Think Tank: “Why Compulsory Sterilization Could Solve Britain’s Problems Instantly”

LONDON - England - A leading think tank has come up with a very effective way of completely eradicating Britain's feral youth problem in one fell swoop, it has revealed in a white paper delivered to parliament this morning.

The uncontrollable feral youths across Britain could all be forced into compulsory sterilization programs, as an effective solution to Britain’s feral population problem.

The Optimum Population Institute, led by Professor Reginald Cartwright proposes that the feral breeding problem could be eradicated within one or two generations, simply by sterilizing the ‘useless eaters’ and burdens on the welfare system. Once the sterilization program is underway, there will be no need for a welfare system ever again, because the feral scum will have been bred out of the gene pool.

“If you need a licence to drive a car, you should have a licence to have kids. These creatures are breeding like rats even though they cannot afford to look after their kids, or even have the sufficient IQ or education to do so. They are a burden on society and are useless, they do not deserve life let alone breeding more low IQ feral sub-humans into the world. By erasing these people from the gene pool, we are simply cleansing the world of these vermin, who cause untold misery to themselves and others purely by being alive,” the study concluded.

At current levels within the socialist system of Britain, social housing has been built amongst residential areas where humans live. Once the sterilization program is implemented, these eyesores on the landscape would be demolished and replaced with parks and open spaces where everyone can relax and enjoy themselves.

The health service would be freed up of dealing with the feral drunks and druggies that inundate its wards constantly, and they could get back to dealing with people who need treatment for real illnesses once again.

Crime would drop remarkably as the thugs would simply not be around any more, of course, there would be sporadic elements here and there but nothing like now.

Prisons would also be half empty and trillions of pounds would be saved on housing criminals.

The think tank also suggests an independent body separate from government to determine the criteria for breeding licences. The body would be a multi-ethnic, classless, non-political body that would prevent any form of racist agenda by supremacists or otherwise. Families would thus be created purely on merit, affluence, education and would only be allowed to breed after a series of rigorous tests.

During the interim period of sterilization, the feral classes would have to be removed from public view and taken to special holding areas offshore, where they will be entertained and fed until they expire of old age.

Within two generations, once the feral chaotic classes have died off, there would be less misery and populations would be happier.

Britain’s resources could once again be sustainable and there would be plenty of wealth, jobs, pensions and healthcare for everyone.

The British taxpayer would thus save trillions of pounds which would otherwise be wasted on nothing.

“With these people alive, they do nothing for society, they are a burden on everything. They cause untold misery to others and themselves by living. The world will be a lot happier without them,” the professor concluded.

If implemented into law, the legislation for mass sterilization of the feral classes could be completed as early as 2017.