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Hillary Clinton is Correct About European Mass Immigration

NEW YORK - USA - Hillary Clinton's recent interview claiming migration as the cause for rising populism in Europe, was predicted by the Daily Squib in 2011.

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Apparently Hillary Clinton has finally awoken to the same conclusion the Daily Squib came to in 2011, albeit in a satirical article.

Europe needs a tougher approach on immigration in order to curb the growing threat of right-wing populists, Hillary Clinton said, calling on EU leaders to show their electorates that they can no longer “provide refuge and support.”

“I think Europe needs to get a handle on migration because that is what lit the flame,” Clinton said in an interview with the Guardian published Thursday.

Reading a quote from the 2011 Daily Squib article entitled “How Long Before the EU Concentration Camp Chimneys Start Churning Smoke Again?” confirms Clinton’s diagnosis in 2018. We saw the warning signs, before anyone else did.

Even in the UK, there are increasing reports of racially charged assaults and outbursts by seemingly ‘normal white people’, but these are mere symptoms of the Hegelian dialectic where the problem of increased immigration was allowed and encouraged to happen by successive governments for a very good reason — to create discord, disharmony, hatred and fear amongst the indigenous populations.

An immigration open door policy was allowed to occur so as to create a problem of overcrowding in urban areas; destruction of indigenous culture, valuable resources being used up, intolerance and racism to flourish.

“First you create the problem, then you wait for the people to cry out, then you move in with a solution that enslaves the people even further than they already are,” Gunther Mauser, a German politician told Die Welt newspaper.

We would go as far as saying that the engineered migration problem is not only part of the Coudenhove-Kalergi plan, but also a ploy to bring out Europe’s ultimate inherent racism.

The socialists of Europe are just as racist as the other side, however they veil their racism better. Socialists need someone to point their finger at, so they can rally the troops during elections, it gives them vigour and impetus. We witnessed this recently during the American midterm elections, where the American socialists and communists effectively censored and dehumanised their opposition and won many seats in Congress from the Republicans. Anyone who cares about their own home, security or family is demonised and labelled a “racist” or a “populist” by the socialists.

As always, to manipulate the electorate, socialists are masters, and from history, we also saw the same technique from the National Socialists, a very legitimate branch of socialism.

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