seeing their democracy and vote thwarted every day by corrupt surrender-monkey Remainer MPs in parliament, was a serious surprise for one Remain MP.

“We’re doing our damned best to stop Brexit and deny the vote of 17.4 million people every day in parliament. Don’t these people leaving nasty messages on my phone system realise that it’s quite hard work trying to stop Brexit and kill off any semblance of democracy left in this godforsaken country?”

During another parliamentary session, as soon as things became a little sticky and the Remainers were being ripped to shreds by the Prime Minister, they immediately brought out the corpse of a murdered politician.

“That’s a fail-safe for us, as soon as they are winning any argument we start sobbing and bring out the dead corpse of a Remainer MP who got whacked a few years ago by some nutter. Of course, it has nothing to do with the conversation but will gain immediate sympathy from other Remainers, who can’t see how cynical and calculating we are,” another Remain MP revealed.

How Far-Left MPs and Activists Shut Down Speech

The following tactics used by Western far-left groups and Labour MPs are all techniques extricated from Soviet methods of discrediting targets, gleaned during Russia’s communist era, and the current Chinese communist regime.

A typical witch-hunt involves one or more of the following tactics: The first is to impute guilt by association. Even if the target himself has not said anything inflammatory, Marxist activists will protest that he has ‘links’ to more invidious actors (such as having merely been cited by them).

The second is to mischaracterise the target’s views, usually by cherry-picking quotations or relying on tendentious third- party criticism.

One especially common tactic is to conflate the target’s good-faith arguments or impartial statistical claims with ‘hatred’ of a particular group.

The third is to employ emotional blackmail. Far Left activists have developed a bewildering array of slogans that allow them to portray those who might dismiss their plight as callous and unfeeling.

For example, they will accuse the target of ‘violating their safe space’, or complain that the target’s words ‘deny their right to exist’ or that they ‘receive threats because of the targets words’.

People are sick to death of Remainers blocking Brexit

As our man in Number 10 said: “It is not surprising some people are angry about it. If you are a bunch of politicians and say that we swear we are going to respect the result of a democratic vote, and then after you lose you say, we don’t want to respect that vote, what do you expect to happen?”

Meanwhile, the people are getting angrier and angrier every day, much to the surprise of deluded Remainer MPs who are so removed from the public, they might as well be living in cloud-cuckoo-land.

Note to Remainer MPs — allow Brexit to happen, and the anger will dissipate. Continue pursuing your current anti-democratic route of thwarting the result of the EU Referendum and stopping Brexit, and the public anger will increase exponentially. Don’t say you were not duly warned.