Moody's in Bad Mood Again

CHICAGO - USA - It's the third time this month that Moody's has had a bad mood resulting in some serious downgrading actions.

“Moody’s got up the wrong side of the bed this morning, they just downgraded us to D- and frankly I’m sick of those moody bastards,” CEO for Bank of the US of Fuckin’ A, Arnold McRetch, told CNN.

Companies and institutions are slowly learning to not piss Moody’s off in any way because of its bad temper.

“Shit can flare up any moment. One minute you might be on AA+ then you go get some lunch from Taco Bell, come back to the office and you got yourself a B-,” Ed Herlihy, senior analyst at Grieves Lansdowne Investment Bank told the Financial Times.

There are rumours on Wall Street that Moody’s doesn’t like Mondays either, and usually goes on a downgrading spree first thing Monday morning.

“They come in first thing in the morning and these guys are pissed. They pose moodily around the coffee machine, all glum and angsty. They don’t want to be in the office on Monday morning. They slam down the black coffee, take a few snorts, then start downgrading.” Ed McElratchety, an ex-Moody’s mail man told WKNS radio.