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Wiping Out History: The Charlottesville Communist Agenda

CHARLOTTESVILLE - USA - The removal of historical iconic statues, like General E. Lee are an affront to history and the story of the human condition.

History should be seen, it should be analysed, it should be taught to children, and it most of all should be celebrated good or bad.

With calls from extreme left wing groups to erase historical statues like General Robert E. Lee, in Charlottesville, there is a similarity to the case of the Cecil Rhodes statue in Oxford university, England.

According to Charlottesville city officials, the removal of the General E. Lee statue from the park will cost taxpayers over $700,000. This does not include the cost of policing the mass protests against the removal of such an iconic part of American history which are costing taxpayers millions.

The extreme left communistic factions are acting like fascists themselves, they are censoring history, something akin to what went on in the Ministry of Truth in George Orwell’s 1984.

Naturally, those who oppose the defiling of historical artefacts and statues are labelled as nazis, or fascists by the communists. Any sort of attempt at preservation of historical artefact today is thus labelled as fascism. This is wrong. History should not be erased, it should be preserved whichever political spectrum you come from.

ISIS has been erasing history in the Middle East with their purge on priceless irreplaceable ancient archaeology. This is the level the Sovietized leftists are at now.

In military history, General E. Lee was a great leader and strategist. The editing of history is a huge crime and is Stalinistic in its approach, as well as Hitlerite.

The people who want historical statues torn down are troglodytes not worthy of a school visit to a museum. Such blinkered attitudes should not exist within a supposed enlightened civilised era yet here we are today with the Soviet left agitators on one side and the preservationists on the other. We are now living in an era where the so-called left are acting like fascists and the so-called right conservationists are acting with dignity and decency.

If you erase history it will continue repeating ad infinitum.

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