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Neutrino Discovery Could Allow Scientists to Travel Back in Time to Tell Einstein to Not bother With His Theories

GENEVA - Switzerland - Scientists working at CERN, were planning to travel back in time to tell Albert Einstein to not bother with his theory of relativity.

“It was only a matter of time innit, we caught up with Albert and his theory. Neutrinos, the subatomic particles travelling faster than the speed of light, prove that time travel is indeed possible and we’re going to rustle up a time machine next week to prove our point,” head physicist at the institute, in Geneva, told the BBC.

The team of scientists are all itching to get back to 1905 Germany to tentatively tell Einstein not to bother with his famous theory of relativity.

“We’ll try and break the news to him lightly I might even take my iPad back there and that should convince him to go back to the patent office in Bern and stay there for the rest of his life,” another scientist quipped.

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