It is a perfectly normal practice to prorogue parliament and well within the constitutional boundaries of the law within the United Kingdom.

All of these people having public breakdowns and histrionics over a perfectly normal and valid procedure are simply creating a big fuss over nothing.

You may be a brainwashed remainer who has no idea why you support the EU, despite the fact unelected eurocrats look upon you with utter disdain and disgust, you may be having a crisis because your friends are in hysterics and you follow them blindly because you are a far left Waitrose shopping Islingtonian champagne socialist piece of virtue signalling moronic orifice.

Please, take a step back, have a cream soda, take a deep breath, and calm the fuck down.

There is no need to scream in the streets at the top of your blood-curdling voice the words: “Stop Brexit!” No, you merely look like an infantile moron who is so brainwashed that the only solution for you is a lobotomy on the NHS.

Calm the fuck down, relax, the world is not going to end when we have a Clean Brexit on October 31. Do not listen to the daily doses of Project Fear from the BBC, Sky news and other compromised news services that only interview remainers, and employ deranged housewives like Kay Burley who enjoy insulting the Queen after graciously doing her duty to the nation.

You may be a deranged Afro-Caribbean Labour MP mother of a drug dealer son who threatens the Queen of England in a loud voice. Please calm down, take a hit on the crack pipe your criminal son leaves around the house, and relax. There is no need to threaten the monarch of Great Britain, it is not the done thing to do.

As for the Speaker of the House, he should look at his position and historical value, does he really want to go down in the books as the impartial biased pissant dwarf that went against Her Majesty’s Britain and its sovereign run for freedom?

Help us fight for freedom — you get unique goodies too…