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Prince Harry’s First Apache Mission Over Pakistan a Success

BAIZAI - Pakistan - Prince Harry has successfully carried out his first mission in the Afghan border region killing up to 28 Pakistani soldiers, reports have confirmed.

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Speaking from his base, the proud prince Harry said: “I bagged a load of pakis today. My trigger finger just kept pumping those bastards into oblivion. It was fucking beautiful.”

“My step-dad was a Muslim so I just wanted to give something back to the ragheads, like a few 50 caliber bullets, innit,” Harry added.

Prince Harry even took time to go for a round of drinks before his first mission, and was said to have downed a jug of vodka, three pints of gin and sixteen bottles of lager.

“I’ve never seen flying like that. He swooped so low you could see the whites in the eyes of the terrified Pakistanis. It was like shooting fish in a barrel,” Harry’s co-pilot, flight lieutenant, Richard Moorcroft, told the Telegraph.

Prince Harry was meant to be greeted by his father as he returned from his first mission. However, James Hewitt was not available, so Prince Charles was sent instead.

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  1. @ alan ,,please go back and read history ,,,did any outsider ever successively ruled Afghanistan ? NO, and also read about what happened to your fellow country men back in 1880,,,,do you want a repeat of the same ?

  2. You people had it there…your Brits and you Americans….watch it….You have done it once too often…

  3. I would thank NATO for doing such an act which woke up the sleeping nation the best part is that we r now united to roger your a..ses you bastards will die of hunger in afghanistan or ur country will die with increased load of your supplies you back staggers you can not fight a hand full of talibans and you dream of attacking PAKISTAN .if it takes life of only 26 soldiers to keep this nation united then we r redy to sacrifice them every min for this country PAKISTAN ZINDABAD PAK ARMY PAINDABAD

  4. Indeed we r servants of the white,we aint gonna do anything… So keep on coming and bombing us bcz we aint nothing but ur slaves…. and slaves dont do a shit ……just pay us well…

  5. It's a criminal act on the part of NATO commanders and they must be tried by ICJ and heads of armies taken to task for having this quality of commanders appointed for such a serious mission," War against terror


  7. .. lol… well as far as killing is considered, don't forget what we did with Russia. we screwed it over night. NATO aint a fucking deal. we have all the might to do it..

  8. u fkn blood line of pharo teri maa da phuda it means ur mother front bumper ll have all pakistanis lulaz which means all pakistani dicks in her producing so many of ur brotherz and sisters and then spitting paan wala thook in ur bajis phuda means her vagina then our pathans drill ur mothers ass with their lulaz meaning their cocks

  9. I see a lot of arm chair warriors are here LOL.

    Let me ask you lil boyz, what is Pakistan going to do? You can't do anything, you cowards. We own you, we'll just pay you a few more rupees and you'll keep your mouth shut.

  10. @JamesfromNewYork after sleepin wid harry's Mama nxt destination is ur mom so prepare her we will b there soon lol 😛

  11. What a shame, … If you think this is success and bravery to kill those helping you, rest assured, you will die a miserable death.
    I am quite positive, it has not happened as reported. No one allows a pilot to fly drunk even a routine mission let alone one in combat.

  12. How coward and as..ole Nato forces are.
    First they attacked at night and they think they are so brave!!!!! If that's so than try to do that in the day light and see the results.
    Second, Pakistan is an allies with the Nato forces in so called war against terrorism. That's why our forces didn't attacked because they don't have orders to attack. If they had orders to attack at that time i'm pretty damn sure Nato forces would portray this story as Pakistan forces attacked on Nato forces killing several soldiers.

  13. You cowards can only win through diplomacy. Cant face like men. Even your soldiers need chocolates…Hahahaha…Remember what was done in Vietnam and what the fuck is being done in Afghanistan…Jewish media can hide the news, but not the reality…Whole US is fucked by Islam-Phobia….Hahahahhaha….Jehad Zindabad…Come and face me…I am ready to give you my ddress too

  14. First of all this article is not authentic.
    Even if it is so then there is nothing to be Proud of for NATO

    NATO was there with Hellis and Pakistanis fight back for 2 hours with what ever they had.

    Let me tell you something NATO Yankies..
    Every day we MUJS BAG Yankees and Limeys In Afganistan. 😉
    and now your supply lines are blocked too.
    Now NATO will Come crying to Muslim Dad

  15. Yes, Harry is known for his reckless behavior and loose tongue. So, it's quite likely he would say stuff like this …

  16. My dear 24 soldiers, you have done it in two hours what we couldn’t do it in 60 years, united Pakistan in an unbreakable bond against all odds.

  17. bloody americans….come on 1 to 1 n face to face
    u r worse than bloody gays attacking from back ass holes

  18. It is obviously a satire…he will rather have a barge pole up his ass than admit his mother was in a live-in relationship with an Arab. And he ought to know Pakis r not ragheads. Nor would he b able to c the whites of the Pakis' eyes at 2 am unless the jug of vodka was full of Vit A.

  19. NATO woke up the sleeping nation. Maybe one odd more incident like this, and they will see what could we do….?

  20. wow…… he shouldn't be annoyed that his step father was a muslim….. he must have slep with his mommy with her consent lolzzz…….

  21. This article made me laugh.

    Do you really think he would say something so careless and stupid due to past controversies?

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