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EU Agrees New Rescue Fund on Rescue Fund on Rescue Fund

BRUSSELS - Belgium - President of the European Commission, José Manuel Barroso, has proposed a further rescue on rescue on the previous month's rescue preceding the rescue three months ago of the Greeks.

“It’s amazing, we still love the Greeks. They can do anything to the EU. They lied before they entered the EU, they cooked the books. We still love them and we’ll pay as much as we can to their black hole fund purely because they are such loveable characters,” Mr Barroso told the European parliament.

The latest rescue fund is more recent than the previous rescue fund last Tuesday or the one before that two weeks ago.

The EU which is dragging the whole world into a great depression and could bring on the onset of World War III, are determined to introduce another rescue fund that will be the ‘mother of all rescue funds’.

“This rescue fund is going to be the ultimate rescue fund and will solve all of Greece’s problems once and for all,” Nicolas Sarkozy, the French premier told a German TV news program.

What he did not however mention is that he used the exact same words to describe all the other rescue funds that preceded the current rescue fund and probably the rescue funds that will continue into oblivion.

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