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Sarkozy Cursed by Gypsies

PARIS - France - President Nicolas Sarkozy was today attending a special service at a synagogue to try and reverse the gypsy curse put on his head last week.

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Rabbi Chaim Shalott, has told of the grievous harm this gypsy curse has inflicted on the ailing Sarkozy: “He is a broken man. This gypsy curse has not only reduced his confidence but it has also reduced his already shrivelled genitals to an even more wilted state. We have tried every cure in the book, but he has a curse on him and I don’t think he’s going to pull through it. But please, don’t tell him that, OK?”


Since receiving the curse after the mass expulsions of Roma gypsies last week, the president was nowhere to be seen and was not even in attendance at the Elysee palace.

“Carla has tried to help him, but her schedule with other men is very hectic so even when she can fit little Nicolas into her time slot, she stays about 20 feet away from him because she thinks that gypsy curses are contagious,” a palace aide told Le Figaro.

There are fears for France as a nation as well. How can a country function properly with a midget imbecile as their head who now has a gypsy curse on his soul?

Justice Minister Michele Alliot-Marie told the Senate on Thursday that because of the grave nature of the curse on president Sarkozy there may have to be emergency measures wherein the president would be required to step down and an immediate election be held for the sake of France.

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  1. allez you’re an idiot – we should deport all muslims next.. wtf? people like you make this world what it is, intolerant, ignorant, and hateful

  2. If he truly does have a gipsy curse on him he better get help quick because they have very powerful curses.
    I know someone who was cursed by a gipsy and they nearly died after many a misfortune hit them day after day.
    He only got rid of it after visiting a gipsy encampment and pleading for help from some frindly gipsys.

  3. If the yardstick to measure whether one can live in a country is his commercial worth, then the old, infirm and handicapped might have to go. Fortunately, human worth and citizenship is not measured this way.
    France, as a civilized society, should find a way to help its poor and insular minorities. Deporting them is callous — and it does bring back the ugly memories of WW II.
    But then, who are we to talk. We deport thousands of Mexicans daily and feel it is our right to do so since they are illegals. It seems that we can be as callous as we chose to if we dehumanize people enough. None other than Hitler, has taught us this.
    To be sure, our cell phones, internet, cars, planes, and technology everywhere have not changed us much. Moreover, with the arts,

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