stopping brexit meaningless vote

Stop everything, it’s that ‘meaningless vote’ next week. Halt! Postpone your wedding, your new job interview, or wife’s pregnancy.

We must all pay attention to a bunch of parliamentarians who are pulling every dirty trick out of their hats to stop Brexit.

“It will be the pinnacle of the week. Get ready to watch about six or seven different factions all fighting to stop Brexit their way. In the middle of course will be the PM who will simply pretend all of this is not happening but is sort of glad that Brexit will never happen. The Tories and the Labour party have all split into about a dozen splinter groups, and no one really knows what is going on apart from the stopping Brexit bit,” one parliamentary commentator said on Tuesday.


Stopping Brexit is now a key parliamentary process that is under way, and this means delaying tactics, sticking loads of amendments in the way, slapping a few protest resignations in key places, and threatening to do this or that if Brexit is not stopped.

How’s that famous British democracy going then?

Yes, it is going, going….gone!