5 Amazing HTML5 Games to Play Right Now

LONDON - England - The online gaming industry has evolved tremendously from the days of reliance on Flash for interactive content.

Online games are a great way to escape boredom and people are spending hours playing these addictive games based on the innovative HTML5 technology.

This technology eliminates the need to download games and provides dazzling visual effects.

The HTLM5 technology allows developers to create games across various platforms and incorporates many exciting features such as Canvas and audio elements.

While app stores are an excellent reservoir for discovering various apps, HTML5 has had a
significant impact on social discovery.

It has become a tool to connect with other users on a busy day.

Also, HTML5-based games help conserve battery life by eliminating the need to download
and store games.

In this article, we will provide a review of the top HTML5 games that are soaring on popularity charts right now.

1. HexGL:

The HexGL is a fast-moving game built on the HTML5 technology. The idea is to control a
spaceship using your keyboard and touchscreen. This game also supports a leap motion
controller. You can speed across galaxies in an ultramodern jet car. Also, you can boost the speed and go as fast as you want. This impressive game has been created by Thubaut Despoulain, a computer engineering student in France.

2. Gonzo’s Quest:

This game is an exciting and fun way to enjoy your free time. Gonzo’s Quest by Karamba
revolves around the search for a hidden treasure. The player seeks the treasure through free spins. You can play this innovative game using the casino’s money, and you can cash out your winnings at the end of the day. This sophisticated game allows you to make money on the side while enjoying the best of online gaming.

3. Clash of Vikings

The Clash of Vikings is a game that is sure to test your strategic skills. In this game, the aim is to defend your towers from enemy attacks while trying to launch an offensive against the opposing side. The USP of this game is the stunning graphics and enthralling storyboarding. You can use soldiers and spells such as Brute, the powerful sorceress, and balls of fire amongst others to defend your kingdom.

4. Escape from Aztec:

This fast-paced game involves saving your life from the angry King Aztec whose treasure you have stolen. Now, you have to run for dear life and navigate your way through time-worn ruins, gaping holes, and various other obstacles. The goal is to avoid deadly traps and collect coins to buy upgrades. You can get even farther in this game if you use boosters.

5. Funny Faces:

Funny Faces is a game that will test your memory skills to the hilt. In this game, the player is shown a series of faces which are supposed to be reconstructed in a given timeframe. While this sounds simple, it is challenging to recount the details of every face shown. This intriguing game involving recalling graphic details is ideal for kids and adults alike.