Henry Kissinger: "If You Can’t Hear the Drums of War You Must Be Deaf"

NEW YORK - USA - In a remarkable admission by former Nixon era Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger, reveals what is happening at the moment in the world and particularly the Middle East.

Speaking from his luxurious Manhattan apartment, the elder statesman, who will be 89 in May, is all too forward with his analysis of the current situation in the world forum of Geo-politics and economics.

“The United States is baiting China and Russia, and the final nail in the coffin will be Iran, which is, of course, the main target of Israel. We have allowed China to increase their military strength and Russia to recover from Sovietization, to give them a false sense of bravado, this will create an all together faster demise for them. We’re like the sharp shooter daring the noob to pick up the gun, and when they try, it’s bang bang. The coming war will be so severe that only one superpower can win, and that’s us folks. This is why the EU is in such a hurry to form a complete superstate because they know what is coming, and to survive, Europe will have to be one whole cohesive state. Their urgency tells me that they know full well that the big showdown is upon us. O how I have dreamed of this delightful moment.”

“Control oil and you control nations; control food and you control the people.”

Mr Kissinger then added: “If you are an ordinary person, then you can prepare yourself for war by moving to the countryside and building a farm, but you must take guns with you, as the hordes of starving will be roaming. Also, even though the elite will have their safe havens and specialist shelters, they must be just as careful during the war as the ordinary civilians, because their shelters can still be compromised.”

After pausing for a few minutes to collect his thoughts, Mr Kissinger, carried on: “We told the military that we would have to take over seven Middle Eastern countries for their resources and they have nearly completed their job. We all know what I think of the military, but I have to say they have obeyed orders superfluously this time. It is just that last stepping stone, i.e. Iran which will really tip the balance. How long can China and Russia stand by and watch America clean up? The great Russian bear and Chinese sickle will be roused from their slumber and this is when Israel will have to fight with all its might and weapons to kill as many Arabs as it can. Hopefully if all goes well, half the Middle East will be Israeli. Our young have been trained well for the last decade or so on combat console games, it was interesting to see the new Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 game, which mirrors exactly what is to come in the near future with its predictive programming. Our young, in the US and West, are prepared because they have been programmed to be good soldiers, cannon fodder, and when they will be ordered to go out into the streets and fight those crazy Chins and Russkies, they will obey their orders. Out of the ashes we shall build a new society, a new world order; there will only be one superpower left, and that one will be the global government that wins. Don’t forget, the United States, has the best weapons, we have stuff that no other nation has, and we will introduce those weapons to the world when the time is right.”

End of interview. Our reporter is ushered out of the room by Kissinger’s minder.

  • mediouni chouaib

    He thoroughly missed North Korea and South America countries, the first already has nuclear weapons, and the seconds are making an economic rise up since last decade, without forget also Turkey and Pakistan who will join Russia and China if a WW3 will happen.
    Also let remind him that the USA is losing power and control in all the fields, the country is barely under a civilian war, traffic drugs, gangsters, black Africans issues, natives issues….the USA are facing danger inside so they will start to solve this inside before they go to the rest of the world.
    Add to this what he mean by “This is why the EU is in such a hurry to form a complete superstate” Europe now is being divided after the UK Brexit, and there will be other Brexits in the near future, and at that time it will be no European Union anymore, but lot of the European countries will remain USA allies but not sure for Eastern Europe!
    The truth that Henry Kissinger would not say is that more than the half of the world hates the USA government (i am not talking about the people of course, because they are the first victims of their government policy), so if the world goes on a new World War it will be between the USA, Israel, some European countries and Maybe but not sure Australia or Canada against the reste of the world, and we will see who will establish the New World Order!!!
    I think this man is a mind player, who start to play games to save what they already lost, because they will keep fighting until they get what they want, and those i am talking about are The Elites, and all of us know who are they
    Forgive me for my broken english.

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  • defcon
  • Costin Pavel

    Wesley Clark, ex-NATO Commander 1997-2001, Ex-USA candidate for Presidency,
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LAFHOHIiFZA Wesley Clark
    told the Truth(War in Middle East!)

  • nabil med

    Americans live in you crappy movies worth of dreams and that low you forget Somali soldiers that you have made and Indochina then stop if you like it

  • Morgan

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  • fathy59

    An old man’dream !!. Just to remind this old man, whose policies where complete
    fiasco for the USA , America did not win any war since WW2 .
    Even the performance of the USA in that war was 2nd rate .
    As a mater of fact ,old man , the US cannot defeat Iran , let alone Russia .
    Remember Iraq , and Vietnam !!!!!!!!! . I think dementia started to creep in to
    this old man ‘mind !!!.

  • Frater Jimpson

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  • james

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    • Frater Jimpson

      Illuminati at gmail…? hahah classic

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  • knowluminati

    Hiding in plain sight. This is the biggest trick. All the information is already out here on the internet and yet people cannot SEE it.

    Only the blind can see the light.

  • Knowluminati
  • ali

    Once he predicted war at syria at one of his interviews 8 years ago .and when asked for details he replied play call of duty . Im living at middle east and the facts are crazy close to what really happened. ” we just finished half of WW3 believe it or not ” .

  • bullardrr

    An old man dreams. But his fantasy is as intriguing as it is oblivious to the reality of nuclear weapons.

  • Lei

    China is engineering stock market crash to destabilise USA.

  • Abrahadabra

    I love how the men who have brought this ‘new world order’ idea into effect have no idea how their technology works other than from documents or word of mouth from designers. 😛

  • Abrahadabra

    The great and powerful Kissinger doesn’t even know how to use a computer according to him. 😉

  • Somebody

    Grandpa is lulling you to sleep. Don’t worry if the economy is failing, don’t worry if China becomes second largest world economy and soon to be the first and then twice as large as the first. Don’t worry if Russia bites off half Georgia in 2008, then half Ukraine in 2015, then half Syria in 2015 while the west watches, screams insults, but does nothing. Don’t worry, trust you dreams, your Video Games, and the exceptional cunning of your genius strategists who are so genius that they expect you to believe they could actually lay their plans bare like that for the Chins and Russkies to see and get prepared!

    But you know what,. you WILL believe him because oif the famous Goebles media law that never fails: People will always believe what they want to belive no matter how illogical it might be, so lie, lie and keep lying, for the bigger the lie, the more credible it becomes.
    Kessinger knows that only too well, and thus he is doing the right thing: boosting the morale of his people by making them believe, against all evidence, that everything is fine.No small achievement.

    • Abrahadabra

      Jewish psychological manipulation and research has been the backbone of the elite for well over 100+ years. Disneyland isn’t just for fun! 😀

  • Commie Watch

    Russia has finished equipping six new military bases throughout the
    Arctic in a move to recreate the country’s military presence to levels
    it had during the Cold War, Russian news agency Tass reports.


  • donaldjenks

    Turkey detaining Russian ship in Bosphorus Black Sea.


    I fear this is not going to end well.

  • Roxy

    Large excavation projects have been observed by U.S. satellite imagery as
    recently as the late 1990s, during the time of Boris Yeltsin’s
    government after the fall of the Soviet Union. Two garrisons,
    Beloretsk-15 and Beloretsk-16, were built on top of the facility, and
    possibly a third, Alkino-2, as well, and became the closed town of
    Mezhgorye in 1995. They are said to house 30,000 workers each. Repeated
    U.S. questions have yielded several different responses from the Russian
    government regarding Mount Yamantaw. They have said it is a mining
    site, a repository for Russian treasures, a food storage area, and a
    bunker for leaders in case of nuclear war. Responding to questions
    regarding Yamantaw in 1996, Russia’s Defense Ministry stated: “The
    practice does not exist in the Defense Ministry of Russia of informing
    foreign mass media about facilities, whatever they are, that are under
    construction in the interests of strengthening the security of Russia.”
    Large rail lines serve the facility.

    Nearly 5,000 new emergency bomb shelters will be built in Moscow by 2012 to save people in case of potential attacks.

    Moscow authorities say the measure is urgent as the shelters
    currently available in the city can house no more that half of its

    In the last 20 years, the area of air-raid defense has been developed
    little, and the existing shelters have become outdated. Moreover, they
    are located mostly in the city center, which makes densely populated Moscow outskirts especially vulnerable in the event of a nuclear attack.

    In order to resolve the issue, the city has given architects a task
    to construct a typical model of an easy-to-build shelter that will be
    located all over the city 10 to 15 meters underneath apartment blocks,
    shopping centers, sport complexes and parks, as in case of attack people
    will need to reach the shelters within a minute.


  • Bush+Obama=Satans love child

    This is such bullshit. He didn’t say any of this stuff.

    • donaldjenks

      It’s all coming true. This prophecy was written in 2011 and it’s nearly word for word accurate to all events taking place now and the future.

    • seb

      Ppl like you will be the first to go. Idiot.

  • Malcolm

    The Russkies are not as clever as they think they are. They are isolated Internationally and siding with the dregs of the global community. Putin has autism. He is mentally unstable and dangerous. If Russians want to survive they need to take Putin out or they will all go under from his actions.

    • Pops

      Someone needs to slip Putin a nice cup of polonium.

      • donaldjenks

        Putin is probably immune to Polonium.

  • Feebleminded

    This stupid old man dotes and is feebleminded! Enjoy going to hell after your death dirty Jew!

    America struggling to survive with their weak economy, their bubble will blast soon with the dollar collapse!

    • trapster

      Kissinger is not feebleminded. He is a strategic genius, an elder statesman of the highest order. HK should be treated with the utmost respect.

      • Ghassan jenainaty

        utmost respect ??? lool. Respect for what sir? He is preaching for more wars and bloodshed. His statement would make all those radicals get stronger and this what the American goverment wants for sure. Henri kissinger is a war criminal sir. He was behind the plot for the lebanese civil war and many crimes around the world

    • karl john

      John Foster Dulles was as big a bastard as Kissinger. Never heard anyone call him a dirty Christian?!

  • Everyone else loves the US like God-forbid.

  • Oppressors times are over. The line has been drawn.
    Roosevelt carrier ran away home like a broken-leg chicken.

  • donaldjenks

    If you haven’t prepared already you’re an idiot. My family are completely prepared. We have water that could last for five years minimum. Food and automatic weapons, grenades and shelter. The war from Syria is spreading to Libya and soon Turkey. From there its a short hop to Europe. Once Europe goes only a matter of time before U.S. goes. Russian aholes are messing up Syria big time.

  • 33

    Whatever happens will happen. This is prophecy whoever wrote knows and has it down. All planned. See it all come true. New World.

  • Caesar

    The world is undergoing a period of change expansion. Globalisation is the key to all migratory movement and destruction of previous sovereign states. No borders. There will be war, chaos and destruction but you can’t make an omelette without first breaking a few eggs.

  • musbcrazy

    that’s funny…in other places this interview is reported they’ve made sure to let their readers know that the interview was satire…that some of the said quotes did come from Kissinger but that the interview never actually happened.

    pretty important info id say…don’t you reckon. journalistic integrity n all that!!!! it sort a changes the urgency of the info somewhat

    • 33


  • Faisal Mubarak

    In the Holy Quran (al-maedah-64)And the Jews say, “The hand of Allah is chained.” Chained are their hands, and cursed are they for what they say. Rather, both His hands are extended; He spends however He wills. And that which has been revealed to you from your Lord will surely increase many of them in transgression and disbelief. And We have cast among them animosity and hatred until the Day of Resurrection. Every time they kindled the fire of war [against you], Allah extinguished it. And they strive throughout the land [causing] corruption, and Allah does not like corrupters.

  • Anonymous

    maybe this prophecy will happen, or maybe not, because no body never know what will happen tomorrow! indeed Mr. Kissinger have dreams, hopes, desires, or something else like devils but the others also have the same.. he want with his gang to control the world; OK, BUT WHAT WILL HAPPEN IF THE USA HAS BEEN DEFEATED IN THIS WAR!!!

  • Robbie

    Putin is gay. I heard he likes to have sauna with lots of naked men and they fu*k each other up they ass. What a fag. And he pretend to hate gays he LOVES them. HA ahahaha

  • Pilanz
  • donaldjenks

    The prophecy is all coming true Aaaaargh!!!!

    US On The Ropes: China To Join Russian Military In Syria While Iraq Strikes Intel Deal With Moscow, Tehran


  • Jesus My Savior

    This prophecy is coming true note for note. God help us all.

    “I saw heaven standing open and there before me was a white horse, whose
    rider is called Faithful and True. With justice he judges and makes war.”

    Revelation 19:11

    • 33

      Amen to you and your kind.

  • trapster
  • jon Mark

    You are a disturbed man, is all I can say. You speak of war as if it were a board game being played for the enjoyment of the so called elite. You think that you’re so intelligent, and you may be smart, but if the fruit of that quality when applied by you, and like minded people serve to steer a country to starvation, destruction, and war, what does that say about your lack of wisdom. It tells me that you have zero wisdom. It tells me Kissenger is the personification of evil.

  • Kyle Larson

    Y’all are aware this is a satire site?

  • W.A.R
  • Matt Dunn

    You’re a fu**ing idiot. Don’t you know the elite plan things in 50/100 year increments and adjust as they go along. There is a big plan for global conflict because this is the only way CHANGE can be implemented efficiently,completely and forcibly. Nothing happens overnight moron. Ppl like you are ignorant and should not comment. Ppl like you are in the dark you just have no idea how things work and how events are set up to escalate towards desired outcomes. Problem, reaction, solution. Go back to your ignorance as you will be the first to die when it all goes down.

  • Daniel

    I hate Russians and cannot wait for the Yanks to obliterate those vodka swilling throwbacks into oblivion. Make Russian and China into a crater so big that the dead bodies will be swimming in the irradiated mud soup. Yee HAH!!!!

    • Dial Dasgupta

      russians too will will throw Yanks into an irradiated cesspool

    • trapster

      The russkies are lame they dont have the right weapons. We could take Russia in less than a week.

      • Good

        The Nazis said so too. You – the invaders of the XXI century

    • SunshineSunshineSunshine

      Same will happen to your retarded shithole.

  • Necro Catalin

    well the joke is video game like MW3 is not reality =/ because no video game gives u the exact prescision or insight to know how the outcome will take place…. and they are not prepared for knowing how to deal with unspecified situations

    • Kyle Larson

      Thats not what that meant. its just to set a way of thinking, not to show specifics.

  • Saturn Day

    It is called Statecraft.

  • Saturn Day

    Brzezinski, Kissinger, Soros, Rockerfeller, Rothschild are engineers. They should be held in the highest regard for their service to the new age that is coming. Only the enlightened understand the great works they are party to, only those who understand will see what they are doing.

    They are heroes.

    • Tamlin

      You can stick your heros and shove em up your ass.

    • Opus Die

      Do not be decieved they are not friends at the top they stab each other as much as the commoners do.

    • jon Mark

      Your a nut too! I would rather follow a man who posses a spoon full of wisdom, than one who carries a bucket of enlightenment.

      You can judge a tree by it’s fruit, so say’s the Bible, and certainly you can judge a man by what what his life yields. If the action of one who is enlightened, and the actions of a crazed maniac yield the same results, what does that tell you about the one who is said to be enlightened?

      Besides, Brzezinski, Kissinger, Soros, Rockerfeller, (sic) Rothschild, indeed any man in his ability is infinitesimally incapable compared to God, and every man will be judged according to his love, and not his enlightenment.

  • Larr

    Kill on man you are a murderer, kill a million you are a national hero.

  • Adolphe

    How many levels of psychopathy are there since you are such an expert?

    Where does George Soros figure in the graph?

    • Cam

      Obviously those with influence who promote war, bombings, invasions, regime change, political & financial destabilisation etc for the good of Profit, Cronyism, Empire, Zionism… Are in my view, psycho.
      This article claims Kissinger is “currently a Huge War monger baying for blood in Russia,” yet Kissinger has publicly backed his leftist nemisis Chomsky in Denouncing the escalation of war in Ukraine & with Russia??? He has also made other similar statements on his own recently, which goes contra to this article.
      On the other hand Brzezinski who is Obama’s “Personal Mentor,” a Senior Foreign Policy Advisor to Obama, senior member of TLC, CFR & Bilderberg HAS been calling for war in Ukraine & with Russia. As a psycho Polish American Zionist who Created the Clash of Civilisations Program ie Financing/Training Muslim Extremists, Al Qaeda… & over seeing it for 40+ years; it was as though the article was written about Brzezinski.
      I have no facts on Soros so won’t comment, but I will look him up. Cheers.

  • Nosake

    You’ll be the first to go then. Goodbye sheep.

  • Maximillion

    The war will be excuse for economic pack of cards to fall. Elites are having hard time of keeping economy up because it is a ponzi scheme. If economy collapses completely in peacetime they get blamed and could be completely overthrown. If economy falls in war time elites get to blame Russia and China and have better chance of survival.

    When the war is over NWO begins.

    • jon Mark

      150 – 175 million armed Americans might have something to say about that.

  • Aaron

    You’ll be first to the slaughter.

  • Nosake

    Russia is a big player in the war. People think we are not in a war now you are wrong. The war has been going on for some time it is a managed war at the moment but soon it will spread. What defines a world war? That means global war on all fronts and the Middle East is getting close to that level especially when Iran is concerned. China is removed but when Russia and Ukraine escalates it will join too. They are still preparing for the big push. Believe me when I say this we are in a war right now. Maybe get up from your smartphone and look around for one second. This is war and you or your kids will be called up. God bless you all.

    • Semper Fi Motherfcker

      I dont believe that Russia are that good actually. Look how long it is taking them to move a few yards in Ukraine. It’s pathetic. If they were really good fighters they should have taken Kiev by now. My opinion is that Russia is all talk and their soldiers are pussies. The U.S. Marines are better trained and combat ready the Russkies are too busy drinking vodka and chasing Natashas. Theyre cowards too and are all secretly gay goat fckers.

      • Nosake

        Never underestimate your enemy. Rule number one.

  • Haytham Gheisari

    Yes and it’s all coming true. Everything written in this is materialising to the letter.

  • Osama

    Hahahahaha 😀 Kissinger you are a fool, the fate of you and your crownies was sealed a long time a gon in fact 1436 years ago when the holy Qur’an mentions your demise. So all your plans and scheming wil do you nothing more than empty vanity on the shoulders of a satanic worshiping beast. Good luck as you see the wrath of Allah unfold when his plan for you is seen on all news channels and it will be then that people see the truth of what had been a conspiracy all along by the zionist jews.

  • No more games

    1. Russia will no longer play games and engage in back-room
    negotiations over trifles. But Russia is prepared for serious
    conversations and agreements, if these are conducive to collective
    security, are based on fairness and take into account the interests of
    each side.

    2. All systems of global collective security now lie in ruins. There
    are no longer any international security guarantees at all. And the
    entity that destroyed them has a name: The United States of America.

    3. The builders of the New World Order have failed, having built a
    sand castle. Whether or not a new world order of any sort is to be
    built is not just Russia’s decision, but it is a decision that will not
    be made without Russia.

    4. Russia favors a conservative approach to introducing
    innovations into the social order, but is not opposed to investigating
    and discussing such innovations, to see if introducing any of them might
    be justified.

    5. Russia has no intention of going fishing in the murky waters
    created by America’s ever-expanding “empire of chaos,” and has no
    interest in building a new empire of her own (this is unnecessary;
    Russia’s challenges lie in developing her already vast territory).
    Neither is Russia willing to act as a savior of the world, as she had in
    the past.

    6. Russia will not attempt to reformat the world in her own
    image, but neither will she allow anyone to reformat her in their image.
    Russia will not close herself off from the world, but anyone who tries
    to close her off from the world will be sure to reap a whirlwind.

    7. Russia does not wish for the chaos to spread, does not want
    war, and has no intention of starting one. However, today Russia sees
    the outbreak of global war as almost inevitable, is prepared for it, and
    is continuing to prepare for it. Russia does not war—nor does she fear

    8. Russia does not intend to take an active role in thwarting
    those who are still attempting to construct their New World Order—until
    their efforts start to impinge on Russia’s key interests. Russia would
    prefer to stand by and watch them give themselves as many lumps as their
    poor heads can take. But those who manage to drag Russia into this
    process, through disregard for her interests, will be taught the true
    meaning of pain.

    9. In her external, and, even more so, internal politics,
    Russia’s power will rely not on the elites and their back-room dealing,
    but on the will of the people.

    To these nine points I would like to add a tenth:

    10. There is still a chance to construct a new world order that
    will avoid a world war. This new world order must of necessity include
    the United States—but can only do so on the same terms as everyone else:
    subject to international law and international agreements; refraining
    from all unilateral action; in full respect of the sovereignty of other

    To sum it all up: play-time is over. Children, put away your
    toys. Now is the time for the adults to make decisions. Russia is ready
    for this; is the world?

    Text of Vladimir Putin’s speech and a question and answer
    session at the final plenary meeting of the Valdai International
    Discussion Club’s XI session in Sochi on 24 October 2014.

  • Ayyub Sabri

    Not satire this is prophecy.

  • Leve
  • qCh

    What cave you been living in? People like you are gonna be the ones who don’t realise shit happens until it happens. Everything on that piece is happening now nearly word for word. Get your head outta your ass son.

  • Sergey Tokarev

    This is rather a sarcastic warning than a joke. He exaggerates certain things on purpose, desperately trying to wake up Americans. In vain of course. Zombie will die for NeoLoons with smiles on their faces.

  • Szabo

    You state that the internet has made us all equal connected? That’s bs in my book. In fact the internet has highlighted how unequal some people are around the world it has made people more jelous of others. Some kid in the ME looks at how someone lives in America is gonna hate them even more. America has taken the world resources and left other countries with nothing that’s how they feel. So go shop in your whole foods store while starving kids around the world watch how you live on the internet or Instagram.

  • peter

    “O how I have dreamed of this delightful moment.”
    He’s always been a psychopath, but now he’s gone batty as well.



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    • Magus

      Stop with this.

      The Illuminati is bloodline only. No invites. Can’t buy your way in. Certainly there are people working for the Illuminatii underneath some with knowledge others with none.

  • Rosco

    Please can someone tell me why Obama is baiting Russia?

    Is it true that ICBMs will be installed in Ukraine only 10 minutes to Russian detonation?

    • Sergey Tokarev

      Why Obama is baiting Russia? NeoLoons pulling the strings tell him to do so. Also, Obama is depicted weak, so such cliche as ‘Obama nuked only Moscow but went to golf course instead of nuking Beijing’ will work well and force him to do increasingly mad things.

  • Damien

    Everything written here is coming true it’s fcking insane if u ask me…

    Collapse of dollar scheduled either 2016 or 2017 that’s going to be interesting.

    God help us all”….

  • Chris

    haha. Somehow I can’t see Henry Kissinger using the word ‘noob’.
    I’m surprised he hasn’t sued you over this false interview.

  • USM 654
  • Hernendez
  • Geoff Mantel


    Paul Craig Roberts was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy and associate editor of the Wall Street Journal.



  • zahidullah Gabari

    Zionists fate is fixed like past, that they would be mascared by a world power like Nazi’s did, and in 500-600 BC they were killed looted,Raped and slaved by Bablonian king . exept the will be spared in two conditions.1.they stop conspiracees against world and accept God being serving the Human being of the world this way they could permanantly relieved.2.they will survive just because of a worldly power who protects and shield its soverghnity for a limited time.Al-Quran.

  • Nobody needs a degree in Politics, Philosophy and Economics to realise that
    David Cameron is Neville Chamberlain, Vladimir Putin is Sir Winston Churchill
    and Angela Merkel is a NAZI German Adolf Hitlerite terrorist who has sponsored
    a fascist coup in Kiev and is bankster rolled out by AUDI, BMW, Volkswagen,
    Mercedes and Porsche 9-11 Al EU Qaeda EURO rent-a-snipers and
    right sector Bandera NAZI German collaborators from 1941.

    We are the resistance and WE are recruiting

  • Gaile McLEAN

    This silly old fool said this in 2011 it is now 2014 – US is broke – the military are tired of their illegal wars they are now 17 trillion in debt Russia AND China are so much smarter and better equipped – Watch out US – By the way this is not Satirical- it in fact did take place

  • walter white

    are you all stupid? this is satirical. this interview is not authentic, but pure bullshit – and you all believe that this crap is real and reveal your stupidity. oh my god! get real, guys.

    • Lars

      You must be an American no understanding of pathos or rhetoric. Read up about satire you’re the stupid one here. Satire has more truth than you will ever know you fucking idiot American dick.

    • Catsup

      written in 2011. it’s all coming true.

    • Jeblome


    • Herman

      Americans have to have everything explained to them they’re so thick. They don’t get subtlety, sarcasm or satire. Stupid cretinous troglodytes.

  • Nikolay Sakninsh

    I wonder what is that stuff he smokes there?

  • The solution is Decent Democratic Respectful Germany where the victory of the Left/SPD/Green coalition is respected as we have 320 seats and MERKEL only 311. All of Europes problems come from the German dictatorship. I write to Presidents Obama and Putin every day about this. Please tell that dictator in Berlin to simply resign because she lost the election. Then The Ukraine will not have any problems at all. Love, Peace and Democracy is needed in Germany first because right now it’s like a Hitlerite 1941 AUTOmaidan invasion of Volkswagen AUDI BMW Porsche 9-11 types of terrorist and MAD Merkel in the Mercedes.

    • Maverick

      I think your eather braindead or just conditioned by the hollywood version of history. Germany DOES NOT have a government. She has an administration following the orders from Wallstreat and City of London. Germans DO NOT benefit from EU, they pay for the debts of all bankrupt EU-countries. If you think that a different party would do things differently than you must be living in lala-land, you gullible fool. Parties don’t solve problems, they ARE the problem. The solution, my friend, is to wipe out plutocracy, freemasonry, FIAT-money and the israel lobby.

      • I agree with you completely and real democracy in Germany will achieve this as I explain above. You’re correct that Germany does not have a government, it’s the Merkelreich.
        Great Britain is with Russia and The Commonwealth.

  • Neuro

    The meddling U.S. IN Kiev provoked Putin to invade. This is the game. They tried to provoke him in Syria but that’s on hold for now. Were getting some creep now and this is escalate soon. Food and gas prices gonna go thru the roof. Buy gold. Buy rations. Putin could take rest of Europe soon. China backs Putin.
    Kissinger was right all along.

    • You’re totally forgetting that Angela MERKEL is the dictator invading the Ukraine exactly like her father Adolf Hitler in 1941. America, Britain and Russia are the good guys, the allies. The Gerries are the baddies.

      • mike

        Are u a total idiot? Merkel acts a 100% on behalf of the States as Germany has always been an occupied country since ’45. The takeover of Ukraine was set up by anglo-american NGOs in order to ensircle Russia further. Moreover all Hitler’s military actions were preventive strikes. Did you know that the Wehrmacht was welcomed by cheering crowds of Ukrainians? Read a book, dude.

        • Germany is a dictatorship and not welcome in The Ukraine. As you saw in The Crimea, Russia is the preferred power. The UK is with Russia and The Commonwealth. Terrorism will be stopped. The fascist coup in Kiev will be voted into the dustbin of history. The USA can either support Great Britain as represented by YES Scotland or suffer further unemployment and poverty. It’s up to the American people to want peace.

  • Mithilesh Singh

    All you stupid who are cursing kissinger..ARe you idiots..He is just telling everyone as warning what US is already planning..idiots, US govt is planning to do it not him..fools are everywhere

    • Nikolay Sakninsh

      People like him rule the US govt.
      Actually, HE IS the US govt!

  • Becky Salami

    Easy way to join the Illuminati brotherhood in the world.
    Are you a business man or an artist,Politicians and you want to become big, Powerful and famous in the world, join us to become one of our official member today.you shall be given an ideal chance to visit the Satan and his representative after registrations is completed by you, no sacrifice or human life needed, Illuminati brotherhood brings along wealth and famous in life, you have a full access to eradicate poverty away from your life now. So contact Mr William Nelson.Via: jeckmarson@gmail.com or ,call us on +2348060234973.Join us today and realize your dreams

    • Jesus`s Army

      You’re soo full of shit, and you clearly don’t have a clue on the Subject you casually spout out of your clueless mouth with.

      Did you know that one can only be a part of the “Real” illuminated ones if Satan himself calls or invites you?

      When ignorant and clueless thick fucks like you start mouthing about shit now as if its news, that is over thousands of years old. We know the time is near (Something else you are clueless about and forever will be).

    • Actually we at the illuminati have planned this all along. The solution is Decent Democratic Respectful Germany where the victory of the Left/SPD/Green coalition is respected as we have 320 seats and MERKEL only 311. All of Europes problems come from the German dictatorship. I write to Presidents Obama and Putin every day about this. Please tell that dictator in Berlin to simply resign because she lost the election. Then The Ukraine will not have any problems at all. Love, Peace and Democracy is needed in Germany first because right now it’s like a Hitlerite 1941 AUTOmaidan invasion. Illuminati says NO MERKEL just like we said NO HITLER back in 1945. God Save The Queen. NO R€GIM€.

  • Ghasem

    The only sick mental people think about kill each other!

  • Victor333

    If they made Nazi Germany and USSR clash, they can stage up more. He is not dots, that Kissinger, although he is 90 years old. Still the -revelations- are disgusting, no matter who actually wrote it. Definetely a Dr.Evil's manuscript.

  • abdalla abdelrahman mohmed elsiraj

    contrary to what you mentioned that kissenger has not read the bible . the rise of Israel nation is mentioned in the holly Quran and we as moslems believe that God Allah select them among other nations of the world and the RISE of Isrielians state will be implemented during two periods and those land from IRAQ to Jerusalem inclding river nile were prophet Moses were born god promised to those whom were really selected by him . Any how we astonished by the coming senario which Mr. Kissinger mentioned the rise of america and Israel as mentioned in quran but at last the moslems will take over as also quran has mentioned

    • We could all just live together in Love and Peace.

    • bader

      where it says in the quran what you just said???? israel died thousand’s of years ago! and quran mentioned isrealmeaning the true isreal thousand’s of years ago, in the quran israel were muslim’s (yaqub and his son’s later on they became polytheists)! but the ahadith do mention that the muslim’s of the generation of the prophet would conquest jerusalem and roman empire and persian empire….and the ahadith do mention in the mulhma(final big battle’s it is called malhama because that time meat will be everywhere and malhama means lots of meat) the muslim’s would fight the mushrikeen(he mentioned polytheist’s because most likely the jews are not going to fight by themselves, as you know from history they used to team up with the Muslim’s and now they team up with the euro+americans) in the river jordan you on the east of it and the mushrikeen on the west of it and the narrator said i dont know where jordan will be! there was no jewish state+jordan untill the last 55 years after british+french invasion over ottoman empire(look in the map and you will see muslim’s on the east and zionist on the west! and we know the byzantine(europe+america) will come in damascas(syria) and we know we call for a truce and team up with them to defeat an enemy from behind us(maybe russia or china or india?) and we will defeat it and then fight each other….and we will beat the jews in Jerusalem…funny thing is they will not win and dont know when jesus comes he will fight them and it will be game over for the dajjal

  • Bill Goldman

    Kissinger is a turd and has always been one. For all his rhetorical machismo (too bad that heavy accent isn't part of the article) about US muscle, it hasn't done so well since Vietnam and is now on the verge of being as broke as the Soviet union was after Afghanistan. Russia and China are a different matter. They are close allies, have retaliatory power, and are eclipsing the US in economic performance. When the USD is fully depreciated, China's yuan will emerge as a key reserve currency backed by a growing gold supply, not a declining one. That will erode a lot of the US advantage and its imperialist hegemony.

  • Davos

    While plausible, while probably not too far from the truth, I'd like to hear the audio. Maybe the guy has gone senile, but it sure as hell doesn't sound like the way he speaks. I read his book.

  • Art

    If we don't want WW3 we need do something by ourselves. All politicians are stupid… So we need to unite under one project/idea with the most important instrument – Internet.
    Look to The Venus Project (www.thevenusproject.com) may be this is our chance to change things. We don't need politicians to solve problems, because politicians are problems!



    • We are doing our best to stop the war which Angela Merkel started as she wants a pipeline across Syria for fuel into her Mercedes monster regime. The solution is Decent Democratic Respectful Germany where the victory of the Left/SPD/Green coalition is respected as we have 320 seats and MERKEL only 311. All of Europes problems come from the German dictatorship. I write to Presidents Obama and Putin every day about this. Please tell that dictator in Berlin to simply resign because she lost the election. Then Syria and The Ukraine will not have any problems at all. Love, Peace and Democracy is needed in Germany first because right now it’s like a Hitlerite 1941 AUTOmaidan invasion. The Porsche 9-11 Al EU QA€DA terrorists from Hamburg are the worst. The Merkelites must give up. NO MERKEL just like we said NO HITLER back in 1945. God Save The Queen. NO R€GIM€.

  • Vlad

    Russia is not going to stand for this. Isreal is going to be a victim of its own doing and I cannot see them coming out alive after every one and everything flattens them. Shitstirrers always get caught in the end. See you in hell Zionist scum.

  • Rational Thinker

    The Daily Squib foretold the future with this piece of Accurate Satire they're the first to be described within this new genre. They saw what was to happen. Are they mystics? I am astounded at the accuracy of their predictions…maybe they are part of the Illuminati or Shards? Anyway this is the consensus of the higher elite and I am truly scared about the future. Maybe they're a bunch of dumbass jokers with too much time on their hands but shit this stuff is accurate especially written in 2011. Satire doesnt have to be funny it can be deadly…..

  • Charbel

    How disgusting! A criminal is a criminal, even at 89 years of age. Folks who think and speak like you do should be put to death, publically.

  • Anja

    This was written in 2011. And what was written is happening now. I am so fearful for my family. If they attack Sirya then they will attack the others soon enough Israel will make sure of this and using USA UK to do their dirty work.

    Russia my friends you can not stand and watch this you are warriors are you not? Come and defend the front comrades because taking is all they know take take take! They never give back what they take.

    War is coming brothers and sisters and it is cold hearted war bloodywar. please listen to me I write this from my heart. Get your little ones and tell them you love them at least they should know that. this war is going to get bigger and bigger one storm after nother.

    Gentle citizens of the Middle East and Islam. I pray for you and your children you have been attacked by the American Shaytan for so long now. I cry for you as I am a Muslim and I see your pain as I live far away from my homeland.

    If you read this pleae prepare yourselves and your children

  • luciano tanto

    very funny/muy divertido… (aunque menos que los comentarios de quienes lo dieron por verídico). Saludos sudamericanos.

  • Ftelina

    Kissinger, forgot to mention the enormous influence of political Islam in particular the tendency of the Muslim Brotherhood, which have seized power in the Arab Spring countries before being the victim of a vicious coup, supported by the Emirs of the Gulf countries the most corrupt in the world

  • Stephane lafleur

    Anyone pushing for false wars should be put in prison for treason, Kissinger first.

    Those maniacs should be put away definitely.

    The world do not need those people despite what they try to convince you of. Do not let the war mongers and the elites have their way we must overthrow them all.

    Primates, go to hell.

  • Screwdriver

    Kissinger is an ultimate evil incarnate, zionist, warmonger and genocidal maniac!
    I can not believe how you are idolising this son of a WHORE!

  • Neo-helper

    I have great sympathy for your retarded f***ing mind



  • Mustafa

    عزيزي الاخ هواري….القيادات العسكريه في تركيا وإيران وباكستان كلها ماسونيه الى يومنا هذا سنة 2013 عدا تركيا حيث يبدو ان أردوكان قد نجح الى حد ما في تقليم أظافرها لكن لم يقض عليها وهذا ما يجعلني افترض ان التحركات الشعبيه الان في تركيا تحركها الايادي الخفيه للماسوصهيونيه

  • Bassim

    What languages do you master or at least you can communicate with other than US English? (a bonus for you, consider UK English as another one).

  • Bassim

    Heartily I wish that USA commit it's ultimate foolishness and strike militarily against Russia so to
    get rid of this empire of evil. It's fate won't be anything different from that of Napoleon's or Hitler's.

  • Anonymous

    Israel to attack Iran soon. I say in 1 month time. Big boom time. Buy oil. Not sure bout gold. I got my account ready gonna make a good dime and a half.

  • Anonymous

    The Russians are a formidable force, hardened people. Anyone who survives on a diet of Vodka and freezing weather is as hard as nails. When it comes to a fight Russian bear will beat USA. America is weak nation in economy and now in military they could not even handle Iraq so how they can handle Russia? My thought is that weak China economy and weak Japan economy will destroy weak US economy. China will destroy from economy and then Russia can move in for war. Sirya and Iran are backed by Chin and Russia and they are last levels before hitting Russia What USA playing at with fire? Israel playing dangerous game with USA.

  • Muhammad.A

    Kissinger is the ultimate statesman..

  • Anonymous

    people are slowly waking up to what is happening. God bless all of you and your families unfortunately many of you will not make it.


  • hawari

    هذا الشخص قد خرف فعلاً وإن كان قد تربع على قمة الهرم الماسوني وهو يدعو إلى تدمير العرب، وغداً سيدعو إلى تدمير الترك ثم الفرس وهكذا دواليك لتعيش الماسونية في أمن وأمان، ولم لاإن كانت البشرية جمعاء ماهم إلا مخلوقات دونية وجدوا لخدمة عرق كيسنجر في نظر عقيدته، لقد كنت ياكيسنجر خلف اتفاقية الخيانة التي وقعها المجرم صدام حسين مع شاه إيران المقبورللقضاء على طموحات شعب يتطلع إلى الحرية، وها أنت اليوم تدق طبول الحرب على العالم فمن أي جنس بشري أنت ؟!. هل أنت فعلاً من الزواحف القادمة من السماء؟!.، هل أنت فعلاً لاتمت إلى الجنس البشري في شيء، كف عن هرائك ياهذا فأنت على وشك أن تودع الدنيا من بابها لمحرابها فافعل في عمرك جميلاً واحداً حتى يذكروك به بعد أن تقبر غير مأسوف عليك.

  • Alex

    Hello, folks!
    Edgar Cayce (1877-1945), the so-called "sleeping prophet", made a number of remarkably accurate predictions of the future.
    He said "Out of Russia comes again the hope of the world"
    Nuff said.

  • Hershey

    Attack on Iran may trigger World War III: Iranian envoy


    “Iran will not stand idly by in the face of such aggression. This can entail a chain of violence that may lead to World War III,” the Iranian envoy warned.

  • emad m.

    This old bullshitter shocked me after reading this article. He reminds me by the vampires who cannot survive without sucking blood from its victims. As much as I used to think highly of him; as a political thinker, academic, foreign policy expert …etc despite his animosity not only to Palestinians, but his deep sick hatred and bigotry (stemming from his colonial Zionist masonic spirit) to the whole Arab world in favor of the Zionist state. He proved his stupidity in front of King Faisal of Saudi Arabia (in the seventies when the former king boycotted US and refused to sell them Oil) when he met with him in Saudi Arabia and proved with no doubt, his low IQ when asked the former king to refill his airplane with oil, the king answered him: you are upset for six months without oil in America, but you do not expect millions of Palestinians denied their rights by the Zionist state from returning to their land and you are here to express sadness of American people for not having oil?!! What about Palestinians don't you Mr. Kissinger, think they are more upset for not having to return to their grand fathers land stolen by your people to build the so called Israel? In a nutshell, with this article, this warmonger proved to me his sheer hatred to the American people with his awkward evil way of twisting facts ( under the banner of policy foreign analysis) and showing his expansionist, imperialist, colonialist, terrorist oriented twisted war criminal thinking. I expected this senile warmonger to retire respectfully from this sick mentality that brought disaster to the American people and the Arab and Palestinians. This twisted character promotes for Harmajdon war and lives in illusion, but the reality Mr. Kissinger is that Harmajdoun will be a war lead by evil empires that you adapt and good side of God loving people and not Zionists thirtieths and war criminals and when that war takes place, the winner will be the good people by God's victory and not the evil side ,Kissinger party.

  • keaons

    Russia is behind Syria and Iran. China deals with Iran trade and arms. North Korea is also a trigger and controlled by Russia.

    America is screwed unless they do something soon.

  • linda q

    "Oh I have dreamed of this delightful moment!"???? What kind a of diabolical sociopath…..Kissinger IS one of the elite and one of those who will be in what they think will be a safe bunker…..but let's remember what is prophesied mr. smart kissmyassinger……..the earth will cave in on them and men will beg the Almighty to kill them but they won't be able to die! it would behoove the rest of us to call upon the Maker of the heavens and earth right now, repent and turn our faces toward what is right, just and true and not fear what is coming upon this earth but rather humble ourselves and know that there is ONE who truly saves. the elite are on borrowed time…..the adversary knows his time is short so his fury will be devastating….but the wrath of THE Most High will whirl forth and no weapon that is formed against the faithful will prosper!

  • AH

    It is obvious that Mr. Kissinger hasn't read the Bible. He may think we (the USA) will win this war, but he should read Revelation. God had something different to say about how this war will end. It will end in God's time and at the hand of Jesus and his army! No elite will be safe in their bunkers. Their money will not hide them from the eyes and judgment of God All Mighty. Their God Satan is leading them into their own pit…the pit of HELL!

  • nomad

    Makes sense doesnt it

    All the drones,the military bases all over middle east, the small wars,unrests,chaos…. The drums of war have been beating for years.

    whats interesting is to learn that our children are been prepared for war, have you seen all these video games on warfare? i just read the 'homefront' which is anticipating financial collapse of the united states in 9 years from 2013 and the invasion of north korea.


    I have moved from the city ayear ago, i now live the countryside, not sure if that will help me in the event of a nuclear war. I live also in a developing nation in Africa whose population has been a big problem for kissingers policy friends, i have a feeling a few nuclear bombs will be sent this way to get rid of this problem.

    i hope your all preparing somehow..

  • Anonymous

    Henry Kissinger belongs to lucifer and his lot to his own eternal destruction is right around the corner.He is a treasous traitor to this Nation and definately a war criminal like many in our govt are that started wars on lies and false flags.He is not going to escape nor are the rest of them Gods judgements.He states our military is the best and USA will come out ahead.He does not know the Holy Bible our military is in shambles cus it has turned its back on our Lord and Savior and can not even pray in Jesus name not to mention last day prophet of God said America due to her sins of abortion killings, immorality lust of people, violence, murderers, liars theives and list goes on and on America is not going to be the winner she is going down to her destruction as a Nation and may God have mercy on His peoples spirits that He states will die in the nuclear destruction coming on 20 big cities in USA according to prophecy and God does not lie.People do but not Him.One can not tell God to leave our school and our Nation and expect not to be judged??????????????????????????

    • Rau Le Crueset

      Another religious fool that thinks America is the only nation that bathes itself in sin when it is all humanity that will be cursed and receive their judgement.All the nations of the world engage in those abominations to god in excess there isn’t any that is exempt.

  • Jay

    S. Somo ,
    That was the wisest comment, and best question I've heard this year!.

  • Rapido

    Would not surprise me to know that this item matches Kissinger's thinking.

  • MarcusXL

    Karen, apparently you're a bigoted, racist person. The person you are insulting is probably smarter than you (being bi-lingual. Do you speak Arabic? No, didn't think so.) Only morons mock others for learning a second language. How about you think twice before speaking?

  • jim

    OK Karen. Can you run any of your little gem past me in Arabic – or are you the more ignoRANT one?

  • MarcusXL

    Henry Kissinger is a war criminal, and he is at fault more than almost any living person for the chaos and bloodshed in the Middle East today. He controlled American policy in the region in the 70s and 80s, and used deception, fraud and murder to enable Israel's expansionist, military takeover of the West Bank, Gaza, the Golan Heights, their disastrous war in Lebanon, and numerous other crimes than undermined the legitimate aspirations of the Arab nations. This guaranteed continued war and instability in all of these countries. Screw Henry Kissinger. He's one of the worst human beings alive today.

  • It's Happening

    Reading all the comments shows me how much the people in general have already been brainwashed into thinking that NOTHING is happening. All hell will soon break out and people will still say "You are dreaming mate!" Like the frog in the slowly heated pot. What's coming to this world will make WW I and WW II look like Sunday picnics.

  • I.S.Emam

    this old fart is still dreaming of the other fart,bush,dream of the new world order and such rubbish.china and Russia are certainly not Iraq or Afghanistan as for Israel,how long was the longest occupation in history?,it finally came to an end did it not?

  • Boldhawk

    I saw this same article (although it was first published here) giving a Feb 15, 2013 date.

    This is the truth of the plan set up long ago by K. and his buddies…This has been obvious for nearly 30 years; but things aren't going according to plan. The US is far from having the kind of control they thought they might have, without the continual force of arms… which can't be sustained even with its military superiority. Iraq and Afghanistan are pretty much a loss, and so is Egypt, Syria, Libya, etc.

    Iran now boasts of technology which can capture drones mid-air… and did it twice to show it… Now we're going to negotiate?

    We're on the wrong end of the moral high ground…

  • Karen

    U.S. will "fell" down soon? And your use of the word "wright" as opposed to right? All you have accomplished in your idiotic commentary is that you're a STUPID, IGNORANT, UNEDUCATED, dumbass. Learn the ENGLISH language, retard. Have a nice day!

  • Raiderman

    Your Allah is NOT a god. No God would approve of the Death your people cause!! Religion of Peace my ass!

  • Mr Le Bossu

    u (west) fuck the middle east! and now time to revenge! middle world like to fuck u western…

  • amador

    what this old fart is saying! 1/5 of his saying has been achieved! only Syria (which is in civil war with the help of western countries) & Iran left , but Iran is the grave yard of American & their puppet , extended hand(Israel)! However, they couldn't for last 34 years & they will not be able to topple the Iranian regime, unless they use what they did to Japan(use their nueks)! And if they use their nueks , the whole world will be against them ,therefore, they've come to their senses & negotiate with Iran!

  • Eddy

    I'm 63 years of age, and a Vietnam Vet, Kissinger is a WAR CRIMINAL, and been designated as such ever since Vietnam. Folks here think he's nuts, got news for you all, he's perfectly sane, just simply a phsycopath and should have been put down years ago.
    He states the TRUTH, unfortunately, and the sooner the general World population begin to understand what is planned and well on the way, the sooner it can be opposed.
    Ignore his words, and we will surely suffer the consiqences.

  • S. Somo

    I always wonder why humans try their best to study history of nature inflicted disasters and develop methods to prevent their future occurrences but don't do that with the disasters of wars that man kind himself started.

  • Milos Cvjeticanin

    This granpa is full of bullshit, guess he's messed up in his naughty old head…

  • robin hood

    is this for real?/ if so that makes Mr Kissinger even more vile than I ever imagined

  • Al Stephane

    Kissinger sickens me he goes and says all this horrible stuff and he knows hes gonna be in a bunker when the time comes. Mr Kissinger if you read this hope your bunker gets flooded asshole.

  • Simon Wilkins

    How can in 2011t the Daily Squib knew about what Kissinger said recentlyat Davos2013 . Either the¥ are working with Kissinger or their ilk or they are just very intuitive. One or the other I am scared for my family. God bless us all.

  • Squib was right all along

    Kissinger Predicts Nuclear War with Iran

    24 January 2013

    Speaking at the one-worlder confab held in Davos, Switzerland, Kissinger said a crisis involving a nuclear Iran in the “foreseeable future” will lead to a nuclear war and “a turning point in human history,”



  • Ze

    This is their goal, to keep us nervous and begging for the so-called "protection" they would give to us.

  • Ibrahim

    If we are discussing the potential of third world war, then yes it’s going to happen because history tells us so, we had never ever learned from previous earlier lessons, humans tend to forget and believe that they can win. Not sure when it’s going to happen or who will win, personally i don't think any party will win, all of us humans will lose

    PS: Don't bother preparing yourselves, if super weapons are used nobody will have a chance

  • kareem

    Hi Kissinger,
    Go head, Gad bless you..

  • Nathem kzar

    I think Mr Kissinger is started to have DEMENTIA > I think he has to stop talking >China & Russia are as strong as USA & thy will not allow it to be the only superpower . The gobal goverment is the dream of zionism.
    Nathem kzar /

  • على بركات حسين

    mr. kissinger that is only dream ; please week up from your coma !! your time is gone for alwayes ; i thik the sun of USA is down

  • Muslim

    I'm Muslim! and i believe in all messengers who sent by God( Allah) . Moses was behind Pharaoh death ! he sent by God (Allah) , because Pharaoh said " I'm the God !" so God killed him !
    What i want to say , what Kissinger said is bullshit ! because US will fell down soon ! same as Pharaoh ! and after 10 years these is no Israel on the earth ! and Kissinger said that !
    So what he said wright now is bullshit !!

  • zaid W

    hell is calling Mr Kesenger, what he said is bullshit, it is merely his wishfull thinking,

  • alice

    I think he is absolutely correct. I am preparing, are you?

  • Anonymous

    Good Word…Brother! Thanks!

  • Anonymous

    I also know Kissinger from way back the 60 in the States. He is a evil old men who only thinks of his own good. Country and Loyelty mean nothing to him. Why do poeple still lisning to him?

  • Ken Brown (Braunschweig)

    A global nuclear war may be a good thing as it will purge the world of 90% of its populations. I only hope that my family will survive along with intelligent freedom loving people who will restore sane government and get rid of the New World Order establishment.

    Regardless, God is in control!

  • Lowell L Morse

    How did you obtain such an interview?

  • Luci D'Mari

    What keeps this anti-American alive? Has he been cloned? He has done damage to America since the Nixon era and probably before that. He was old then. I think he is a clone. He is doing the devil's work. Why does anyone give him the time of day? He is on the side of evil.

  • ter ber


  • H. Skip Robinson

    Henry my man. You have been one of the greatest war mongers of my life time. Perhaps if you stopped beating on the drums so hard, you might be able to hear the Citizens calls for peace.

  • Jeff G

    There is a reason why, back in the 1950s, when he was on the facilty at Harvard University, and Stanley Kubrick heard him speak, Henry Kissinger became the inspiration for the Dr. Strangelove character in Kubrick's cold war-era 1964 film entitled "Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb." If you don't think so, get the video, and close your eyes while you watch and listen to Dr. Strangelove. You will see Kissinger.

  • David McElroy

    I have always, since the Nixon days, thought Kissinger was evil on the hoof. This spiel is way over the top in gleefully predicting worldwide holocaust, laughingly gloating about American youth being set up as "cannon fodder" with video games, etc. he's like Vlad the Impaler! Is this article being used like a cattle prod?

  • Mathers

    We are headed for the final conflict that will settle who gets all of the world's resources. There are too many countries now and too many people. After the conflict only a few will be left and the earth will be able to recover from the human parasite which has infested and torn the land to shreds. The Illuminati will make sure that humans are controlled their breeding after the next conflict. If you do survive you may have wished you had perished with the rest of them it will not be a pleasant existence in the true New World Order. From Chaos will come Order.


    War is Inevitable–See the signs—I am prepared—so should you and your family


    Since the 1980s, I’ve been studying the so-called “cycles of war” — the natural rhythms that predispose societies to descend into chaos, into hatred, into civil and even international war.

    I’m certainly not the first person to examine these very distinctive patterns in history. There have been many before me, notably, Raymond Wheeler, who published the most authoritative chronicle of war ever, covering a period of 2,600 years of data.

    However, there are very few people who are willing to even discuss the issue right now. And based on what I’m seeing, the implications could be absolutely huge in 2013.

  • prof Paul S Cutter

    PS. If this is not a kicker, then what can it be? The ol’ man getting senile or, he knows
    what we other observers don’t?!
    “Drums Along the Mohawk … I wrote recently over the Hormuz Straits conflict with Iran,
    but we don’t expect war… The Iranians are not that stupid to block the straits with all that
    high-tech Western hardware in the Persian gulf…
    So what is ol’ Henry with all those ‘dark’ death marks on his face (on the skin) talking
    Though, the his suggestions to head for the hills, he said the masses for the ruling elite
    has its safety margins in-tact, I still have to think about it and contact some people, eh!
    Paul. http://www.profpaulcutter.com

    Prof. Paul S. Cutter
    Trg Basilike, bb
    Stari grad, Budva 85310
    MONTNEGRO, Europe
    telf: 382-86-451-124 (fixed)
    mob: +382-69-284-430
    e-mail: sibinvest@t-com.me

  • Roman

    Быть, или не быть? Война, в которой только в первые несколько часов погибнут 1,5-2 000 000 000 человек, а потом 3-4 000 000 000 человек погибнут в течении следующих трёх недель – ядерная война, приведёт к уничтожению самой возможности нормальной жизни на нашей планете в течении, как минимум, нескольких столетий. Если за резким похолоданием последует новый ледниковый период, но нормальной жизни не будет много тысячелетий. Умнейший человек, господин Киссинджер, и те, кто разделяет его мировоззрение, считают, очевидно, что это достойный конец для большей части человечества; части, которая по вполне объективным причинам, может быть устранена, за ненадобностью. Господа, видимо, считают, это действенным шагом на пути становления человека на другой уровень развития. Думают ли они о том, что цена, заплаченая за этот переход, может стать причиной уничтожения вида в будущем? Знают ли они наверняка о том, ЧТО они потеряют, совешив этот шаг до конца? Допуская выживание меньшинства, за счёт уничтожения большинства, понимают ли господа, что обрекают себя, в далёком будущем, на полное вырождение? Вот, в чём вопрос…

  • MACK

    The true GOD will Overcome All in the End.

  • tayel

    Can someone check and see if Mr. Kissinger is back from his coma or not?

  • Samir Ali


    You are so cool. But do not worry. The old fart suffers from هذيان العظمة. Let him dream on.

  • Ali Shammas

    What are you talking about Al Ghad it is Ahram !!

    Al Ghad is Jordanian and Ahram is Egypt.

  • Joel Kimmel

    What thos idiots at Al Ghad do not realize is that satire is a mirror of reality and we have all come very close to all out War in the last years and wil continue soon to WW3! This satire was looking ahead maybe two or three years and it is very comprehensible that it will become reality. God bless the Daily Squib theysee things before we all do and I read their rag like a goddamn bible. I don't know how they know but they know it is almost like the supernatural behavior.

  • Saif

    Give us an example if you can.

  • mohamed aboulhassan

    only who attacks religions and prophets is the real meaning of terrorism

  • Tony Lucca

    Terro*rism has no Religion ~ It is Scientific ~ It is Closely Nit~ It is war profiteering for Sovereign Funds ~ Follow the serpent up the pillars of Duality ( ISIS ) = $$ ~ The House of Rothschild is it's Financier… the Global occult Pyramid scam has collapsed~

  • sasa
  • Hany Tadrus

    No Khaled you don't know much about your believes both your book and profit are calling for violence acts againest non believers don't cheat man be straight

  • islam soldier

    as to those who turn (for friendship) to Allah, his messenger, and the (fellowship of) believers,- it is the fellowship of Allah that must certainly triumph. (Quran – AL-MAEDA – 56)
    and they (the disbelievers) schemed, and allah schemed (against them): and allah is the best of schemers. (Quran – AL-E-IMRAN – 54)

  • MIke

    We don't need more people voting who believe everything they see.

  • kholio

    We are muslims and we just need a law to stop any one attacks any religion. We just need it, like Anti-Semitism law, that is not fair , no one are able to say anthing about the Holocaust but feel free to attack our religion, we need justice and Equality…That is all.

  • khalid

    My dears , the issue is so simple, we are muslims and we don't push any one to be muslim, it is up to you….we just want the others to stop the anti-islam speech, don't attack our believes and respect our religion. we also want a law to prevent any person from saying any ridicules about any religion. why there is Anti-Semitism law for Isreal and nothing for any other relegion!!!!! it is not fair. It is logic my dears all over the world.. We need justice……………..

  • ehsan

    I love the Daily Squib you guys are the British Onion.



  • Mehrdad

    Yes. This is what we can call "American Dream". Sorry for whom being controlled by this new Dr. Strange Love. What he and their mates has not counted on is GOD. If they make this fool, maybe one hundred years later or one thousand years later, archeologists would find some clues of a self destroyed country-civilization which not named Atlantis. It was called "UNITED STATES of America" God Bless states from these crazy people.

  • bob

    the guy has grown up and is saying any Bull shit just for making some propaganda.the whole speech is nonsense and is irrelevant

  • David Butler

    Kissinger seems to be trying to get with the times by using the word "noob"? It won't work Henry your still an old fart…lol

  • dina

    stand up cow boys and don't forget the egyption army is the greatest army in the world (كسينجر اقف معووج واتكلم عدل ياحيلتها بدل مانهذء امك وانت في عمر جد جد جد جدي)

  • Amro Hegazy

    Dear Americans, Russians, Chinese and even demons you all welcome to middle east heart of the world, land of prophets and religions, land of olive and peace, land of the great heritage, LAND OF THE MUSLIMS … you all welcome to come with your tanks and airplane carries …. you all welcome to come with your MOABs and Nukes you will find 500 million Mujahed waiting for you and ready to give their soul to defend their land and their people from your evilness, but remember who play with fire … it burn him :)))

    PS. fuck you Kissinger why you no die?

  • fuckouf2

    satire is sometimes all too real

  • Ahmad

    When Israel sweeps through the Arab countries like butter, what you will say then? The radiations from Mecca will be terrible they have bombs that leave radiation for hundreds years.

  • Max

    Kissinger, you can "Kiss" Israel's ass…"inger"

  • khaled


  • Ahmad

    The US indeed has the strongest army in the world but it's not just about weapons. Just look at the outcomes of its wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. And Don't get me started on Israel, yes the motherfuckers have some guns but what did they accomplish in south Lebanon or Gaza? With all their intelligence and technology they couldn't even locate their soldier Shalit and had to free truck loads of Palestinians just for 1 kid. Funny article though!

  • Makar

    When Iran is attacked supermarket shelves and gas stations will run dry within a week. God help us all.

  • Waj-Di

    Good case of alzheimer's for researchers. You guys can occupy, but cannot stay. When occupied, we love death as much as you love life. However, the voice of wisdom will prevail.

  • Mohammd AL-Hulail

    Full of hate and violence call, i can’t believe that such a man still talking in a medieval mentality!!


    allah almighty and great

    'to kill as many Arabs as it can' mr kisinger you are criminal

    {Allah has ordered, but most people do not know}

    {They plot and plan, God and God is the best of plotters}

    go to hill mr kissinger


    The West has the technology to crush all Iran ans MIDDLE EAST. This will not be war but slaughter. You muslims better bow down to your masters like the dogs that you are. Israel and USA ROCK! U DIE LOSERS!!!!

  • khalid mansour

    It seems Kissinger has Alzheimer effect , he didn't learn from the history, the same speetch in 1973 the Isreal invincible army, just during 6 hours , all the army is collapsed, the 3 rd world War in his imagination will be the end of USA and Isreal dreams. He is totally senile.

  • Anonymous

    canadians are the heart and soul of freedom. they do not like american ignorance or zionist ignorance like the rest of the world. they poisen there people with chem trails and modified fruits and meat. its disgusting and now its happening in canada. usa fruit is there and there is constant chemtrails over the skies all day every day. horrific how they brain wash there people just from a fuckin television and not speaking the truth and just not talking about whats really going on cause all of there health organizations are completely corrupt. i am so sad that we couldnt of grown up in a world with peace and health when it was tottaly capable of. peace and harmony to everyone and good luck to all the good people out there. governments are so corrupt they have never ever givin anyone anything ever good and for some absolutely fucked reason people still believe in them. they have been practicing brainwash since the beginning of the counder or even before it. dont be a fool its all about the people fuck the governments. thats all it takes for peace

  • SAinT

    Take comfort that in the continued conflict throughout the middle east in that the end of the world is not yet neigh.

  • sarah

    Just waiting for Al-Mahdi…

  • Israelites Unite

    Greetings to all,

    I would like each and every person to read this powerful bible study lesson called End Of America. What people must understand is that this is Bible prophecy.

    End Of America Link: http://www.israelitesunite.com/end-of-america.html

  • Haitham

    He under the Alzheimer spell

  • Ahmed Alheety

    Ha Ha that is so funny … little number of Iraqi resistance turned Iraq as a hell on the us troops and 60 years Israel could not control a small city of Ghaza and u talking about the whole middle east crazy old man.
    Ramsfield and Kissinger are biggest liers in this world they were behind the lie of moon landing

  • a.elhajoui

    Je pense que cette version loin d’être réalisable,surtout la zone partage bien des intérêts avec les américains rentable plus que celle qui propose le vieux,qui ne cherche qu'a augmenter les bénéfices de l'Amérique et Israël dans l'actuel partenariat actuel de haut niveau avec le moyen orient en proposant un tel scénario…..

  • eli

    yes he knows what's going to happen, this what the US planned, and thats why 911 happened, as an exuse to start wars without the objection of the masses. And that is the plan for holy israel to expand and need the US to do the job. we are at the end of history, israeli waiting for their Messiah to bring israel as superpower, and using the US for that.

  • k

    Use words and not letters to replace them or else you cannot be taken seriously.

  • Ahmed Hisham

    A crazed old man, but if it was true our young is ready too.

  • Margaret

    Never underestimate what Iran will do..they actually have the upperhand in this coming conflict.

  • zizo

    (وإذ يريكموهم إذ التقيتم في أعينكم قليلا ويقللكم في أعينهم ليقضي الله أمرا كان مفعولا وإلى الله ترجع الأمور

  • sammy Saab

    Kissinger is either totally demented or he gave up a great scret from Israel and America, But we will fight back and if that happens, then let it come, it is time to revenge for all the massacresthat occured in Palestine, and palestine will go back to its people.

  • mohamed

    What do u expect from a 89 old senile man? i don't know he is still a Zionist or shifted into masonic? if what his "computer game" expectation can be true at least he can support his president Nixon by expecting the "REAL"1973 yom kippur war (timing) that arabs defeated Israel for the first time …:)

  • Emad

    for you to know if u know anything about the world history, if u think russia is weak or dont want to fight u r an idiot, its a trap… what makes south korea so sure that americans wont dare to come close to their land, though they have nuclear activities !! its protected, japan, china, russia are all around, who dares ! if kissinger thinks russia, america, south korea, japan is letting this happen, he's dreaming .. when it comes to a superpower, every nation will fight.. every country will defend its rights, if he thinks its easy for american army to take over 7 arabic countries, again he's dreaming .. he must forgot the egyptians and what would they do if that happens, who will allow america to take over the world ! not an american/EU union would do it .. america has a lot of enemies and they r here n there.. we, nations we want to live in peace, why would they push us into a war wont help us by all means ! what would an american family get in return of death of another family in any place in the world ! nothing … israel is the disease of this world, they move everything , they move us itself cuz they control the american economy .. wake up kissinger cuz if that really were ur thoughts, u r gonna have a hard time facing the shock of reality

  • Hans Aplast

    Upon my research about the European Stability Mechanism, I found out that massive capital flight happened in Greece, Cypress, Spain, Italy and Portugal. That was during the time where 'Arabic Spring' started. After some weeks of research I found out that all this is part of a strategic plan by the NATO and started back in 1998 with the intervention in former Yugoslavia.

    Now their strategic setup is almost complete – only Syria is missing. I'm sure that the invasion of Iran will start after the NATO gained control over Syria.

    They prepared for a large scale war and even took involvement of China/Russia into account. The financial collapse in EU/USA will happen when the war with Iran starts.

    And now I read this statement of Henry Kissinger.

  • Sal

    Zionist Propaganda, to say the least.

    On the contrary, The US is heading toward it own destruction. American economy is in a bad bad shape. Eventually, This imperialist nation will be dissolved.

    As a result, the parasitic state of Israel will disappear.

  • Anonymous

    Henry Kissinger go fuck ur self

  • ASH

    So, half the Middle East will be Israeli? And in achieving that, kill as many Arabs as possible? Interesting commentary, to say the least. Quite a genius this Kissinger. Or is he totally senile?

    -American Arab.

  • Soylent

    World on brink of a food crisis. Just like 2008 crisis when riots started over increase in food costs so today we are now seeing same thing. To many ppl on the planet food costs will rise now and kill many off when riots happen. internal war on population is the new war thay are increasing costs so ppl cannot afford to eat anymore


    "The rise in grain prices has inspired comparisons with 2007-08, when a price surge triggered a wave of food riots in more than 30 countries from Bangladesh to Haiti, and 2010, when Russia banned grain exports, setting off a price jump that some have argued helped to cause unrest across the Arab world last year."

  • Chanai Lambda

    'Attack on Iran after Syria falls major goal of the West'


    This ties in with the SEVEN Middle eastern countries that will have to fall before USA conquers all.

    God Bless Us All


  • yep its war alright!

    Iran: There will be war – and we'll win


  • شرق اوسطي

    نحن مستعدون تماما للعيش في الصحراء ولا يهمنا امر النفط فأن اخذت نفط الشرق الاوسط سوف نعيده حتما

  • We Are Change Kissinger Confronted
  • matt

    Let's not forget the AK-47 and the statement America has stuff that no other country has… come on every country (big country) invests in weapons … so don't worry Russia and China have got surprises up the sleeve…

  • sarah banagher

    America has most probably more arms than others, some in their realm being the best I agree. However they do not have the best soldiers, tactically the US forces still leave a lot to be desired. What do they need the israelis for when they are the best?
    Israel is fighting for itself, people are fighting for their country, they live in permanent war. They are tough, hard and ready to protect themselves and to kill. America has never had foreign offensive armies in their country, american people in general never have experienced war except the civil war. Most people have no idea what war means. Even their very own Col. Cooper spoke of the age of the whimp.US forces act with mass no by tactical class, no by personal dedication (Korea/Vietnam, Iraq, Afganistan. European people now about war. They are tougher.

    US foreign affairs is still another thing. Fact is that over the last 120 years there was no continuity nor a red line what they really do want. They have had their chance in the past to become the only superpower but they failed for missing moralic strength a a lack of will. There is an old saying from Prussia: Only the land where the feet of your infantymen are on is yours. They do not have enough men nor means of transportation to control and govern the world. They only can destroy everything
    Mr Kissinger shall wake up, a new big war may be likely to come up, but I can see only loosers, no winners.

  • Alhussein Hamididdin

    Kissinger,still lives in another world,
    The US did not win in Vietnam,did not win in Iraq,is not and will not win in Afganistan
    The us could win when its economy is strong ,its people at least 50% are sharing wealth
    and only by reaching and supporting the right and dignity of other nations
    Power will not last

  • at blue win

    I do not believe this sick old man created all this controversy.

    Jawaharlalr Nehru once said." We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. there is no end to the adventure we can have if only we seek them with our wide eyes open. and "
    there is no legcy for this sick man.

  • Stephane

    I totally agree with you, I'm a frenchman and am very happy to see Russia coming back up on its feet. I hope Putin and its smart buddies will stay in charge for a long time. Russia has been playing fair and square since it freed itself from the soviet catastrophe. The West has abused her repeatedly. It is time to put an end to it. Let's hope Russia improves its domestic situation so as to assert itself in face of all those hypocrite western nations.

  • michaeld 1999

    I remember teh USA developped a pen that can write in any direction during a flight to the moon, away from terrestrial attraction. It was a wonderful million dollar pen.
    The russian still use a pencil, 65 cents around the corner.
    May be USA has fantastic weapons. Do not forget some other nations are smart.
    Also, with all muslims praying 5 times a day, on whose side is God ?

  • Middle Eastern

    Mr. Kissinger of 89 its seems senile, US still with all its mighty weapon could not even bit Taliban which has obsolete and primitive guns. also let US recover from Iraq swamp . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

  • Don't mess with Russia
  • walt

    "Russia is afraid to Fight"…
    What kind of increadible dumb shit would think such a thing and then have the nerve to say it ?
    We are the ones that look for peace and avoid a fight at all coast…
    There are many more stupid people is this world than smart ones and this guy proves that point!

  • young kyu

    I think… maybe… your prediction will com true.
    thank you for your writing

    from south korea

  • Denis

    overweening idiot

  • EV1

    It is all about oil and oil is money. Control the oil and you control the money. It is time that we get off the oil addiction and clean things up.

  • Rafapal
  • Alan

    Take heed Kissinger knows what is going to happen..

  • Rus

    You are really the blind and foolish idiot? Russian not undershorts and fuck the america an ass on heave ho. But russian single folk, which will give afterwards develop won folk. They do not wage war with people, they against ill.

  • commie shooter

    russinas are cowards when it comes to fighting why don't they make more wars? cuz they sit on their asses all day drinkin they vodka like the bitchez they are. c'mon u commie pos fight like men or are u too drunk like th epussies u are? hhhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahhahahaha

  • sane zionist
  • Mikhail

    Puting is preparing for war, mobilizing army. And I think that he is not talking about war in China – rather with west. And 63% of Russians support Putin – I am one of them.

  • Jugurtha

    Just, symptoms of doddering, this f… Kissinger thinks that the word is as simple as vidéoplay ! haha idiot! USA had lost in Vietnam, Lost in Afghanistan and lost in Iraq! haha you don't controle nothing fucking Americans you will just finish like all ancient empires !! to win a war not only weapons are importants ! there is also faith and intelligence: you controel jsute the fucking Golfe arabian countries: you will never control for example Iran ( they are prepared to loose more than halfe of their poeple to deffend their country!

  • Mother Russia

    My putin?! Rather yours, dude.

    And what makes you think that I said anything good about this putinoid? I would agree with you that he is a total disaster for Russia.

    So, you don't need to teach me, really. I know WHAT is happening and WHY.

  • JCKendo

    Your Ras- Putin is biggest reptile of all . Look how he faked his elections winning he is going to lead us to WW3. You think he care about MOTHER RUSSIA? U will see that he take u all into destruction to start NWO for Russki elite rich people.

  • Mother Russia

    Whatever this old stinking reptile is keep saying, what more of evidences do we all need to realise that this long lasting doctrine of domination through the massive (really MASSIVE!) killing of human beings of all races is THE ONLY GOAL of the minority of those mad monsters?! Domination, power and total control of everyone on Earth (including brain control) and that is possible through the worldwide war only because millions and millions of us are too much to control and 2/3 must be nuked off…Have the human beings lost their pure natural instinct to survive if we let these bloodsuckers decide whether we deserve to live or not?! Isn't it now a LAST chance for all of us, sane human beings, to consolidate our efforts and to stop them by turning all their kinds of weapon against them?

  • Mother Russia

    Even if this post was written by Russian, I'm another absolutely SANE Russian who would never ever say such a disgusting thing. The real Russians are mostly Christians which means having Love and Peace for everyone EXCEPT for the enemies of our God Jesus Christ and our Beloved Homeland. Yes, we are peaceful nation but we will not hesitate to fight to death when it happens that someone is trying to ruin our values and our land and enslave or kill our people. We do not eating anyone's flesh (what a bullsh*t!!!) but we certainly would defend our land whatever the price is. It is how it was in our history before and it's how it will be forever. We are always ready for the last battle. Come and try if you are the enemy of Russia!

    And few words for this henry kiss(my-ass-in)ger: wherever and whatever you say, old stinking reptile, DO DIE FIRST AND GO STRAIGHT TO HELL! It is where your place is FOREVER!

  • cravigliacq

    Буду краток (с)
    – Дошли до Берлина , дойдем до Нью Йорка .

  • roma russian

    если кто-то считает, что мы наложили в штаны от таких угроз, то он глубоко ошибается. Если вам удалось уничтожить и поработить индейцев, это не значит, что такое пройдет с русскими. Мы всегда хотели жить со всеми в мире, но ,видно, англосакс никогда не успокоится сам, что ж…пришло время нам его успокоить.

  • Henry Hill

    Kissinger is simply saying what he believes will happen. Whether what he says will happen is neither here nor there. We must all understand that this man is a geopolitical behemoth, a man who is still very far above any other of his peers or mediocre politicians around now. Kissinger was the President of the United States not Nixon.

  • Timothy

    The Russians have been building huge bunkers under the Urals for a reason. For the past decade they know what is going to happen. Do not forget the other project the Norwegians are doing http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Svalbard_Global_Seed_Vault that should keep something for the future of the planet. I have myself prepared for my family and urge you all to do the same.

  • noone

    All your enemies are in your empty scull, you create one every time you play God.

  • dead to arabs



    “There will not be 100,000 casualties, and not 50,000 casualties, not 5,000 casualties and not even 500,” Barak said


  • Realist

    relax, sharhan – spitting ur hatred online will not do any good. why don't u just blow urself up like ur dumb ass iranians did in thailand? see, sharhan – if u r a religious xtremist with no education, no desires and no freedom, u doomed to the miserable life u living along with ur muslim friends. u live in 12 centure. who told u that u have a chance against modern society – ur ayatollahs? they are as hypocritical as it gets and only complete morons like u can't see it.
    and whining about israel's military power… who the fuck r u to judge? read on some history – jews kicked ur arab ass so many times that it is not even funny anymore. u cowards can only back stab while hiding in ur mosques or behind ur woman's back. so stfu, wash ur dirty ass and either join modern society or prepare for extinction.

  • J.C.

    WAR IS PEACE…When all of our enemies are eradicated then we can only have peace!!!

  • Sarhan Sarhan to Realist

    Kyke you Realist, your super power Israel is promoted by Hollywood and the media. These cowards won't stand a chance with Iranians, never mind the Chinese or the Russians. The brave Lebanese kicked your ass. You only used to fight for few days and then use your cronies at the UN to stop the war! Not anymore, now they will fight you for years and years till they cleansed the middle east from you maggots. This criminal Kissinger, I will strip him from his American citizenship for treason. He is
    not American but a ZIONIST. Death to the Nazi & Zionist Israel and long live Americans free from your filth.

  • Realist

    2Sarhan Sarhan
    what r u shining about, piece of antisemitic shit? this guy will outlive u and all of ur f%ked up family, who let a regenerate like u breath our air.
    "super power Israel" will bend ur lebanise, iranian and syrian shit eating "fighters" over and send them to 12th century – right where and when they belong. why don't u join them?
    PS this article is clearly a joke. those who believed in it are obviously not thinking clearly.. if thinking @ all.

  • x

    How about we give peace a chance?
    Or do I sound crazy…?
    Now anybody who mentions peace and actually means it is crazy.
    You're called insane if you refuse to play the game.
    screwed up world….

  • Antonio

    Let's dedicate to Kissinger Bob Dylan's "Masters of war":

    …You fasten all the triggers
    For the others to fire
    Then you set back and watch
    When the death count gets higher
    You hide in your mansion'
    As young people's blood
    Flows out of their bodies
    And is buried in the mud.

    But there's one thing I know
    Though I'm younger than you
    That even Jesus would never
    Forgive what you do.

    And I hope that you die
    And your death'll come soon
    I will follow your casket
    In the pale afternoon
    And I'll watch while you're lowered
    Down to your deathbed
    And I'll stand over your grave
    'Til I'm sure that you're dead.

  • Sarhan Sarhan

    This peice of crape is still living? This Israeli Zionist fucked America during the Vietnam war, he is wanted by over 14 countries for his crimes against humanity. His likes remind us that the Holocaust was created by the Zionists in their Hollywood sets and novels. Your superpower Israel couldn't defeat A group of brave Lebenese fighters called Hizbollah and in Gaza and now you want this illegal state to concur the whole Middle East? Time for a nap old man and may all your Zionists join you in super power headquarter called hell.

  • Steven Bay

    Every day I look around and see people walking the streets like zombies they gotta pay their mortgage they gotta look after the kids send them to college most people don't have time to think about the shit that is gonna happen they don't see the signs because they're too fucking tied up worried about their slavery jobs and shitty status on 2Facedbook. Buy hey you guys will get it when the Iran is attacked because things are gonna excalate to other places and start a global recession. You guys have to know that this coming attack engineered by Israel will bring Russian and Chinese forces into the West for the first time.

  • Goodbye world

    Were getting to the point of apocalypse sooner than later. The Israelis will trigger WW3 and it is going to be their death as well.


  • Karthik

    complete piece of crap………

  • SIamak

    If you don't know how strong Iran and how patriotic Iranians are you must be dumb as you haven't read history and If Israel could do anything seriously about his country, he would have done something about Hezbollah by now.!!

  • peter

    Why don't you kiss his ass and shut up

  • Tony Baldino

    Fuck war, long live Madonna…

  • Bill Card

    God bless you and good luck

  • Ghaith

    People like you make me sick

  • mr peace

    no matter kissinger said this or no war is coming america and israil her friend is preparing war and if u dont belive it take a good look at the middle east but i wanna tell u that if these happened i wanna tell u that we middle east wont surnder and all this game will be turned upside down on these ppl when u feel so confident u must know that there is a storm coming

  • Русский

    Да мы же вас уничтожим, если такое настанет и наша власть будет Русской а не еврейской то все наше ядерное оружие будет направленно на вас, у вас огромные города, а у нас их не много, попробуйте от южных морей до полярного края раскидать все! И мы всегда были сильнее вас, умнее вас! Так что если сами нападете то будите подавлены, и я лично пробьюсь на верх с таким вопроссом, и заставлю уничтожить вас как рассу!

  • World gone krazy!!!!!


  • mohammed

    viva palistina

  • Abi

    I'm from Israel and over here we have a major problem we're asking Netenyahu to hold off attacking Iran until Madonna finished her concerts in Tel Aviv in May. Please can everyone here petition him write to http://www.facebook.com/madonna.and.not.war

    We need your help now WE LOVE MADONNA!!!!


  • Alexander The Great

    This article is a wonderful satire on the current situation. It always amuses me how satire like this from the Daily Squib, which I have to admit I enjoy thoroughly, is so close to reality and truth. Definitely Juvenal himself would be proud of such labyrinthine mockery. Bravo Squib !

  • prophit

    And exactly how do you know that Kissinger is not "evil" evil??? Do you know him personally? If you do, then in what capacity? Kissinger is arrogant and says things he should not say, but then he doesn't give a rats butt what we think. He said and I quote: "Soldiers are dumb stupid animals to be used as fodder for our wars" Presidential Advisor Henry Kissinger


    When Nixon caught onto what Kissinger was really all about, Nixon tried, like Carter, to stop his advisor from completing his agenda and we saw what happened to both of them. These evil men, Kissinger and Zbig Brzinszki brought those two Presidents down.

  • freedom fries

    Some politicians are timeless and Kissinger is one of them I have to say though he's above any regular joe politician. Nixon would have been lost without Kissinger pulling the strings of power, you see Kissinger made himself indispensable to Nixon. If Nixon dared to fire Kissinger the whole place would have crumbled. That was a bygone era of course, nowadays politicians can't get away with anything without some camera or microphone capturing their every move. In the 60s and 70's politicians could get away with murder and they actually did in some cases. It's obvious to me what this article above is trying to say, but I have to tell you that Henry was not evil evil, he is just practical. He will happily order the death of 75,000 Vietnamese, and all before breakfast. What's he saying in this article? Who knows, but all I know is is the war crap is being stepped up everywhere. You can just feel it in the air. Maybe I'm being paranoid but that's all I can say.

  • David Hudiburgh

    This is what the elite believe and this is a version of what is to come. We all need to be prepared. Read Lord Bertrand Russell, Aldoux Huxley, Brezinski, Quigley. The elite want the ultimate control over humanity and war is the only way to do it.

  • CJHames

    I don't believe this article for one second. It's totally made up. For starters, Kissinger isn't going to grant an interview with ANYONE from something named "The Daily Squib." Second, I've listened to a lot of Kissinger interviews over the years, and this doesn't sound like him, i.e. the words he used, the phrasing, the vocabulary. It's TOTAL crap if you ask me.

    TOTAL crap.

  • David

    There ought to be a law.

    …..That idiots who read satire are first required to know what it is and how to sniff it out.

    Hey IDIOTS!!!!! Henry Kissinger didn't really say all these things. I've met him!!! He doesn't talk like this.
    The whole bit you just read is SATIRE. Fake writing to make a point!!!!!!!

  • only1one

    we all know that this war has began a long time ago with the creation of the state of israel.
    and so on the end of its when israel vanish in dust

  • darkcartels

    Folks should not forget that those financial cartels who control this world have been in power for generations since the era of the past British imperium, and they carry on their grips, tighter ever, into the current imperium.

    Have your focus at these two mother organizations: the TRILATERAL COMMISSION and the COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS (CFR).

    Learn more from this great book "None Dare Call It Conspiracy", a classic one by GARY ALLEN (2,162,004 b; md5 hash: f1eb199be6d9c26a4db233d0f75bf108) just_utorrent it

    GARY ALLEN should be held in high regard along with ANTONY SUTTON and EUSTACE MULLINS as people who did the leg work that exposed much about the NWO conspiracies!

    Well, here's a book about the comprehensive history of the 19th & 20th centuries.
    http://bit.ly/xo9I7S (pdf, 5.42 mb)

    However, if one is facing some difficulty to digest the Quigley, try to get this one for guideline too (torrent it, "The Naked Capitalist ocr'd.pdf", 15,907,456 b or just search its hash: d3ea71bf9bf0f52b4b118c96ce082e32c6bd7e3a ):
    The Naked Capitalist (1970) by W. Cleon Skousen.
    In author's own words: “A Review and Commentary on Dr. Carroll Quigley’s (1966) Book: Tragedy and Hope—A History of the World In Our Time.

    Some other interesting web reading:

    (0) Petrodollar pumping US policy on Iran, backfire looms (2012-02-01)

    (1) As Anger Over Russian Syria Veto Mounts, Putin "Briefly" Leaves Europe In The Cold (2/5/2012)

    (2) The Petrodollar, Iran, and Gold—What You Need to Know | Marin Katusa | FINANCIAL SENSE (1/24/2012)

    (3) Security Council Showdown on Syria (2/4/2012)

    (4) Run-up to proxy war over Syria (2/6/2012)

    (5) Syria and those 'disgusting' BRICS (2/6/2012)

    (6) Exposed: The Arab agenda in Syria (2/4/2012)

  • does it matter

    Russia need to be consecrated to the Blessed Mother by the Pope and all the worlds Bishops on one given day and then Russia will not be able to force evil on the rest of the world, its that simple

  • inretrospect

    Henry has pretty much already made all of these claims in his words and/or actions. He probably got a good laugh. Fortunately, nature ultimately wins, as evidenced by Henry's advanced decomposition.

  • AJ – Raalte

    There is no "Palestine", there is only (Eretz) Israel, including Judea and Samaria. That's why the Israeli Jews stay in and defend their own country, their ancient and modern homeland, the ONLY nation state of the Jewish people.

    It's the Arab invaders (the word "Palestinian" even means INVADER) and squatters who should leave. After all, they've got over 20 countries to choose from.

  • Maher Seif

    This is what I do believe in.

    You're right all the way


  • Reuben K

    This is an amazing piece of satire and I love the Daily Squib…whoah! LOL

  • DSinVT

    Okay, so that is some sinister sounding nastiness. As an American, I would not support my government in that action. How do you cure that kind of evil? Call the Doctor! Ron Paul 2012!

  • Bob

    As satire goes, this has hit the nail on the head. No other satirists come close to what the Daily Squib is doing here…I've never seen anyone else so dedicated to their art.

  • KeepHalucinatingMR.

    It will be a blood bath but the Return of Russia to a Christian nation is by GOD's PROVIDENCE. And through GODS PROVIDENCE the enemies of Christ will be destroyed.

  • Steve

    You're crazy. Australia is swimming in natural resources and we don't "have" to import anything. We DO import things for economic imperiatives, in an unbalanced world many crazy things happen with prices for example.

  • leigh

    delusions of grandeur. Don't get caught up in his sick dreams of death, destruction, and world dominance. Bless him as you would any sick patient and walk on. He's not the controller and he's not in control.

  • Fred

    Yes the whole world has been training.And this manifestly does not change one bloc will be dishing it out,and all others taking it.So it's good everybody gets a little conditioning,so they'll know their places in the pecking order.

  • Dave

    There is truth in this…

  • AldoNova

    Revelation Chapter 18>Jeremiah Chapter 50 & 51>Isaiah Chapter 13 & 47 Way better and more factual an account of what's coming than Satan's little stooge Kissinger can ever come up with. Btw, "mystery babylon" and the "daughter of babylon" are America/USA.

  • Daniel

    There is a lot of saliva being produced these days. This Kisssinger parody is near spot on, save for the authors ignorance of the fact that Israel was created so it could be destroyed. Sounds f*cked up right? Any of you conspiracy buffs out there need to realize there is only one plan, one song sheet they are all singing from. That plan is outlined in the book written by the first 33rd degree Freemason and founder of the KKK. the book is called Morels and Dogma, the man is Albert Pike and this next of three wars he outlined will be fulfilled exactly like the last two he outlined were fulfilled. Have a nice day.

  • Maha

    Calm down guys, hallucinations are natural at his age!!

  • Roger Melly

    It's satire you stupid cretinous cunt.

  • JLKGreystone

    I doubt this is an actual interview with Kissenger. But, in the satire there is truth and I think most miss the truth. World War IV (the cold war being WWIII) is not about conquest and great new empires built from former city states, nor is it to be a war to establish one religion's dominace over all the others. That is the myth we are being fed so our passions rise to the "Call of "Duty". World War IV will be a war of genocide, in the aftermath there will be no Rome, no Jerusalem, no Mekka left standing, no crystal cathedrals, no mega churches, no Russia, no China, no United States and no Europe. There will be only chaos and survivors longing for the good old days, and then after much sufferring the elites will wringle their ugly heads out of their dirty holes and backed by thier standing armies, having no national allegence will carve a new world order out of the body of survivors; those opposing will simply be exterminated. This is what our collective hate towards others who are not like us have earned us. This is the reward provided by religion without tolerance and politics without purpose, and in this way civilization will be born again; and it will be our fault because rather than becoming a united world offering peace, progress and prosperity for everyone, we became island states insisting all that there was belonged to only us and no one else because God willed it.

  • Anonymous

    Nasty evil old Jew. The Muslim world has been patiently awaiting your move and we already know the outcome for you. The USA your obedient satanic slave will be left in ashes too.

  • Cristina

    If jews were not guilty of what is going on, how come they dont get out of Palestine, they are Khazars and they dont have the right to invade, kill and loot. But the "good" jews are still there, how come they dont get out of there and leave the Palestinians alone. So, you tell me that is not the jews but the elitists, Elitists and jews are the same, khazars and criminals, i have no pity for those people, they stiil live on stolen land and of the blood of Palestiniansb965

  • Soup

    "After pausing a couple of minutes to collect his thoughts"….You don't think he hasn't thought of this before? Come on, people.

    Pure tripe.

  • Philbotica

    Realpolitik is disgusting, it abdicates moral responsibility and therefore is amoral. This explains the horrible mess we are all in.

  • Anas Ali


  • fify abdo

    I wish you live to see. There will be no Isreal, not because 300.000 missile will hit it in two days. but because there will be no UAS to help it.

  • Anonymous

    It's not the Jews. it the Eliteists. its the Builderbergs, the Council of foreign Relations, the Club of Rome, the Illumantai.

  • Megatron

    "Our young have been trained well for the last decade or so on combat console games, it was interesting to see the new Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 game, which mirrors exactly what is to come in the near future with its predictive programming."
    LOL dude.. The whole world is training then… Oh sorry, did i mention the " gamers dont die, we just respawn" thing, eh?
    Yeah, thats what i thought…

  • Karoo wangroo

    Jews are destroyers of nations . They have been expelled ,in their history ,by many nations.Everything about Jews is deceit.

  • abdirahmaan

    This news is fantastic with you but if i am(muslim) I believe it us real

  • southernstar

    He always was an evil crazy old poop, made worse by age and decay.

  • osama

    I totally agree with this cunning old man, however this third war will be the end of the US. I believe, as all Arabs and Muslims all over the globe that there is a third war and Muslims and Islam will prevail. the US will be wiped from Earth. we do not heat America but America will start the war and we will fight back. we see that every nation take a span of time, Do you remember the ancient empires? where are they now? they thought that no one can even touch them, however they gone underground just like America. ISLAMIC EMPIRE IS COMING SOON, VERY SOON.

  • СССР

    http://cccp-kpss.narod.ru/ Стара, как Мир – война на истребленье! Но не на много Мир взрослее стал… Не хочется, конечно, умирать… жаль детей… жаль Россию-матушку… старичок-пердунок! Может передумаешь, а?.. Пока не поздно… Скажи своей крысе Клитор (или клинтор… или клинтон… мать её…), чтоб не пищала на Лаврова! Дай ей фалоиммитатор и отправь на пенсию… И пусть будет мир во всём Мире!!! Давай, дедок, не дрейфь! Плюнь Рокфеллеру в рожу и стань Спасителем Мира!!! Будь крутым! Удачи! From Russia wish Lowe!

  • CommentingOnThis

    You know what, I tend to disagree with his forecast generally. But just by reading the comments all the people left on the interview, you notice that he managed to make the readres all selfish and enemy to each other. they all felt like they are in war already and started to take a side. They forgot the humanity priorities. His words are just for brain washing 🙁

  • abi naguib

    ok so many of us have come across this BS before , and yeah it is the plan ever since a very long time ago , and yeah u have delt many winning cards , but no , u forgot that u r not gods , and that no matter how much u plan and how hard u work on achieving and how close u think u r to gaining world effin dominance , u can not control the out come , not everything is under your power u know , there r many aspects at hand , and u r coming down matey , u and the rest of your gang bec the people r waking up and u cant stop that , u can not control the outcome there r forces as strong as your if not stronger on the side of the people , and u know it so go head give it a shot its your last game anyway , but mark my words mister u r about to lose tp the power of the people , to the faith in freedom , to the invincible force of universal justice , may u burn in hell as u jerk to your cruel intentions. your r cursed , by all the souls u plan to kill.

  • sofy

    لا تعش سن غيرك ،وما كان صحيح يتبدل و القوة ليست دائما عسكرية….

  • The Moroccan

    What a joke! this fellow is talking about,
    He's is in Fantasie World, just look back at the super power since 2011, fighting the taliban with 45 Allies and now it's nearly 11 years and they still can't leave their Military base for a patrol LoL.They have the greatest technology compared with an old rpg dated from the Russian old time 1980,but they giving it to them hardly, that they got pissed off and started to piss on the dead body of Taliban.They also got wipped out in Iraq what more he wanted to talk about.

  • Not Putin

    Hello Henry! If you can read this and if this was really your interview there is a message for you. You are the smart and great person, one of the smartest persons on Earth (if not the smartest).
    You are quite old now and you have made a great game, whatever the final will be the game was great. The great player knows where to stop, but the best players know how to defeat themselves and reverse the chess party even if they change figures from black to whites and whites to blacks. If you think that your game is over and you are close to final – do not believe into this! Soon aging will be defeated, people will stop being old and you can make new game again. That is difficult, that is a real challenge. If you think that you have already played your game then you surrender to yourself. You can soon become young again and play a new game, that is the real challenge for real player.

  • gigi aldred

    I am an Aussie and I agree with you this lot are friends of none

  • The_Obvious

    I'm seeing some pretty serious comments on this article!? Oh, and is it 'realize or realise'?

  • Chris

    Sucked you all in didn't he. 89 years and still smarter than most

  • Lexie

    Yes. I quite a bit agree.
    Its a tad strange that he had said this in an interview
    why whould he admit to such thing openly if they were really going to do something big like this.
    However I do believe and always believed that a WW3 has always been inevitable. Hope we are on the right side.

  • Foh

    Hey, Turks ARE Mongol !

  • AfainstHatred

    He is right about US having the super fire power to destroy the world, and survive the big one with least losses. But to call it his dream, and the opportunity for Israel to kill as many Arabs as they can; is most likely his true feelings revealed by chenillety & old age. Either way, don't be too surprised if someone with mindset same ad Cheney or Gingrich would deliver on this dream. So better get that house in the country; just in case 🙂

  • Simon

    Australia is running out of natural resources . You already have to import 85% of everything you consume. You guys are effed just as much as anybody so watch out ozzies. Mad Max anyone?

  • moody

    What a wackooo. Such trash will be in the trash bin of history soon.
    and hope Israel will follow.

  • Abdulla Abu Ali

    This guy is about to die and he still is living in the 1960's. America is very weak now. Game over!

  • sna

    false flags what else?

    USA is good at it.

  • lemma

    i hope you're right.

  • gemc

    What is it with all the people saying they defeated Mongol? maybe because it's so big, Iran says it, chinese say it, afghanistan says it, turks say it. The Mongolian empire CAVED IN.

  • BeeBoo

    In Australia we call this type of thing CRAP. It's not true and it's not funny.

  • Kate

    H.K. laughs while the military do his bidding all while telling them what good brainwashed slaves they are. Repent and stop killing each other, Jesus Christ is coming back and you do not want to be found Murdering your brethren. Remember always that GOD IS in Control of ALL things. H.K. and the other satanic minions just hate it when they are reminded that they can NEVER compete with or be GOD.

  • Julius

    Beware mother Russia the Great Britain has warned you about Syria…LOL I am sure you are quaking in your boots…


  • Dmitry Volkov

    You surely sent a ripple through Russian minds & Kissinger was on the verge of getting blasted by TV here. This story will live on here and may make it into our textbooks!

  • Raymond

    Umm … somebody probably forgot to tell that to the afghani cave dwellers, when Russian troops left their country with a bloody nose, leaving burnt out tanks and choppers behind … 😉

  • Russia Forever

    All empires throughout the history were crushed when they tried to fight Russia. Mongol, Hitler etc. Never approach Russia if you're planning to last longer the Not United States . I'm gonna marry Russian women, too. 🙂

  • Reekz

    100,000 expected to Die at the London 2012 Olympics due to nuclear action



  • Keyvan

    How OLD did you say he was?.He needs heavy dose of Prozac I think!

  • monomach

    a russian idiot is recognizable instantly…

  • Alexey

    I do not know, might be we underestimate Kissenger. When he said – "we gave time to Russia and China", he might mean that at the end of US political game it is China and Russia, who will wage the real war, not US. Sure, the same scenario we had in the Second World War. And it is very profitable and secure war for US, as we could see. Moreover, as WWII allowed to overcome Great Depression in US, the same could a new one. So, the question is, how to make quarrel between Russia and China, how to make them fight?

  • Teo

    USA was defeated long ago. USA foundin fathers, their anglo-germanic roots are being buried with the USA. Now, they just have fat woman, bainwashed people eating popcorn watching tv and voting Obama Hussein. Have what they deserve after all…

  • sheenon

    This is not the last HK proposal for salvation
    this episode is written to make politic wave
    when the ocean is windy those who are prepared can easily catch the fish
    HK knows it as well

  • Anonymous

    Mr. Kissinger,

    In politics, when you really want to do something, you never mention it. However, when you want to see how people think about you, you bluff like this.

  • Eric

    Sometimes satire is closer to real life and truth than regular mainstream shit.

  • gucci

    you're completely brain washed. This is not about nukes. Every body knows that Israel has hundreds of them, they can't blow the whole earth in a second. All the countries around Iran has nukes as well. India, china, Russia, Pakistan, Turkey. American wants to control everything and they shout for democracy! They removed Saddam and destroyed the Iraq, then amercian companies went to build it up again, now Iraq owes them! So they are under control! Afghanistan is as well. Arabic countries like Saudia Arabia are following their instructions already so no threat from them!

    Gaddafi regime removed because he started to trade with China! Why you people don't see these things! Now US established a military base in North Australia only for China! They are gonna put them under their control. This is the same Matrix as seen on the famous movie

  • conciliate

    Can't you recognize the manipulative intentions, testing "ordinary" people reactions?

  • KissMyJerry

    If observe 300 years development of USA and 50 years of Israel (early known as Khazaria http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Khazars , defeated by Russian Sviatoslav), we may see unstoppable aggression and cheat by propaganda ("Democracy !, Freedom ! Liberty !" and all these shite ). Already killed – Indians, Africans and now – Arabs? Who is next ? – Persians (Iranian), Russian, Chinese ? The question … what good they brings to the World ? Do they have morale right to decide who can exist and who not ? Are THEY SELF HELPFUL AND USEFUL for the World ? Now, see America, they control 40% of Worlds' resources and still can't guaranty Free Education and Med Care to Americans, so WHERE THE MONEY GONE ?!! I bet it was stoled, cheated and expropriated by Khazars (now called – Jews), and now this khazar Kissinger , look like old overfeed crocodile, teach us how to life and what we should to do ?!! – America and the World need good all Bright Day and Diamond Night for rethink and wakeup, and shake off some leeches from bodies of our societies. IMHO.

  • Ace

    Change is coming fast in my Nation and when it does we shall form a new alliance with the right guys. Even if some of them are considered to be "targets". Bring the fight on, we shall make our ancestors proud once again. Spread this article via social media and let people know. Prepare your brothers and sisters for what's coming. Get ready and join the resistance against the freemasons and the j€ws. Honor your past, protect the future. BLOOD AND HONOR.

  • Al Junnandis

    if HK said anything of that sort, he must have gone senile…

  • Arhelaos

    when Solon the legislator went in Egypt in 900 BC. for consultation from the Egyptian priests they told him that Athens is the oldest city of all and that 9000 years before a great were between a nation out of the Heraclian columns and the Greek army took place somewhere in southern Europe.So we are talking about a sth at 10.000 BC and you are talking about summerians and babylonians??are you crazy?? The priests also told to the Greek legislator that the Greek civilization is 1000 years older than the egyptian one and that Egypt and the rest of the nations depended their existence on the civilization opf Greeks.Stop spreading bullshits.
    sources for reading Plato Timaeus and Kritias where the battle is also being described.
    sorry for my poor english

  • VEX

    Apparently Kissinger is senile. There can be no war with Russia, even if USA will attack and occupy ALL the countries except Russia, Russia won't attack USA. Why? Cuz Russia knows it's army is too weak to fight against superpower. Moreover Russia has NO reasons to attack any other country, since its already hard to hold and control its own vast territories covering most of Eurasian continent. And Russia already got its own abundant natural resources that it can use and sell for centuries to come.

    WHY would Russia attack USA????? ONLY if USA invades Russia. But at that case, Russia knows it can't win, so Russia WILL use NUKES – and that ladies and gentlemen is the end of the world. USA know that and won't invade Russia – which means: Kissinger is bullshitting on us.

  • glay

    the only government and people who really are dengerous are the Isreal goverment which kill inocent people and has alot of nuclear weapons not Iran.

  • Russian Bear

    Yours old chap became mad.
    Even if you think that Russia is so week and you are secured from their rockets by NMD, which is nit true ) : ), please think twice about China.
    They may call up to 200 millions into the army which is 2/3 of US population, including children and aged + there is no NMD in Pacific ocean, . Guys, it is crazy to think that US is a goad on the EARTH. If you will start such a WAR you will pray as IRAN now does.

  • Cihangir

    that's a great achievement of very few greek men since most of them was festively-homosexual. we should truly be thankful to those very few greek men.

  • D P

    Jew scum

  • Harry Davallou

    If you do not finish the life of Islamic Republic of Iran,Today tomorrow, is too date.
    If this regime access to atomic bomb the international societies must pay very heavy penalty
    for this delay. I know them and their craziness

    Harry H. Davallou.

  • jbk

    Who ever Alfred Heinz is and this rag, the Daily Squib…. i have to commend you on getting this amazing interview. Kissinger has truly lost all sanity…….

  • Jayson

    hi all,

    the may the second fancy dream of all arabs' enemies, go fuck ur selves jerkasses !!

    ur such busterds trying to raise and be famous !!

    fuck all Christians and Jewish !!

  • Alfie Rose

    The coming collapse will be more severe than any 1920/30 collapse. Your gold and paper money will be meaningless the only thing you and your family should prepare for is learning how to grow food from seeds and how to harvest your food. You will need to know about water filtration and medicine. You will need to know about survival in different climates and combat techniques, building weapons and how to repair machinaery. Through the use of EMP weapons most electronics will be fried so you will need to know how to survive without computers or other gadgets.

    Good resources for those who will be prepared,

    These are just some resources out there but do your own research too…

    God bless you all…


  • Петр

    Этого нельзя допустить. Джигурда очень заразна. Мир погрузится во мрак безумия!

  • Иван

    Россия сильная держава, у нас есть новое секретное оружие"Джигурда" , если мы его применим никому мало не покажется, весь мир в труху!!!!

  • Don

    After months of whispers…
    From wall street to main street to capital hill
    From Rothschild UK to Zurich Bank Commission
    From Privy Counsel to FINMA to BIS

    What is left? Principal to Principal?
    The Table of Integrity is set in the Safe Harbor.
    Seats by Reservation ONLY!


    We the People vs. The Systemites

  • Shiller

    I am afraid that black future is coming soon. I am afraid that 2012 war will hit us instead of commet. Also USA (global bank) is presioning Greece for totally posesion of it's teritory asuming its debt. Greece is one of the best places to have under controll Europe, Midle east etc. Also USA tell as lies and everyone knows that… Terorism with bin laden and then Oil…. Muhamar cadafi …. and then Oil…. Afghanistan….. and then Oil…. Iraq…..Oil….. Iran ….?! I am a poor albanian working hard to live my life and i hate war because all people are brothers and all planet our neighborhood. Anyway.. the moto is this… DISOBEY.. beter in jail or dead for freedom and justice than licking foots for a piece of bread

  • geo

    unfortunately my friend, the Anatolians as you call them were Greek civilizations…Sth like tribes

  • ZIKO

    It doesn't matter, Obama, or not Obama. Amarica is under big companies. They give people presidents. It is the real problem.

  • Greek's reply

    @John Regis: "The people in Greece today are not Greeks but mainly Turkish or Albanian because of the 450 years of Ottoman rule. The Ottomans made sure that they spread their seed far and wide and bastardized the Greek people."
    Under this consumption, then you are also nothing but contemporaneous Greek sperm remains since mostly all Europe derived from swollen and fully spermed Greek nuts. So I am not mean to you my brother. Keep well and kiss me your mom

  • Russian

    Hitler and Napoleon also underestimated the Russian. You all have the same error, you can not stop in time

  • SirNyati

    All kind of makes sense, look at the way they made USA a Police state after 9/11, then listed nations labelled "axis of evil" mostly Arab/Middle Eastern, with vast oil resources. See what happenend with the recession starting in America, the whole world caughta cold, Europe is still in problems up to now. I believe there is a semblance of truth in this, look at how the US is playing Big Bro everywhere. I am sure there will be a 2nd scramble for Africa & its few resources btwn the rich nations after they have prved amongst themselves who is the boss.

    America as i c is run like one big company, it may change CEOs/presidents BUT the overal Objective of Profit / World domination will continue to be pursued. Look at Iraq, they invaded but who got95% of the oil exploration & infrastructure rebuilding contracts? USA companies, & where is the oil & profits therefrom going, USA. Lets not point fingers at Obama, In the US I blve you become president / CEO of that country if you belong to the right underground groups & you have the right ideologies. they will put you there.

    Maybe we are all wrong, but lets wait & c.

  • ude

    wake up stupids americans

  • maria taki

    I don't know how everyone got side-tracked. The issue here is Henry Kissinger's interview.
    Even after making allowances for his age, I STILL fail to understand how he and, unfortunately, many like him, who hold key positions in the world today, can think this way. Are they so one track minded they don't see what the consequences of the war he describes will be?
    SILLY OLD FOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • WOOOW!!!

    No wonder greeks economy in the shit everyone jerking off to this on greek tv !!!!!!


  • John Regis

    Actually the Greeks got all their knowledge from ancient Sumeria, Babylon and Egypt. While the Greeks were living in caves in 4000 BC ancient Sumerians for the creation of arithmetic, geometry, and algebra, astrology, cuneiform writing and had a highly civilized culture. The ancient Greeks adapted some great ideas for themselves way later but that's it. The people in Greece today are not Greeks but mainly Turkish or Albanian because of the 450 years of Ottoman rule. The Ottomans made sure that they spread their seed far and wide and bastardized the Greek people.

  • baloch

    The greek scientists and polihistors origined from Anatolia, they was not greeks…see wikipedia…

  • kaveh

    When Kissinger says ''global government'' , let's read a world under domination of Anglo-American imperialism ! do'nt forget Irak , Chile

  • FreeTruth Show, england

    hi, is this a genuine transcript of a real interview? It seems to have many similarities with previous actual quotes of herr kissinger. If real was there a recording? There must have been so can we hear it please?

  • georgia

    If Greeks had not existed and if Greeks had not created this vast civilization,humanity would have never been able to think,write and show signs of real life.Life not just based on materials but on spiritual thinking! For what is life if not the pursuit of our ideal self? Wake up americans!! When you had not even existed GREEKS had built the PARTHENON! SO,at least some respect to GREECE!

  • jack

    You are brainwashed from German TV….very few people can have a pension at 50 under special circumstances…I know from friends that live in Germany that the anti-Greek propaganda of German media is unbelievable…you are one of its victims…If America didn't need Germany for Cold War purposes Germany would still be a whole in the map….and you still owe us a lot of money from WWII..Barbarians

  • syed salamah ali mahdi

    What a Zionist this Kissinger is and has been! All this gloating about the United States of America RULING THE WAVES & THE SKIES is not because the US shall be doing so. Actually what he is salivating about is that long last Yahveh's Chosen Race will rule all GOYIM on Earth using the might, blood and money of the Chosen Race's "obedient'' Goyims in America & Europe just as Yahveh had ordained centuries ago. But the God of Jesus and Allah of Muhammed, being one and the same, has ordained otherwise. What awaits the Chosen Race is ……..

  • Santiago

    It´s high time you die, old scoundrel Kissinger. Your life has been shame on humanity. At least do this planet the favour of stopping your heart and your mouth for good, you piece of scum. You have millions of lives to account for, and this world is so damn twisted, that the only thing we can wish for is that there is a universal punishment after life. Your racism and that of the nation you represent allow no punishment for you and the likes of you on this world.
    And I hope you get it. I feel disgusted when I see your face, I feel pity for you.

  • The Truth

    So why is the government worried about free speech on the internet lately? Is it because what this video claims is true?


    If many people in government are indeed psychopaths then their life is based on gaining, and keeping, power. If the internet allows people to expose them 24/7 then that is a threat and they will want it dealt with. Politics and psychology really do go together.

  • irol

    we dont have much time left please people listen to this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Is3sFSFzx1o

    the British royal family are dedicated to reducing the population from 7 billion to less that 1 billion. we need to get obama out of office immediately because he wants us all dead….obama is killing the earth and the world is in greatr danger.



  • Shirl

    Which came first, the problem or the solution? Luckily it doesn't mtater.

  • John

    Why people curse each other? Why do you allow these message to be posted? People do not argue they curse each other?

  • Anonymous


  • anastazia

    You F… idiot, the greeks are not lazy!!!!! THEY ARE PEOPLE LIKE YOU, AND LIKE ANYONE ELSE IN THE WORLD,BUT SINCE THEY CREATE THEIR COUNTRY PEOPLE LIKE YOU, FROM COUNTRIES LIKE YOURS, IN HIGH POLITICAL RANKS FU…..THE WHOLE NATION. Have a look around you ??? And to bare in your trouble mind of yours that whether we like it or not we ARE THE SAME!!! AND WE DO HAVE A COMMON END -DEATH-!!!!!!!!! So,I dont you know what nationality are you, BUT I am absolutely certain that you are a BIG FAT ASSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

  • Alexander

    I don't have to beg for anything. Ever. Now fuck off and die. Make the world a bit lighter. Go on.

  • Dmitri


    Stop begging and making excuses!!! Why are you on here making stupid comments on this stupid article. You shld be working ur country needs the tax. Get back to work lazy son of a donkey.

  • Σίμων

    yes and ofcourse Russins are not lazy…????

    fuk to u toooo!!!!
    Οι Ρώσοι είναι το πιο στραβό ανθρώπους

  • Kissinger fan

    "Listen to me you miserable americans! We will win and you will fall! Your flesh will be our breakfast and flesh of your children our lunch. Ha-ha, we will introduce our secret weapon to the world soon and everyone will die.
    Take care.
    Your russian fiend"

    He's not russian, that's provocation and will be a lot of them. No russians, no chineese, no americans need this. That's provocation. Those are only bankers which make illusion that we need this by making crisis. But there is reason for this. They are so smart that it is better to give them power without any wars. I suggest that people will be peacful and will give all powers to global bankers, otherwise they will screw everybody anyway and will make what they want because they have a lot of resources and are very smart. Henry you are super amazing person! I love you! You are so smart! You are great!

  • Alexander

    Why don't you visit Greece and see for yourself how much people work, if there are jobs available, what are the salaries and where the taxes go and form your own opinion, you media-brainwashed piece of trash. What a follower you are!

  • f=ck u greeks

    The war was started by Greece because the people will never pay tax and they are lazy asshols. What are you going to do without your EU subsidies you lazy shitto. Now contagion spread to Portugal spain, Italy. If Greeks had worked and not beg like dogs there would not be any war coming. Thank you Greecy greeks. Do not blame Russin or Chineses it is Greeg idiots

  • T.Choi

    If the war is going on his words, He is the worst war criminal in our age.

  • Yury

    nonsense, it`s old man and military agitator fantasy. crazy to submit his young activity and to justify his cruel politics. such baby pane grown up

  • alah

    end of time is when you die and it will be alone.

  • Waldo

    Kissinger looks like my old uncle Schviksi from Poland. He had the same look and we would play chess. He was a good guy until he caught pneumonia and died a terrible death poor bastard…RIP

  • redlightmars

    (17) Surat Al-'Isrā' (The Night Journey)

    And We said after Pharaoh to the Children of Israel, "Dwell in the land, and when there comes the promise of the Hereafter, We will bring you forth in [one] gathering." (104)

  • Baby

    Those are jews trolling actually, not real russians lol. If the name is alex be sure he is a jew in a black hat 😀 piece to you people!

  • usman

    americans have always been cowards i bet if all the chinese people come and piss there would be a tsunami in america and there would be no more United states it would be known as PISSED ON STATES

  • Red

    17. Surat Al-'Isrā' (The Night Journey)

    And We said after Pharaoh to the Children of Israel, "Dwell in the land, and when there comes the promise of the Hereafter, We will bring you forth in [one] gathering." (104)

  • johnew

    It is tragic, if the article is real. to see people shouting against one another, when what they should do is get rid of all the bloody politicians that have caused this , so that the rest of us can live in peace and prosper.Divide and conquer they said once, and it still works….WAKE UP..you puppets

  • Alex

    How are you gentlemen?
    You are on the way to destruction.
    You have no chance to survive make your time.
    HA HA HA HA…

  • Ace

    Excellent comment. Only difference between me and you is I read the Quran which is also a revelation from the same glorious almighty God we believe in. Peace Brother.



  • Anonymous

    Listen to me you miserable americans! We will win and you will fall! Your flesh will be our breakfast and flesh of your children our lunch. Ha-ha, we will introduce our secret weapon to the world soon and everyone will die.
    Take care.
    Your russian fiend

  • Francis Barton

    I wish more American heroes were willing to call it like they see it. Those Iranians better watch their back. Our Death Star is almost complete and very nearly operational. They better say eat their prayers and say their vitamins, because America-mania is going to run wild on them, brother!

  • Rami

    I like your analysis, although at the end of times, it wont be a war of religions, it will be a war of people of the book vs evil.

  • ZEbo Bash

    he is probably jewish so he cant be hitler like

  • Danny

    Subhuman Kissinger

  • Kirill

    This article is called – "throw shit into the fan!" :)) All around very angry. The newspaper r02810eating soared))

  • l. Dr.Suto

    Absolute fals writing !!!
    Kissinger gives an interview to an little, unimportan news-agent??
    No !
    This writing is an manipulation test.

  • Dan

    lthough I dont know hardly a thing on the subject it is a very captivating news story sounding very interesting to me,even if I give you the benefit of the doubt about these things happening in future you would not find me fighting but praying.

    As a Christian it is my solem duty to pray for the lost souls in all classes of society as well as maintain an upright character who loves regardless of both whats happening around me and how hard it is to love.

    I do not believe anyone one can predict the future in an apocolyptic sense as the language expressed in many religions is very complex and misunderstood by even the most learned of theologians. Apocolyptic writings will only be understood by people when the time is right.

    Being a born in the age of computers, Ive also noticed that some secular/athiest left wing focus groups using many media websites seem to have their own brand of non supernatural apocolyptic conspiracy theories which becomes a sort of religion too that induce a form of rapture of the human psyche. Youtube has allot of videos on this subject for those who enjoy being engrossed into these things.

    My best advice to all people is to adopt a purely academic frame of mind and to start reading the bible again as this is my favourite outlet of escape as well as education. Education is the most powerful weapon. Peace-out

  • Karlo

    Russia developing plasma weapons. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uY1mn1IxFs8

    This is future warfare and better USA.

  • Sandwich

    For an 89-year-old man who used the word "noob" he is so in touch with the youth. I love the way he colors his words to reach a larger audience. My guess is that this is a ploy to engender more fear in the populations. None of this is consistent with the kinds of things that Kissinger says but it is consistent with his thought process. He is incredibly versatile and adapts very quickly to new trends and speech patterns.

  • Abou El-lieth

    21 questions about EGYPT:

    (1) Do you believe what's happening in Egypt is in isolation of what's happening in the region/world, or is it part of a bigger picture?.
    (2)Do you believe that USA and SCAF have a deal?
    (3) Why do you think General Samy Anan was in the USA in February 2011 few days before SCAF took control of Egypt?
    (4) Do you believe that USA and MB have a deal?
    (5) Why do you think John Kerry visited the MB when he came to Cairo in December 2011?
    (6) Do you think SCAF and MB have a deal?
    (7) Why do you think SCAF pushed for " Elections First"?
    (8) Do you believe that it is a coincidence that MB backed political parties gained power in Egypt, Libya, Tunsia, and in Morroco within a time frame of one year?
    (9) Do you believe it is a coincidence that Iran decided to send 2 military ships through Suez canal for the first time in more than 20 years just few days after SCAF took power in Egypt?
    (10) Why do you think Iran is supporting Al Asad regime in Syria?
    (11) Why do you think that Iran and Al Asad regime signed an deal in December 2011 to increase bilateral trade from 1 billion usd per year to 5 billion usd per year.
    (12) Why do you think the (Ex. People's hero) Hassan NasrAllah of Hezbollah announced in December 2011 that he supports Al Asad regime and calls upon the Syrian people not to revolt against their leader?
    (13) Why do you think UK took an aggressive position against Iran regarding the sabotaging of it's embassy in Tehran?
    (14) Why do you think the US accused Iran of trying to assassinate the Saudi Ambassador in US?
    (15) Why do you think Russia and China opposed the Nato intervention is Libya?
    (16) Why do you think Russia and China are backing up Al Asad regime in Syria?
    (17) Why do you think Russia and China are backing up Ahmadi Nejad regime in Iran?
    (18) Did you hear about Israel's plans to attack Iran in 2012?
    (19) Do you believe in the concept of " End Of time" in different religions and cultures?
    (20) Did you hear about " Armagedon" in the old and new testaments?
    (21) Did you hear the Hadith of AlRasoul (SAW) about the major and minor signs of Judgement day?

    My Analysis:

    The USA (backed by Europe) wants to maintain it's current position as the world's UNI Superpower, and wants to deliver a pre-emptive strike against Russia and China who are rebuilding their economic and military power and if not stopped by the USA NOW while still "green" and left for few more years to harden, would surpass USA who would never again be a Uni world Super power.
    The 2 camps are geographically too distant apart so USA is pushing for the military confrontation to be in the Middle East. USA are forming a military coalition similar to what they did in the anti Iraq Gulf War Coalition, only this time its a much larger one including USA, Europe, Israel, and SUNNI/Salafi Muslim countries. The other Camp is Iran, Russia, China, and Shi3a Muslim Countries.
    The war would break out with the division of Syria into 2 camps one Sunni and the other Shi3a, and the same in Iraq. Israel would deal simultaneous blows to Iran and Hezbollah in South Lebanon.
    This would not be "armagedon" but would only be the first prophesied war when the Sunni/Salafi Muslims + western Christian/Jewish alliance would win. Armagedon comes next. It would be the second war when the Western Christian/Jewish Sunni alliance would breakdown and fight inbetween them, and Christian/Jewish camp fights against Sunni/Salafi muslim army in the Holy land, and AlMahdy (SAW) appears to lead the muslim army, and sayyeda 3isa (SAW) comes down, and kills the anti Christ.

  • larco

    Kissinger -to be sure, a SOB- was always the material favorite to all sorts of conspiratorialism..

  • Andreiani Nicolaou

    J'espère tout simplement qu'il puisse vivre encore un peu ce vieillard méchant et perfide et decomposé juste pour voir son rêve se démolir mais ce n'est pas si sûr qu'il ne crèvera pas avant. Ca ne sera pas une grosse perte pour l'humanité, une pourriture de moins.

  • θα ηθελες

    There is this "thing" that keeps everything in balance and in the right order around us.
    When the time comes it will be activated (again). kissinger is telling the truth because he knows what is coming (partially he caused it) but the problem is, when stupid humans are playing with new toys and introduce new variables (WWIII) to our reality they can never be sure what the outcome is going to be. So don't be so sure that everything is going to be as kissinger says.

  • Vlad

    Poor Henry – some maybe writing letters with demands to cancel his Nobel Peace Prize. 🙂

  • Larken Rose

    The devil in disguise? Where's the disguise? Kissinger is the epitome of evil; the incarnation of love of dominion and the hatred of mankind, the arch-enemy of freedom and justice. If he is what the rest of the world thinks as an American, it's no wonder we're hated the world over. Someone ought to whack that fascist war-mongering bastard's head off and put it on top of the Washington monument, as a gesture to the world that he does not represent sane, civilized human beings here or anywhere else. But I suppose such talk is too extreme, while Fuhrer Kissinger gleefully bantering on about mass murder via war is just "foreign policy opinion." It's time for pawns the world over to stop bowing to psychotic, megalomaniacal narcissists and start acting like human beings. The nationalistic contest to see who has the most powerful, violent master and gang of mercenaries is an exercise in futility and lunacy. "My ruler can beat up your ruler," or "my gang can kill your gang," is for mentally imbalanced, insecure brats, not rational adults. Whoever wants to be your master is your enemy; whoever wants to be your equal is your ally.

  • ahmkad

    I believe mr. Kissinger forgot to take his medication the day of the interview because we all know that the U.S nor the west could stand a long unlimited war in the gulf (oil supply) and the U.S would have think earlier of attacking Iran when they were weak not when they have missiles that could reach every point in the middle east that would be considered a united states interest including Israel.
    I believe if a war in the region would break then it will be a short limited war to bring every one to the negotiation table.
    and BTW Kissinger made that strategy I can't believe he forgot about it know!

  • Eli Suhi

    This is nonsense …. if a war is coming that means it is the end of human Kind..
    it will be a nuke-war ……

  • starsailor

    This dirty rascist and Hitler-like demon got the Nobel-price for Peace! An accident?

  • Maramuk

    It is the most difficult comment I have ever seen! )))

  • Alan

    "A grim Ministry of Finance report prepared for Prime Minister Putin is warning today that the decision by Iran to cease taking US Dollars for its oil could very be the “first shot” fired in World War III, and one which Russia will be blamed for by the Obama regime."



  • Danny

    Henry cut the crap, will you ?

  • giannis dimoulakis

    η αμερικη στον Γ ΠΑΓΚΟΣΜΙΟ ΠΟΛΕΜΟ και τα μελη του ΝΑΤΟ.θα χτυπηθουν απο τους ρωσους τα λενε η προφητιες της ΟΡΘΟΔΟΞΙΑΣ απο ρωσους και ελληνες μοναχους αγιοριτες πατερες.μονο η ορθοδοξη θρησκεια του ιησου ειναι αλιθηνη. και για αυτο θα την κυνηγανε η ΕΒΡΑΙΟΙ ΜΑΣΟΝΟΙ.Γιατι ειναι ο μονος λαος που πιστεψε στον χρηστο πρωτος… και δεν μπωρουν να το χονεψουνε 2000..


  • joanne

    He is the devil in disquise. with evil and insane words, enjoying his madness in his last days.

  • Nik the geek

    He should become a comedian or a sciencefiction writer or both…. lol.

  • τσιαουσης νικος

    Καλα χαχαχα

  • bladtrix

    Hear the Drums of War, See who is banging them and ask yourself Why? Discuss it and Decide.
    Do not play a “game” as a PUPPET!

  • Hammer

    hahaha is call of duty played only in the US???? what a noob jokey

  • Jus

    Kissinger is a senile old filthy crook

  • Afife Kayaleh

    I always thought that you were a very clever diplomat, maybe it is the age, but frankly speaking I am very much disappointed. First, everybody can see that it is the downfall of America, because of poeple like you. Second, you have to respect people, asking the Israel to kill as many arabs as possible, this is simply crazy. I tell you one other thing, the reason for the downfall of America is Israel. You send your soldiers to die for her sake, you take tax payer money to help her buy more arms to kill more Palestinians. Mr. Kissinger I urge you not to speak again for your own sake. Thank you.

  • Victoria

    очень понравилось – это Ваше? Я тоже всегда откуда-то все знаю… сама поражаюсь!

  • Fan

    Hahaha… poor stupid Americans…! Your game is over. You always try to look invincible through Hollywood movies and superstars. But really, when did you ever win a worthy opponent? You were f_cked in Vietnam, f_ucked in Korea, f_ucked in your own country crime. You always talk talk talk. Keep talking, that's what Hitler did. Just keeeep talking. Keeeeep advertising your army through movies and stupid hero-presidents. Keep fighting aliens, earthquakes, disasters! YOU Americans are afraid of your own shadows. You can't even sleep at night. Go live your terror-mania in peace. But think twice before challenging the Russians, the Europe, the Chinese, the Koreans or even the Arabs of Iran again. 'Cause we got news for you: We just let you be. You are nothing to us. We don't hate you, really, we just don't give a shit about you. Go terrorize your own people again. Throw them a nuclear weapon this time, and you might take them again alongside to invade some small country (yes small like Iraq, Serbia etc). F, just wasted 5 minutes with you. Not worth it.

  • Arab

    Allah (God) promised in the Holy Quran that Islam will spread in all of the world… and thats if you liked it or not! and thats what is happening…


    Es stimmt schon, dass die Mächtigen den Verlust ihrer Macht fürchten, und deshalb zu allen nur erdenklichen Mitteln greifen: MIND CONTROL, CHEMTRAILS, NBIC, Fördern von Gier, Neid, Hass & vor allen Dingen ANGST, dramatische Reduktion der Menschheit zwecks leichterer Kontrolle – siehe "Georgia guide stones".

    Wenn wir diese 3-D-Welt aber als ÜBERGANGSSTADIUM betrachten, dann ergibt die BOTSCHAFT DER LIEBE jenen Sinn, dass wir hier alles zurück lassen können, um in FEINSTOFFLICHEN WELTEN DAS EWIGE LEBEN ZU FINDEN!!! Dazu müssen wir ALLEM gegenüber VÖLLIGEN GLEICHMUT erlangen – sagt sich leicht!

    (Jesus = physischer Körper, CHRISTUS = TRAUMKÖRPER, der unter anderem auch über´s Wasser gehen kann; ALLES GEHT GUT! FRIEDE DEM HASSERFÜLLTEN DÄMONEN KISSINGER – auch seine Seele ist GÖTTLICH!)

  • Dietrich

    this is satanism

  • Comrade_Vo

    Russia never was ruled by Russians?
    So, US too…

  • Once a commie……..

    All u Russian commie bastards need to STFU! Don't fuck wuth America if u do we're gonna put the smack down on y'all!

    U had one warning so get back to eating ur cabbage and drinking ur vodka u drunk idiots!

  • Lorenza

    Mamma mia! Questo e' matto t!

  • Bobbie

    "Russian never start big wars"
    Russia has never started a war and will not start.

  • temp US expat

    I have a prediction for Mr. Henry Kissinger… soon Henry, very soon, you will be dead and history will remember you as one sick f**k! hahaha.

  • Vlad

    war really isn't funny.

  • joad

    I understand how Kissinger has dispensed with the language of high-end political terminology and like a chameleon adopted the colloquial phrases of laymen. This is probably because what he says will reach a larger audience. There is a method to the madness and dumbing down..kudos to Kissinger…still evil and still extremely cunning..

  • жабинский сергей

    ..У каждого человека, на самом деле, есть две «головы». И это Его большое "Я"-подсознание и сознание "я"-маленькое. На многие вопросы есть готовые ответы у подсознания-Духа человека. Подсознание использует эндокринную систему желез (гормоны-чувства-подсказки-интуиция) для управления сознанием. Озарение – гормон дофамин в кровь от подсознания: "Точно!!!"-подтверждение правильности мыслей. А когда страшно – это подсознание своим магнитным полем активизирует надпочечники и впрыскивает в кровь адреналин: "Не делай так, сознание, -опасно". Человек – это ТОК, магнитное поле, и ИМЕННО тот ТОК, который в традиционной мелицине называют "Миллиарды" нейронов головного мозга и спинного. И этот ТОК после смерти человеческого тела НИКУДА не пропадает – Мы бессмертные духовные существа, очередь за телами – 17 лет. И дети становятся "почемучками, когда свои собственные подсознания стирают им память прошлых жизней.
    Блефует старая обезьяна. …Трахну весь его род.


    I am from the West. I am a Christian by birth-rite.

    I play every military game on expert and pevail flawlessly.

    But my meesage to YOU is THIS:

    It will not be Russians or the Chinese I take in my sights. It will be American. Death to America!!


  • Alexander Stalingrad

    I second a motion, Roman, what did you want to say us?
    I think, this article isn't worthy of note any sensible men. Kissinger can't be an author those words or he's gone gaga.

  • Egyptian

    u r the real terrorists, fuck the NWO, fuck israel & fuck u sick creatures

  • D.Voskakis

    BULLSHIT Henry.You are only too good to piss on dead.

  • John

    The key question is, Sharia or democracy?
    In what world will live our children, in the world of Islamic, or in the world of democracy?
    How many Muslim MPs will be in the European parliament after 15 Years?
    How many Muslim will live in Europe after 15-20 Years?
    The key question is Sharia or democracy?

  • Atanas

    unfortunately, there are many like him in the governmental structures and the military complex. The so called everyday Joe should deny invasions of foreign countries. Local conflicts should stay just that – local :/

  • Γιάννης Αννουσάκης

    Κανείς δεν θα γίνει θεός όλων γιατί δεν είμαστε όλοι ένα, ούτε θέλουμε ούτε γίνεται να είμαστε όλοι ένα, η διαφορετικότητα είναι ο κώδικας ζωής στη γή. Δεν είναι η πρώτη φορά που με μαλακίες σαν αυτές του Κισσίγκερ που τις αναμάσησαν καιάλλοι καταταλαιπωρήθηκε η γή και η ανθρωπότητα. Αυτά των εξοπλισμών των πυρηνικών του Ιραν και της ανάπτυξης της Κίνας κλπ, καθώς και ότι θα ακολουθήσει, είναι αποτέλεσμα της ασφυξίας των ΗΠΑ πάνω σε όλη στη γή μετά το σφάξιμο των ινδιάνων.

  • Wise guy

    Alzhimer talking

  • dsa

    But Russia never was ruled by Russians. Nether Putins's gang of Muslims and Jewis is.

    So, be aware.

  • Raeda

    Sorry Arabi Sory I wanted and meant to like your reply. Apologies if by mistake unlike. Great facts and answers.

  • Zok

    The publically called 'terrorists'; The Arabs, are the ones paying thew price for peace in the world. As long as there is a strong Arab unity, there will never be war!

  • Harris

    How, my God. I'm gonna travel to the country side and build barracks. I will install Anti/Aircraft guns to face down the enemies. And electric fence with Tesla weapons to exterminate the hordes of starving people.

    And I 'm gonna stop my children playing call of duty and other games like this. I will introduce them to the TETRIS world. Or.. wait a minute. The bricks in TETRIS have the shape of weapons. I will not allow them playing TETRIS at all.

  • Vladimir

    Russian never start big wars.

  • nuri abdallah

    Israel did not loose war against HizbAllah in 2006, it did not fully achieve its objectives because of poor planning and lousy leadership. Israel destroyed many of the parties assets, destroyed big chunk of Birout where the Hazib is hiding,,,in the end of the day a new force came in and contained the Hizb forces, the UN forces (more than 15000). Also, the leader of the Hizb Nasser Allah was forced to hide underground for more than 5 years.

  • Iliya, Russia

    Want war? Start, we are ready.

  • dsa

    Well, it is pretty trustful source, but that guy D. Rogozin is nothing but a clown.

    Russia in the state nobody here knows what will happen in the next half of year. Will it be North Korea or Libia or Brezhbev's era.

  • Recenzent

    This moral monster, before leaving this life, wants to take away other people's lives a little more with each other? His speech is more like a desperate cry of an old man who sees that everything he created was not properly

  • anita

    war is evil. all i want is to live.

  • dr

    And now in English, please! Or in Russian!

  • Janos Zsoldos

    How can somebody and his "band" so arrogant to be in oppsit with the people of the world. He isn't a human. He and his "band" haven't soul!!

  • TAWilliams01

    … one with a stiff upper lip!

  • Anaconda

    Jew = slave.

  • Daryl Ganz

    hey folks this just caught my eye don't know if its legitimate news source: http://www.presstv.ir/detail/220920.html

    "Iran is our neighbor, and if Iran is involved in any military action, it's a direct threat to our security," Russia's outgoing ambassador to NATO, Dmitry Rogozin, told reporters in the Belgian capital Brussels on Friday.

    Basically if the Israel and US attacks Iran Russia will attack too. World War 3 Defcon 4 Ka-Boom!!!!!!!!

  • Roman Moscow

    It is misinformation.The USA what for have cleaned произральского Mubaraka in Egypt and have declared friendship with Talibs? Dethrone secular modes and the authorities of Islamites lead?
    When moderate modes and остануться only savages-fundamentalists in the east will fail, the USA will be fed it by Israel that зподружиться with them and will set them on average Asia (Tajikistan, Kirghizia. Further Kazakhstan) and then hordes will break off Russia. Will take over the control of resources on these териториях (Islamites терь the). China окажеться in a ring and without resources. Their economy will fail, and the social protest will break off the country. Europe too захлеснет also will break off. Savages. Остануться savages and the USA, as hailstones on a hill. Then with Islamites it is possible to do that you want. The population to be reduced. More shortly fascism.
    Read economist Michael Hazina and political scientist Sergey Kurginjana.

  • Arabi Souri

    Ever heard the phrase: Satan's dream in heaven?
    Now read the article again.
    This guy is still reading the reports he was fed when he was in charge up till 3 decades ago, obviously he knows nothing of what's happening now, unless of course what he is referring to is a playstation war!
    He just missed some small notes to take in consideration that would change his perspective, but I think such notes are manipulated by the smaller guys before given to decision makers that's why we end up with crazy decisions:
    1. USA didn't win the war in Iraq, to win a war you need to achieve the objective of the war, if the objective of the war on Iraq was to oust Saddam, the price was definitely not worth it, because simply his controller would have called him from Langley and asked him to step aside, since by now only the ignorant doesn't know that Saddam was a CIA asset. Killing a million Iraqi, displacing over 4 million internally and across the borders while devastating the country only created a whole generation of USA haters in Iraq & other Middle Eastern countries, then the US Army had to withdraw in silence and under the wings of night, if it was in a better position it wouldn't need to sneak out of the country. We remember Obama standing next to Maliki the Iraqi PM last month and everything Obama asked for was refused by Maliki.
    2. israel lost a war against Hizbolla in 2006, keeping in mind that Hizbolla is a considerably small political party with a couple of thousand combatant fighters which put israel to a full standstill, sending over half a million israelis in shelters for weeks, halting the economy and costing billions of Dollars in direct and indirect losses, not to mention the morale lost. Hizbolla ever since increased its capabilities. So if the small party in one of the smallest Middle Eastern countries dwarfed the 'might of israel', I can imagine the Syrian army, or even the Iranian might.
    3. Mr. Kissinger doesn't follow the latest economic news, the US Dollar is at the brinks of crashing at any time this year, and trust me, the Russian bear and Chinese sickle are enjoying slapping the already bankrupt US economy time after another, their recent slap was a week ago signing a treaty to use national currencies of both countries in all bilateral trade bypassing the Dollar, before that China & Japan agreed to a similar pact, and before that Iran with all its partners, in the work now is Syria with all its trade partners bypassing Dollar & Euro and that will be followed by the entire South America countries and bye bye Dollar. Google what happened to the Russian Ruble in the wake of the collapse of the former USSR for a vision to what is going to happen in the near future.
    4. European Union is battling to maintain the Euro in its core member states like Greece, Italy, Portugal and today France was degraded by S&P.. So from where Mr. Kissinger is getting his information, I wonder.
    5. France exhausted its full power in Libya and needs at least 6 months from now to replenish its arm stock, of course if it has the money for this, and at the looks of it, they are following the steps of the USA.

    Instead of the advice to get a farm and build a shelter, plant it with food, it's better to see which state has more resources of water and 'plantable' lands and move to it, as the existing shape of the USA we know will cede to exist because it's next to impossible to continue, check the Facebook page of the White House for instance to see how they are trying to ask the people to stay together and give ideas on how to 'reform the government', and 'give the president your ideas and he'll work the way you tell him' to preserve the country as long as possible..! If you don't like Facebook, listen to his comments about jobs today.

    115 military bases worldwide brings you only disaster back, you can't be the world's police, nobody appreciate it, on the contrary, majorities of the people of countries where your bases are feel they're under occupation and they can't wait to kick you out at any time, just give them a spark, OWS is one, for instance.

  • Jim Jacobsen

    Do not let the jews take over the world or you will be very sorry!


  • Jim Jacobsen

    And how come no one has KILLED this bastard yet?

  • Bradley

    ‘US builds hospitals in Georgia, readies for war with Iran’


  • Jay Louise

    Are you saying that Kissinger does not know about "superfluously"?

    I looked it up and it is an actual adjective.


  • change 4 worse

    The euro is in a serious place right now. If anyone still doesnt know s&p downgeraded France and Austria lastnight. If you all don't believe that history repeats itself read this http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_Depression

    there's a big war coming so prepeare urself and ur family mentally and financially….

  • Dave Wilber

    All it took to enslave the world was to convince the majority that dollars and pounds are visible and tangible things. All it takes to keep us enslaved is to keep the majority ridiculing and punishing the few who seek their freedom. There are no such things as inches, quarts, pounds or dollars, all being units of measure. There would be no wars if wars required taxes and soldiers had to be paid.
    Taxes cannot be paid with anything less than silver coins and no one wants us to pay taxes, they want us to PLAY taxes or be punished. Soldiers and suppliers pretend they are paid with strips of paper bearing the likenesses of dead presidents, paper that has not promised payment for 48 years. As for Russia and China, all take orders from London. http://www.morpix.biz/wxyz

  • Jesus Christ

    Pile of crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The best army can't win with the stone age Afghanistan's resistance. Fear and scare, because capitalism is kaput. We are experiencing THE CAPITACLISMJe

  • tedbohne

    God help us all I've known for awhile that the war is coming and I know for certain that Iran is the last piece in the chess board

  • B

    The sooner the ME is made into a glass factory the better………

  • Nik

    "they have obeyed orders superfluously "

    Even a foreign born speaker of his education and language skill would not make such a basic speech blunder. Who is the hack who cooked up this "interview"?

  • S.Marchesi

    Not so senile! This has been the plan all along: it was initiated in the '80's by Kissinger himself! This is the "Bildeberg" plan! Of course the clever thing would be to foil these horrendous plans! Do the countries involved have the backbone or balls to do so??? Unfortunately not, as there are few honest men left in this world! They have been brainwashed, manipulated, bought, by one of them, Henry Kissinger the despicable, corrupt manipulator plain scum-bag like his cousin Soros, these animals do not have the right to live,these bastards should be skinned alive. etc…etc…

  • James Burda

    Considering the number of strategic (not tactical considering the sophistication of the weaponry of the US) military, political and economic failures that the US has amassed over about 40 years, I read what Mr. Kissinger is saying and see through him how much dumber and a more arrogant bully the US has become. What a shame.

  • Death To Tyrants

    I love the way he uses modern slang to get with the young people so they understand stuff more..

  • justice

    It's an wierd source of information. But it makes HK like a trully evil person.

  • Peter James

    The Northern Army And its Allies Will Punish The English Speaking World & Israel

  • NobodysaysBOO

    This mass murder perp MUST somehow be brought to justice in a court of law ,every time he starts this dren over again he proves his guilt! Vietnam was his little show and his pig boss that spawned the whole bush/chainey trash dump!

  • Cristinai

    Of course we do mr. Kissinger, and you will be the first one to be shot by the enemy, you are evil and evil people have their day.

  • I.D.K
  • WW III




  • Fawad Masud

    The content is very very serious but wait a minute what is the name of this newspaper ?Daily Squib i have heard it first time 🙂

  • Tshimz

    After watching documentaries and interviews of henry k, it's hard 2believe that he would be so open and cavalier about state plans. Even the choice of words used 'chins & ruskies'. I can't deny the plans of world government, but this interview is suspicious. Maybe a video or audio will help.

  • Iranian War

    "All the Iranians have to do is to announce the purchase ten billion dollars in silver and ten billion dollars in gold over the next 90 days. This announcement is to be made only after they had purchased a billion dollars in silver bullion and a billion dollars in gold."


  • Bridgette

    I feel as if I could be very true because God knows what's going on in government but I guess we'll have to wait and see…

  • thought he was dead

  • Raymond

    It really couldn't be further from the truth as far as Kissinger is concerned. I'm not so sure it's going to end that way for the elite, though it's true they are using America and other Western Nations as an Engine of Evil to establish their goal.