Washington policy centre, the ‘Conservative United National Think-Tank’, summarize the grave mistakes Trump has committed during his tenure, and how these mistakes will effectively cost him re-election in 2020.

“Trump is doomed to fail, not because he did not realise the problems he needed to solve, but because he did not act on these problems. Our major example is the censorship by tech monopoly companies of alternative media including Conservative and Libertarian material. Trump has acknowledged the damage created by biased tech companies, yet he did not act even once. His inactivity effectively lost him the election because the voices that rooted for his re-election were silenced.

“Trump failed to curb mass illegal immigration, failed to complete the promised border wall, failed to secure America’s borders, failed to control biased partisan monopoly tech companies killing off free speech and democracy to rig votes, failed to secure peace in Syria, failed to secure peace with Iran, failed to stop the North Korean nuclear program, failed to stop the Iranian nuclear program, failed to halt home-grown mass shootings, failed to stop Chinese economic superiority over the U.S., failed to halt deadly Fentanyl importation into America via China, failed to halt U.S. secrets being stolen by Chinese hackers, failed to fix Obamacare and America’s health system, failed to halt American tech monopoly companies working with China, all the while as the polarisation of the nation increased bringing it closer to civil war,” the report claimed.

Unless Trump does something soon, there ain’t gonna be any Trump in 2020. The election will be stolen from under his feet by massive organised Democrat fraud that he failed to stop.