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Indoctrinated Anti-Democratic EU NPCs March In London

LONDON - England - Brexit march - LIVE: 'Over 700,000 EU NPCs' and programmers join sixth largest protest in UK this week.

An estimated 700,000 EU NPCs have gathered in central London today.

The indoctrinated NPCs, all with the same EU placards all chanted the same thing over and over again.

When asked why they were marching, many did not actually know, and said simply that they were told to march by their programmers.

The EU ‘Non Player Characters’ marched from Park Lane towards Parliament Square where they stood chanting scripted programs given to them prior to the march.

“We wish to stay in an undemocratic EU, where we are told what to say, what to think and everything is dictated to us. We have been programmed to obey the EU since childhood, and we have taught our NPC children to obey without question too. The collectivist EU Fasci-communo construct denies our freedoms and sovereignty, and imprisons the country under an authoritarian political and economic jail where there is no escape. Fuck Freedom. Fuck democracy. Fuck privacy. Fuck sovereignty. Fuck individualism. Fuck Freedom! Fuck Freedom!” the EU NPCs all chanted without their own consent or knowledge.

Amongst the EU NPCs were a few MPs and celebrities who are in on the game, and are used by the programmers to bolster the deep indoctrination and EU programming.

“We are here to oversee that the NPCs do not wake up. They admire us, and when they see us, this triggers further EU programming in their indoctrinated minds, this is how we control the NPCs,” a celebrity who receives large EU payments for the Actors Guild told the BBC.

The NPCs, were cordoned by the police through their sheep pens, as they continued the march in orderly fashion all bleating the same mantras over and over again.

All in all, it was another successful show of how mass indoctrination and mind control can work in tandem with very convincing effects. We must thank the EU and their programmers for a very effective control system utilised on the mindless pliable useful-idiot NPCs.

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