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Cheerful Theresa May Dances Over the Graves of Britons She Has Betrayed

BIRMINGHAM - England - Theresa May is dancing on the graves of democratic voters who voted to leave the EU in the EU Referendum. Never vote Conservative or Labour again.


How jolly of Theresa May to come out onto the Conservative conference stage dancing like a whacked out robotic scarecrow on PCP?

Theresa May’s jolly attitude despite her treacherous actions of betrayal of the voters who voted in the EU referendum belie a duplicitous Judas kiss to the electorate.

Anti-democratic betrayal

Oh Mrs. May is probably a very pleasant woman to meet in person, but after the smiles, she callously dances on the graves of democratic voters, as well as the graves of those who fought in both world wars to secure Britain’s freedom. All those soldiers and civilians died for nothing if Britain is to be kept prisoner indefinitely to a foreign led Soviet totalitarian entity called the EU.

Theresa May’s plan is to keep the UK in the EU Customs Union, and to capitulate to Brussels the ability to forge trade deals with other worldwide nations. Her plan, is to thus surrender everything to the EU, and leave the country in a state of slavery to the European Union, where our democracy, our sovereignty and borders will all be under their ownership and not ours.

Clap all you want at Theresa May you mindless drones. This is the final death knell of a once great nation, which has been rendered useless, unable to make its own laws, unable to govern itself, unable to make its own trade deals, and ultimately a Vichy government where democracy is now null and void.

No shame for the wicked

Shame on you all that support Theresa May’s capitulation to Brussels and her BRINO. Shame on you all that stand by and do nothing, whilst the carpet is effectively swiped from under us.

Boris could have done something, but he didn’t. Jacob Rees-Mogg, stood by, and did nothing. The others grumbled, but did nothing. Shame on you all, pathetic wordsmiths, but words are nothing without action.

Vote with your feet

The only thing left now is for voters to vote with their feet. If nothing is done about removing Theresa May and her Remainer cohorts in the Cabinet/Treasury/Whitehall/BoE then voters will never vote Conservative again.

You can phone the MPs up or write them nice letters telling them that they have lost your vote, indefinitely.

If you voted for a Brexit, then you have been betrayed, so now is the time for grassroots action. Never vote Conservative ever again.

The same goes for Labour Brexiteers who voted in the EU Referendum, to leave. Numbering in the millions, your democracy has been trampled on by Labour. Let them know that they have lost your vote.


Conservative Members of Parliament in the House of Commons.

Labour – Current MPs

Contact – Brandon Lewis – Chairman of Conservative Party

Contact – Jeremy Corbyn – Leader of the Labour Party

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