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How Long Before the EU Concentration Camp Chimneys Start Churning Smoke Again?

BRUSSELS - Belgium - The new EU Treaty that has been agreed by France and Germany and the rest of the inconsequential group of former European nations is a sign of things to come in the near future.

Those who forget and subdue their past are doomed to repeat it, as the Germans, French and Italians are doing right now. Whatever they try and do, this is the final nail in the coffin for Europe’s freedom as a new cohesive treaty will ensure that all democracy and individualism is snuffed out — just as the prisoners in the shower rooms were when the Zyklon B tablets fell down the mesh tubes and gassed them to death.

To understand the serious nature of the threat of fascism in Europe, cast your mind back to 1930s Germany and Italy, and the rise of fascism.

This Europe that we have today, is very similar to the Reich of the past except there is no outward show of military power. If the hypnotised citizens of the EU were ever to try and question their predicament, the full force of the EU’s fascist force would however come down on them hard and show them who’s boss.

It is only a matter of time before, inch by inch, the EU is revealed to be a totalitarian dictatorship that will be used for mass genocide on a huge scale that will dwarf the technical efficiency in killing of the Eichmann era of Nazi Germany in the 1940s.

Nicolas Sarkozy, is a Nazi sympathiser and practitioner himself, as can be seen with his recent purge of Roma Gypsies from France as well as his racist fascist rants against peoples of other faiths and ethnic backgrounds.

Germany, according to many German ministers and financiers, is infected with low IQ Turkish grocers, who will one day feel the wrath of the searing ovens as the indigenous population reclaims their country from the high frequency breeding Gastarbeiter as they colonise the inner cities. As with any mass genocide, the cleansing will start slowly, then pick up pace as new more efficient final solutions are found.

“The EU has many undesirable populations like the Muslims, Africans and Gypsies in France and Germany and these will be either expelled or killed off. In Europe, there is no place for the Untermenschen, and we will eradicate these people by any means possible,” a high ranking German banker, Thilo Sarrazin, told German state television last night.

Even in the UK, there are increasing reports of racially charged assaults and outbursts by seemingly ‘normal white people’, but these are mere symptoms of the Hegelian dialectic where the problem of increased immigration was allowed and encouraged to happen by successive governments for a very good reason — to create discord, disharmony, hatred and fear amongst the indigenous populations.

An immigration open door policy was allowed to occur so as to create a problem of overcrowding in urban areas; destruction of indigenous culture, valuable resources being used up, intolerance and racism to flourish.

“First you create the problem, then you wait for the people to cry out, then you move in with a solution that enslaves the people even further than they already are,” Gunther Mauser, a German politician told Die Welt newspaper.

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