Treacherous eu Remoaner Saboteurs

The extent of EU infiltration into Britain’s parliament is astounding, the worst part of this evil debacle is that these Europhile MPs are driven by pure greed, and do not care that they are destroying Britain’s democracy.

Whilst Tony Blair and Peter Mandelson are all on the EU roster, with weekly meetings in Brussels, they work on thwarting Brexit from outside parliament, whereas the Tory Remainer rebel MPs are working from the inside of Westminster.

“These people will most probably be offered lucrative positions in the EU after Brexit is stopped. They are already sweetened with little incentives, but their EU masters are offering them great riches on the EU gravy train. We’re talking about unlimited expenses, huge pension plans, and immense salaries that make the British MP salary look like tuck shop money,” an EU insider revealed.

The plan is to halt the EU Referendum result of 2016 any way possible, and the rogue MPs who thwart the democratic process the best will gain the largest prizes from their EU overlords.

“When it comes to this sort of power and money these people will destroy democracy in Britain and sell out their country to their foreign masters. Everything to them is about money, they would happily sell their children to Chinese laboratories for money. This is the type of people we are talking about, and these Remainers, whether Tory, Lib Dem, or Labour are cut from the same cloth of pure greed,” the EU insider added.

What can a regular commissioner in the EU expect to get in perks?

Monthly salary of 45,000+ euros, unlimited expense account, luxury international first class flights, 5 star hotels, first class medical service, expenses for entertaining, daily massages, chauffeur driven to every destination, all private school fees paid, staff budgets can be paid all to yourself, and a full pension plan amounting to millions of euros. That is a brief list of some perks, but the list goes on.

There is no wonder that these Tory Remainer rebels and the Speaker of the House will do anything to thwart Brexit, because money talks in the end, and these slime bags are willing to sell out their own country and democracy to stop Brexit completely.