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EU Army: Teen French Recruits Suffer Under New Compulsory Service

PARIS - France - Macron's roll out of compulsory Universal National Service for all 16-year-olds will be expanded across all EU countries for the EU Army.

All remainers should be ashamed of themselves for disregarding the facts about the European Union because it will be them and their children forced into military service for the fledgling EU Army.

It will be your children, remainers, forced into the slaughter holes on the Eastern front against Russia in the sub arctic conditions as the bullets and bombs rip their bodies to shreds. No doubt the children of the unelected officials at the EU will be exempt from compulsory military service in the EU Army.

The Daily Squib warned about an EU Army in 2012 but as usual we were wholly ignored.

Mr Macron’s new “Universal National Service” will soon become compulsory for all 16-year-olds and the plan is already being assimilated to Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Brussels, Netherlands, Spain, Romania, Bulgaria, Ireland, and all other EU countries.


Most remainers do not even know why they are supporting the EU, they just follow their socialist friends blindly without question, and are low-information lemming voters only concerned about their holidays in the EU being slightly disrupted, or mobile phone roaming charges. The other contingent of remoaners are staunch communists who are begging to be ruled by a totalitarian soviet state run by unelected officials. There is no thought to the implications of being called up and forced into an EU Army.

“The EU Army will be a conscripted force from the age of 16. All EU countries will be invited to join the compulsory EU Army conscription scheme with a planned roll out within two years. Once called up, there is no way of getting out of the conscription unless those selected are disabled,” EU Army adjutant, Kommandant Franz Heimler, revealed on Friday.

Remainers in the UK want to condemn Britain’s population to be forced into conscription into an EU Army ruled by crazed megalomaniacs intent on sending our kids into war as cannon fodder for their totalitarian EU super soviet state. Shame on you treacherous remainers…shame on you.

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