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EU Referendum: If the Vote Does Not Count Anymore What Does?

LONDON - England - If the citizens vote does not count anymore, as is being referenced by the EU Referendum result rejection by parliament, what does?

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On June 23, 2016, the largest supposed democratic vote in British history was held. The result of the vote was an emphatic one, by a majority of 53% the country voted to Leave the EU.

Before the vote took place, MPs, and other political players vowed to respect the vote result, because the polls at the time were predominantly pointing towards a Remain win. When the shock Leave result came through however, all promises to respect the vote were left at the doorstep and reneged on.

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Despite Remain people saying the British people did not know what they were voting for, the Leave voters are very sure of what they voted for at the time. We voted to Leave the Customs Union, Leave the CJEU, Leave the CFP, amongst other EU agencies, and the Single Market. The British people voted to take control of the borders, and to take sovereign control of Britain’s laws, to free the UK from the EU’s inhibitive trading regulations, and open up the UK to the global market.

So what became of Britain’s largest democratic vote in history?

It never happened. At every turn, the parliamentarians, many on the EU payroll and pension plans stifled the democratic vote. The EU referendum vote will thus go down in history as the most undemocratic vote ever made.

If your vote doesn’t count anymore in the UK, what is left for the voting citizen, or for democracy?

Apart from civil rebellion, there is not much else. What has happened with the EU referendum means that we are not living in a just, democratic state ruled by law, but a corrupt dictatorial feudal state ruled by rogue MPs who have gone so far away from the democratic path they are now de facto tyrants, greed driven undemocratic beasts who have completely abandoned any pretence of the actual political process of democracy.

The most unfortunate part of the whole sorry affair is that the British people do not rebel. It is frankly not in their nature, however wronged, to lift a finger in protest. The British people are too civil, they would rather have a cup of tea, and roll their eyes than go forth into the streets and do something about the situation. Unlike their Gallic cousins, the Brits have never had a revolution, and wouldn’t know what to do if one plopped itself on their heads.

Why vote if it means nothing?

The only other thing left to do in an undemocratic, corrupt sham system is to never vote again. This it seems is the most sensible option. If enough disgruntled citizens decided to never vote in any election again, it would further the message that we are living in a tyrannical unjust hierarchy only serving the needs of ruling class privilege.

Call it Mugabe’s Zimbabwe, or another EU Referendum where they keep asking the same question until the voters come up with the answer that is wanted by the unelected eurocrats, the UK, is now within this zone of a democratic deficit.

Democracy in the UK does not exist anymore, and until something drastic is done, it will not exist for a very long time in the future.



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