Secret Papers Reveal How Thatcher Cabinet Would Regularly Dress Up As Scousers

LONDON - England - National Archive papers released today show Margaret Thatcher and her cabinet would have scouser fancy dress days in 1981.

Senior ministers including the former prime minister, Margaret Thatcher, would regularly have special cabinet meetings dressed in scouser costumes, the National Archive papers reveal.

“We do dat doe don’t we doe?” Michael Heseltine, would often say giving former Chancellor Geoffrey Howe a friendly scouser head butt.

Former Number10 aide, Rupert Curmudgeon, recalled: “Everyone including Maggie would be wearing a scouse perm wig, moustache and cheap suit. It was like being in fookin’ Brookside Close or an episode of Bread, like. They’d get the lager out and joke around. Those were the good times, we all enjoyed Scouse Thursdays. I was recently in Liverpool and was being mugged, and I thought to myself, it was just like the old days in Maggie’s cabinet.”