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EU House of Commons to Open Today

LONDON - England - The EU House of Commons will open today after a brief absence.

The European Union House of Commons is to open today, after a brief break for party conference season.

The establishment EU House of Commons, which is controlled directly from Brussels, will be opened by the EU’s Speaker of the House, John Bercow.

EU MPs were happy to be back in Westminster.



“Thanks to the EU judges and Soros EU money, we defeated the Britisher swine, Boris Johnson, who threatened us with a Queen’s speech. We cannot have British people having speeches about what they hope to do for Britain. These Britishers think they have a say in how their country is run,” EU Speaker of the House, John Bercow told the Brussels Daily newspaper.

It is now unlawful to be British in the EU Houses of Parliament, and it is also illegal to try and run a British government because every step taken is thwarted and stifled by EU judges and MPs.

Federalist EU Britain, and its EU Houses of Parliament are now a place where democracy is a thing of the past.

“We used to have a democracy in Britain, where votes were honoured, but not any more. The EU Referendum result was not honoured. I will never vote again because my vote does not count,” a Britisher swine said sheepishly whilst being heckled and shouted down by EU supporters who used to be British once but are now so indoctrinated in the EU Soviet ideology they spit and defecate on the ripped British flag.

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