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How VR Casinos Will Change Online Gaming

LAS VEGAS - USA - The latest gaming tech is hitting the world of casinos, with VR gaming. This amazing new format is truly awe inspiring and puts you right in the winning hot seat.

You’ve probably ended up here because VR casinos and online gaming are two of the most discussed topics in the entertainment industry at the moment. And so they should be since they are now combining to take gambling to a whole new level with VR gaming.

Immersive gaming that features virtual reality is the thing that will make the gambling industry even more appealing for newer generations, like the Millennials that don’t consider the traditional casino entertainment to be sufficiently interactive and get their thrills from much more technically evolved games like League of Legends and World of Warcraft.

The technology and immersivity that only a VR casino could bring would take things further by making things a lot more social. This is because a user could have a virtual presence and be able to meet and interact with other VR gamers online. This way they could participate in multi-player tournaments and make it even more realistic.

At this moment in time there is just one VR casino, but more and better ones are sure to follow as the industry fully develops and the technology becomes cheaper and we learn more know-how.


So, what can we expect from VR casinos in the future?

  • Super HD, 3D casino game rooms
  • the best online games recreated in a more realistic manner
  • 3D live tables games, where a player can pick his seat, interact with the dealer, engage with other players and feel like he really is in a real casino
  • the ability to convey body language and gestures and to see those of other players
    more realistic sounds
  • in-game chats.


Once the technology becomes cheaper the only thing that will be left to figure out is how to play casino VR poker and how to hook up the hardware to do it efficiently. Things should be quite easy the more things evolve in the industry. You should be able to just plug in, enter the casino and start playing with no problem.

With gambling becoming more realistic there are tons of benefits and just one downside. While an online gambling addiction is quite reduced in online casinos, it might become a little more addictive with VR technology to make it more fun.

This is why you should always remember to have fun, don’t do it just for the winnings, and play responsibly.

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