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Think Tank: Fighting Racism is Actually Racist

LONDON - England - Fighting racism is actually a form of racism because it singles out different races and pits them against each other.

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When one fights racism, this fight singles out whichever race is being persecuted, and with this response singles out a race which is the persecutor. By then persecuting, or accusing another race of racism, or bringing to attention another race’s differences, the people who are fighting racism are actually committing a form of racist behaviour that they do not condone in the first place.

It is therefore quite relevant to say that fighting racism is in fact a racist behaviour and is frequently exercised by so-called ‘anti-racist’ groups.

For example, we might say that ‘Black Lives Matter’, however this statement or slogan completely alienates other races and puts black lives above all others, when in fact all racial lives matter. The term Black Lives Matter is inherently a racist term, and whoever coined the phrase was possibly ignorant of the fact that it is racist in tone.

Racism, is inherently about the colour of a person’s skin, whereas xenophobia is about the fear of other cultures, or countries.

The point that needs to be made is that a minority in a country or area who feel that racism is put upon them are of course justified to bring that issue forward, however, when organisations try to deal with the racism, they are going about it in the wrong way.

In essence, for example, a black minority in a predominantly white area may feel that the white’s are racist towards them. By then singling out the entire white race as all racists is wrong, and is racist behaviour. Human populations must realise that not all white’s are racist and not all blacks are victims to racism.

Furthermore, delineating and bringing forth race differences in itself is racist. The socialist way is to put every person in a special race specific box, but this action is racist as well, because it singles out racial differences and increases the gulf between the populations. By putting people into specific boxes, they are essentially dividing humans, and this is racist.

The push for equality in race is a bold endeavour, however scientifically speaking, there are racial differences in humans, not only biologically within the DNA, but in intelligence as well. To however address the difference in intelligence levels in race is something that is taboo but must one day be addressed because the social and cultural movement of the human race depends on the scientific facts that have been known for some time. Is it racist to reveal that blacks have an average IQ of 66 in Sub Saharan Africa, and 70 in North America? To the people who say all humans are equal, this scientific fact is dusted under the carpet, and removed from all media. The fact that American prisons have populations numbering 60% of black people is also ignored, however if we were to address the elephant in the room of intelligence levels, maybe one day we could move forward as a society. It is deemed as racist to mention these vast differences in racial intelligence levels, and the social keepers of all norms always address the problem of social standing and poverty, however scientifically speaking, these results have been found in all social strata.

The key point to remember is that fighting racism on behalf of one race and singling out another race as the problem, or aggressor is in fact racist, because you are bringing forth another race to stand above another race and denigrating another race. Also, this form of fighting racism is grossly generalist and does not take into account any nuances, or cultural points or even social status with any given group.

You cannot fight racism by creating divisions and segregating humans. Until humans understand this, then humanity will not move forward. This is the ultimate paradox, because scientifically speaking, different races do have differences. Maybe, the ultimate solution is to acknowledge the scientifically discovered differences in races, but apply these differences as one whole amalgamation of the human race.

Thinking forward a few centuries, humans stand to increase their intelligence levels through transhumanist methods, and the exponential infinite knowledge increase should hopefully solve the problem of racism once and for all.

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