Jeremy Corbyn Cast as Communist Arch Villain in New James Bond Film

LONDON - England - MP and former soviet spy, Jeremy Corbyn has been cast in the latest James Bond film.

The Broccoli family insisted that ex-soviet spy MP, Jeremy Corbyn should be cast as the arch villain in the new James Bond film.

“We were going to do the film about Spectre, but after seeing the news about Jezza being a soviet spy in the eighties, right under everyone’s noses, we were intrigued. He is still an MP and leader of the Labour party and is sincerely hoping to seize revolutionary Bolshevik power soon. Old Jezza could take over the world and change it into some sort of communist collectivist allotment where everyone grows prize courgettes and marrows year in year out,” Cubby Broccoli’s niece, Jennifer Lettuce, told the Times.

The plot change for the film has been quite time consuming for the writers but when opportunities like this arise, one has to seize the bull by the horns, or in Jeremy Corbyn’s words, the Czech spy by the cheque book.

Jeremy Corbyn was allegedly paid a measly sum of £10,000 for the information he handed over to the soviets in the 1980s, but in the film, he will be demanding over a million quid. This money is then funnelled into a cultist secretive group called Momentum.

“The secret to a good Bond film is always the villain. This is why Jeremy Corbyn will be ideal, because he has actually lived the life of a spy. Daniel Craig, who is meant to be James Bond hasn’t ever met a real spy before, and he is really chuffed about working with Jeremy,” the film’s director, Johnson Marx, told media outlets on Monday.