Labour Election: Corbyn Plotting Destruction of Royal Family

WINDSOR - England - Within the third year of the Labour party regime under Jeremy Corbyn's Momentum group, the much-hated royal family of Britain are to be de-funded by the state.


Insiders for Momentum and anti-royalist groups like Republic are encouraged by Jeremy Corbyn’s rise in the polls, but are not giving anything away in public.

The plan will be to take away the Sovereign Grant which officially equates to approximately £45 million per annum. The Sovereign Grant is financed chiefly by taxpayers through the Treasury and from a percentage of the profits of the Crown Estate revenue, currently at 15%.

Corbyn’s reasoning for closing the Sovereign Fund will be that the Queen and the rest of the royal family receive enough monies from the Crown Estate, therefore there is no need for such a heavy burden on the Treasury where that money could be used for social welfare. The Queen can get by without the Sovereign Fund, however if she is forced to pay incoming taxation to the vast land owned by the Windsors, things will go awry.

From this point, the Crown Estate will also be subject to vast punitive taxation, and the Queen’s land holdings which equate to 46,000 acres of land will be subject to crushing land value taxes.

Eventually, the Crown estate will be whittled down to a mere shadow of its former self, leaving the royals floundering in their palaces, which will eventually be nationalised as places where the public can visit and picnic in.

Do not be fooled by Corbyn’s niceties during the electioneering, his intention is solely to de-fund, then eventually unseat the British royal families, who he has previously called ‘parasites’ and ‘scavengers’.

Jeremy Corbyn did not kneel in front of the Queen as is protocol for good reason, he fucking hates her guts, and he hates the royal family with a vengeance as a lifelong Republican.

It is sad to say that thousands of years of pageantry and British history could finally come to a sorry end if Labour comes into power, but like a good Bolshevik, Comrade Corbyn is on a mission, and he will not stop until it is completed, in full.

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