Think Tank: The Goal of Social Media

LONDON - England - Social media has a certain goal to achieve in humanity and it has achieved this goal very efficiently.

Social media is a relatively new phenomenon that has taken the global population by surprise and completely enslaved it in one fell swoop.

Today, many people cannot be in a room on their own with their own thoughts for longer than one minute before they have to look at their social media accounts.

Humans are now relative to drones in the hive mind, where they follow engineered thought patterns globally and are affected in concert by events and trend influencers.

The goal of social media is to give people quick fixes, rewards, to enslave them in a box where their every thought is echoed, where their narcissism can truly take effect.

By encapsulating humans within this simplistic form of communication, the social media companies are able to extract vast amounts of information to not only profit from, but to analyse human behaviour in multiple conditions. Social media has engineered a system where complex human behaviour is whittled to nothing more than a few words. This is the crux of the programming of humans to completely disable their true abilities and dumb them down to mere childish animal behaviour.

The incessant chatter of social media also overtakes the human thought process, and people are now not able to think for themselves without going to social media. Their rational thought processes have been dimmed, or completely erased. There is little or no benefit to this, especially for children as they cannot progress as adult human beings, and for adults who use social media, they are reverting to childhood, with petty reward systems and the innate inability to form real social relationships face to face.

Social media was designed to entrap, to subvert humans, and to damage society as a whole, and it is working very well.


Amongst the megalomaniacs, narcissists, sociopaths, and the schizoids that now populate the world of social media, there is a terrible price being paid on humanity, as these people have been permanently altered, their brains now do not function without social media, they are now less tolerant, they are effective psychotics who delete humans in their social network with a blink of an eye, or a mouse click. What these social networks are engineering is a population of cold hearted killers, because if they can simply delete someone from their social network, what will stop them deleting people in real life? Nothing will stop them, as their minds have been trained and engineered to do so. Thus social media is creating a mass engineered swathe of nihilistic humans with no conscience or ability to empathise in a human manner.

There is no given solution to the horror of social media, a prison of the mind where free thought is punished, and anyone who dissents from the indoctrinated hive mind is immediately set upon by mobs of social media thugs intent on hurt.

We are now seeing this today, where the introduction of terms like ‘fake news’, and ‘hate speech’ are used as an Orwellian tool to subvert any form of free speech. All it takes is a group of internet thugs to report your account and you’re finished, there are no questions asked, and the mob is always right in the eyes of the algorithm and controllers.

If you have children, keep them away from social media. Let them grow as human beings who can think rationally, logically and without the need for constant addictive rewards. We must teach children logical thought processes and educate them in classical methods of thought, yet keep a modern slant on education in a scientific way, as well as culturally with high art.

Anyone who uses social media today has been sadly infected to a point where it will be very hard to ever regain their rational selves, and souls back again.

Such is the malaise that whole generations, and swathes of humans have now been lost.

To destroy these people is now only too easy, all it would take is a switch off, and they would suddenly realise how lost they are.

Switching everything off would culminate in a mass population psychotic event.

Those who are awake will understand, however those who are hypnotised by social media are a lost cause, and should be deemed as completely useless human beings.

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